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Patrick A Pontillo should be investigated for libel


This is an Open Letter to Cardinal Donald Wuerl:

Sir, it has been 27 years since I last talked with you at my deposition in Pittsburgh when I personally went to Pittsburgh to testify against Rev. Anthony J. Cipolla and brought to light his prior arrest in 1978 for molesting my two producing the original paperwork from Cipolla's first arrest for being a Pedophile in Pittsburgh in 1978.  It makes me sick to know by abandoning that case and being forced to drop those charges on Cipolla, he was given Carte Blanche to continue molesting children and taking unfair advantage of Catholic Laity for his own ill-gotten gain.  I told you face to face at my deposition that Fr. Anthony J. Cipolla was a "Pervert" but nothing ever came of it,    

I could tell you were shocked and angry but I don't believe you were aware yet of the can of worms you were handed when you took over as Bishop of the Pittsburgh Diocese in 1988.  It was approximately ten years to the day after Father Anthony J. Cipolla was charged in 1978 for the sexual assault of my 9-year-old son and... my 12-year-old the year 1977.  

What did Cipolla say and do to my children to frighten them both so much that they were scared to death to tell me and the police? Even today it is difficult for them to talk about it. (Like my family needed one more devastating problem.) 

My children didn't get the chance to grow up and thrive in the Roman Catholic Church thanks to the interference by Cardinal Wright and Bishop Leonard.
They jumped in and protected Fr. Cipolla and completely covered up Fr. Cipolla's guilt and left us to the wolves who threatened and tormented us until we left the state of Pennsylvania altogether. 

Anne Rogers told me that you were cared about the victims...but you never took it upon yourself to contact us and offer an apology or explanation for the
horror we went through.  I had four young children who were tormented and called names, our windows were broken, what about the nasty letters and all those late-night threatening phone calls...all because we were denied justice and Bishop Leonard protected Fr. AJ Cipolla.  Fr. Cipolla got to walk free of charges and boasted that he was falsely accused by my's no wonder his supporters were so vengeful and violent toward us.

I'm sure Bishop Leonard knew of the broken windows and threats...I told him myself
what was happening.  I told the detectives too plus I gave them the threatening letters. 

To be continued.....


These are some of the posts Pontillo uses to spread rumors about me
but readers don't know that he's lying.  He does it just to embarrass us.
These paragraphs of smut are available to the public on his blogs.   his email address is advertised as (
Even though I have proven to him that he is wrong and the Pennsylvania Grand Jury
proved I was telling the truth, he continues to post these lies below.

Lying was as equally discovered in the "newspaper testimony" of  the less-
than-virtuous  Diane Thompson whose two sons have different last names,
meaning that monogamous holy matrimony was NOT an accomplishment
of hers.  Yet, the Post Gazette made it falsely look as if she were faithfully
and virtuously married.  In as much, living a virtuous Catholic life was
something she mostly certainly was NOT doing.  The words, 1} slut,
2} snatch, 3} main squeeze would apply to her. "Married woman"
would not define her in any known capacity.

Of course, I call Diane Thompson "a proven liar,"  and she never contacted
me individually or through an attorney.   You know, if you call me a liar, I'll
get into action against the first free moment I have.  If I am lying about Diane
Thompson, then why isn't she in my face outraged and venting, demanding
that I make editor corrections?  Would it be because she knows that she has
been lying all along?  Or did I somehow get her story all wrong?   Once the
fact-checking on her "newspaper testimony commenced, her case fell apart
completely.  There is no soundness in the testimony attributed to her.  I've
already covered her outright lies in print.

Read this Link...I never lied about Rev.Cipolla but Pat Pontillo sure does.

11-27-18     Please use this link to see the video from The Pittsburgh Post Gazette...all about the real Rev. Anthony J. Cipolla.

Pontillo, please stop defending a pedophile who preyed on the children of Pennsylvania and Ohio for over 40 years to satisfy his sexual urges.  Why do you defend this sick man who couldn't keep his filthy hands to himself?  (he was a wolf in priests clothing and a collar that should have been hooked to a strong tow chain with a 500 lb. anchor, to halt his sexual rampage.)  He should have been treated like the Rat he was.  Fr. Cipolla spread nothing but lies and tales of things that were not true.  He was a fake...yet people threw money and favor at him to assist him in furthering his aspirations to start his own church and fleece his flock like he was doing with all those Padre Pio donations that went straight into his greedy pockets...for "Hush      Money" to keep his victims quiet.  Cipolla was a stellar liar and did his thing for forty years...with little interference from the Church. 

I feel so bad for all those of you who gave all they could of their savings and finances to that phony priest for penance and indulgences...and to help the needy.
If he were really a Good Man, he'd have never done the sneaky and reprehensible acts he was accused and found liable for. Believe me, Christ did not recognize Cipolla
as his...but I'll bet The Evil One did.  I believe in my heart that if the Diocese would have listened to us the first and second time we tried to stop Cipolla, the church would not be in the middle of this crisis we're experiencing now in 2018.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 11-25-18


Catholic Diocese Report: Summary of Reverend Anthony J. Cipolla

  • Updated 

Employment/Assignment History

Parochial Vicar, Immaculate Conception, Washington (11/15/1974-5/20/1975)


Pursuant to a Grand Jury subpoena, records concerning Father Anthony Cipolla were provided by the Diocese of Pittsburgh, including a confidential Diocesan file, personnel and legal document files, victim files and files containing numerous copies of documents related to civil litigation. As detailed further below, the Grand Jury heard testimony from two of Cipolla's victims, their mother and by members of the Pittsburgh Police Department who investigated the victims' allegations.
These files and testimony reflected that during the time Cipolla served as a priest, three different Bishops headed the Diocese. Cipolla was moved by his superiors from parish to parish, throughout the Diocese, several times during his tenure, for a total of eight moves in a sixteen year period.
Cipolla was first accused of sexually abusing children, specifically, two brothers who were ages 9 (first victim) and 12 (second victim) in 1978 while Cipolla was assigned to St. Francis Xavier. The abuses occurred in Cipolla' s bedroom in the rectory and also in a hotel room in Dearborn, Michigan. On July 25, 1978, the victims' mother called the Pittsburgh Police Department and criminal charges were filed. Ultimately, the criminal charges were not pursued to a conclusion because, according to the mother, she was harassed and threatened by church officials to drop the charges and to "let the church handle it."
Members of the Pittsburgh Police Department who investigated the abuse of the brothers testified before the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury learned that on July 25, 1978, police responded to a residence in Upper Brighton Heights where they met the first victim and his mother. The first victim was taken to the hospital for an examination and detectives thereafter took over the investigation.
The Grand Jury was informed that the detectives subsequently interviewed the first victim, with his mother and father present. During the interview, the first victim related that on July 25, 1978 at approximately 1515 hours, he had gone to St. Francis Xavier church/rectory for the purpose of communion instructions as communion was scheduled to take place on July 29, 1978. The victim reported that he was taken to the bedroom of Cipolla after he had answered some questions pertaining to his catechism instructions. In the bedroom, the victim was told, "I (Cipolla) did this to you before. I'll do this again." According to the victim, Cipolla shut all of the curtains and told the victim to take off his clothes. Cipolla took all of his clothes off and Cipolla placed a thermometer in the boy's mouth and stethoscope to his chest and told him he was going to examine him again. The boy reported that Cipolla sat in a chair by the bed and he sat on his lap while Cipolla reached around and touched the boy's penis in a squeezing motion; first, 20 times and then 50 times. The victim stated that he knew this because Cipolla counted every time he squeezed the victim's penis. The victim also reported that Cipolla placed his finger inside the victim's anus at one time. The child stated that he got up when Cipolla was done and sat on the bed. Cipolla told him that this was their secret and it would be a sin if he told anyone. He was made to sign a paper saying he would not tell anyone. The victim reported that he believed there was a list of names under a table in the room but he did not know what it meant. Detectives were told by parents that when the victim came home, he seemed scared. When they questioned him about it, he told them what had happened.
The first victim told investigators that Cipolla had done the same thing to him approximately three weeks earlier. Cipolla had also stated, "I went through this same thing with your brother, and the doctor would charge $60 for this."
The second victim was interviewed by the detectives and reported that he was a victim of the same type of conduct as his brother. He believed that these incidents occurred "during the early vacation period of the summer of 1977." He explained that after school let out for the summer and before a trip to Dearborn, Michigan, he was told to get a physical examination. Cipolla informed his mother that if her son came to the rectory, he would check her son's heart and blood pressure and they would not have to spend any money. When the second victim arrived at the rectory he was told to take off all of his clothing. Cipolla then took his blood pressure and checked his heart with a stethoscope. Cipolla then checked him for a hernia and the second victim was made to bend over. Cipolla checked his rectum by placing his finger into it. When the child asked what that was for, Cipolla stated that he was checking to see if there was anything in there. When asked why he never told his parents, he stated that he just thought he was getting a physical examination. He further stated that the priest asked him to come to the rectory and that he would pay him to clean up his room, but that the victim never went. The victim noted that the price of $3.00 was mentioned.
On July 25, 1978, a search warrant was executed at the St. Francis Xavier rectory. Investigators recovered the following: 1) One stethoscope; 2) One blood pressure gauge; 3) One thermometer; and, 4) Three 3x5" index cards containing the names of the [victims]. Although Cipolla admitted that he "examined' the two children, he said he did it "because they had related that they were a bit ill and he felt he was being of service for the family." When detectives asked him why he told the youths to take off all of their clothing, Cipolla stated that he had not given them such an instruction; instead, he claimed that when he had entered the room, "that is the way they were." Cipolla denied placing his finger in the victim's anus and denied placing his hand on the victim's penis.
After speaking with the mother of the boys and hearing her request to prosecute, the detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Cipolla. However, when investigators arrived for the preliminary hearing on August 28, the charges were dismissed. As one of the investigators told the Grand Jury:
[I] didn't recall seeing Father Cipolla, but I do recall there was - - approximately - - there was five men and it has been a while back. I don't know if they were all attorneys or who they belonged to. But one of them approached me and told me that the mother doesn't want to press charges and they - - to the effect they didn't want to get the priest in any trouble or hurt the priest. Something to that effect. And I said, 'Well, what about the boy?' And I didn't get an answer. So I kind of asked again. I said, 'What do we want to do with the boy? He is the one who is the victim here.' And I was kind of ignored, to be honest about it. And the case was dropped, thrown out, whatever you want to call it, and it was nothing that the police - - that we could do because the Magistrate went along with it and dumped the case. So here we are today.
On August 18, 2017, the mother of the victims testified before the Grand Jury. She recounted how her family was friendly with Cipolla, trusted him and thought that he was "a nice man." With respect to her younger son (first victim), she described the following events when he came home following his catechism class with Cipolla:
When he came back, his two eyes were all puffy . . . Everybody was upset because I couldn't -- I'm asking them, 'What's wrong with you? Why are your eyes all red? What's going on?' [The first victim] said, 'I can't tell you, mom.' I said, well, 'You better tell me or I'm going to whoop you if you don't tell.' [The first victim] said, 'Well, I can't because I swore on a Bible that I wouldn't.' I'm like, `What do you mean? There's isn't anything you can't tell your mother. You know, your mother would understand anything. So what's going on?' [The first victim] says, 'Well, Father Cipolla gave me a physical.' I said, 'A physical?' [The first victim] said, 'Yeah, he made me take my clothes off and gave me a physical.' And I'm thinking, boy, they really changed things since I was going to school. They never made us get a physical for First Holy Communication. I said, 'Why are you crying like that?' He says, 'Because I can't tell you.'
It took me a while to get it out of him because Father Cipolla made him sign a paper in the Bible saying that he would not tell anyone what had happened to him or that he even had a physical. Anyway, [the first victim] told me that Cipolla put his finger up his behind and started playing with him. [The first victim] called it his dingdong. He said Cipolla played with his dingdong and that sort of thing. And then [the first victim] was like, 'I got to get out of here. My mom's making dinner.' But Cipolla wouldn't let him leave until he signed that paper saying I promise, I swear to God -- or how did it -- it had something to do with God, you know, that he had to swear on the Bible that he would not tell. So that's how I found out.
The Grand Jury learned that records from the first victim's hospital examination revealed the presence of a lubricant on his underwear.
The mother testified that when she arrived at the preliminary hearing, she believed that both of her boys were going to testify. She stated that even though charges had yet to be filed for the abuse of the second victim, it was known that Cipolla had offended on both of them. However, upon arrival, an attorney from the District Attorney's office and an attorney for the Diocese took her into a room. The attorney for the Diocese then began "firing questions at [the first victim and the second vitim] really fast." The second victim "had tears in his eyes" and the first victim "was just shaking like a leaf." She stated that the prosecutor permitted the attorney for the Diocese to interrogate both of her sons. The mother stated:
[T]the Diocese attorney was writing all this stuff down and I thought they were going to do something with it. But the next thing I know, the big tall attorney (Diocese Attorney) just started - - he became a bully. He was telling my kids, `Well, look, you go into court.' He said, 'You're going to be talking - - if you don't want to talk about it now, there could be 100 people in there that you're going to have to talk about it in front of and we're going to tear your testimony apart.' My kids are like, you know, and I was just as scared as they were because how do I know what they can do? They're pushing the District Attorney around or this guy is ignoring the District Attorney. And the District Attorney is not sticking up for us. He isn't telling them, you know, 'Hey, don't talk to them kids like that' or 'Don't talk to that woman like that.' He just let him say whatever he wanted to do and he did. And he intimidated us really bad.
The mother further recounted that the Diocesan attorney was relentless regarding howthis would negatively affect her children. According to the mother:
The Diocese Attorney said, 'Don't you understand how embarrassed -- you see them kids. You see how embarrassed they are. They're not going to want to go in in front of a hundred people.' And they kept talking like that. They were scaring my kids half to death and it scared me too.
The mother testified that the Diocesan attorney also brought up the impact that the case would have on the church. He asked her why they wanted to "hurt the church?" She told the Grand Jury, however, "We weren't there to hurt the church. We were there to stop Cipolla before he did it again with some other kids." According to the mother, the prosecutor told her that if she signed to expunge the charges against Cipolla and he "does it again" within 10 years, "we can bring those charges back up." She was told that "it would be kept quiet unless he committed the crime again."
The mother also reported that one day prior to the preliminary hearing, Bishop Vincent Leonard phoned her. Leonard told her that Cipolla "was going to go through this intensive therapy or something like that to get his mind right and all that." Leonard told her that Cipolla "got that way from hearing confessions and the devil, you know, influenced him." Leonard further told her to "let the church handle it. We've got good psychiatrists. We got good doctors." Leonard called her a total of three times stating, "Just let the church handle it . . ."
In addition to Leonard calling her immediately following the abuse and prior to the preliminary hearing, Cipolla also attempted to get in touch with the first victim. According to the mother, Cipolla came to their house a few times and tried to call on the telephone. Cipolla wanted to talk to the first victim "really bad" but she wouldn't let him. The mother explained that Cipolla was trying to convince them to drop the charges against him.
The mother further explained that her family was harassed by numerous people in the community who believed that Cipolla was innocent and that her sons were making up the accusations. Some of the harassment included having their car windows shot out, a tire being slashed, an apartment window broken, the first victim being slapped, including in the face 'for telling lies on a poor blessed priest," and receiving numerous threatening telephone calls and letters. Due to this harassment, she and her family moved out of the state.
On October 20, 2017, the first victim testified before the Grand Jury and recounted the details of how, on two separate occasions, he was sexually abused by Cipolla. When describing when Cipolla placed a finger in his anus, he stated, "I felt like that there was-you know, smart to know that - - you know, just something wasn't right about it. And then for him to make me swear like that (not to tell anyone)." He explained that if he told anyone, "it would be an unforgiveable sin."
With respect to the charges being dropped against Cipolla, his recollection/interpretation as a nine -year -old child was:
I remember my mom being in tears, bawling in tears and, you know, them just trying to make liars out of us. And I remember some compassion from some police officers, though, you know, and them just being like, you know, they - - they felt like their hands were tied. I know there was a jail in that building, too; but I don't remember exactly what building it was. And I just remember asking them questions as a kid would, and I was just - - I was kind of - - you know, how kids have a tendency to block stuff out. I wasn't really bumming except for watching my mother bawling her eyes out. But I remember - - yeah, I remember them. Just from what I understand and remember, they (the attorneys) tried to just say, you know, they would make me look like a liar and there was nothing we could do.
The first victim explained to the Grand Jury how the abuse affected his life. He noted his suffering (losing his father to suicide and losing his brother who was struck and killed by a car) and stated that he would have been able to handle it better "without [the sexual abuse] happening to me, you know. I feel like I would've had a way more sound mind." He ended his testimony with the statement, "God's word never returns void."
The Grand Jury also heard testimony by the second victim about his abuse by Cipolla. He stated that Cipolla gave him an anal exam once at the St. Francis Xavier rectory and a second time at a hotel room in Dearborn. He ended his testimony by stating:
Basically, when a child is fooled with in any way, shape, or form, it is a lasting injury. It is a lifelong injury. And I'm assuming some recover from fully others never recover from. I consider myself one of the lucky ones that - - having a stronger mind and ability to deal with adversity, but it is ongoing. I still have, you know, my issues with authority at points; and I still have my anger issues, but making great strides. And if there is anything that you as a grand jury can do to ensure that you - - if you can save just one child, I have done my job. You have done yours. Please, please protect the children. Please.
After these sexual abuses occurred and the charges were dropped, the Diocese reassigned Cipolla immediately to St. Canice where he reoffended on another young male.
In 1988, a third victim reported that he was sexually abused by Cipolla for approximately a four year period when he was 13 to 17 years old. Notes by Father Theodore Rutkowski dated June 22, 1988 which were contained in subpoenaed Diocesan files, stated that the boy moved to the Pittsburgh area when he was 12 years of age and Cipolla asked him to become an altar boy at St. Canice. Cipolla became a father figure to him.
The third victim reported that he saw nude pictures of young boys in some files in Cipolla' s room and that some of the boys were masturbating in these pictures; Cipolla would give him "physicals" telling the victim that he (Cipolla) was a "missionary doctor;" that after he showered Cipolla would insist on putting talcum powder all over his body including his genitals; and that he would go on vacations with Cipolla, who would hug and him while they shared a bed.
The third victim advised that in September 1987 he entered St. Paul Seminary to become a priest but left in November 1987 because of his confused, four year relationship with Cipolla.
Documents dated July 1, 1988 contained within the subpoenaed files, indicated that the Diocese conducted an "internal review" and concluded that the third victim's allegations "were without foundation and the matter be dropped." The police were not informed of these allegations against Cipolla.
In December of 1988, the third victim reported the sexual abuse to the Beaver County District Attorney's Office.
Because of the allegations lodged against him again, Cipolla was sent by Bishop Wuerl to St. Luke Institute for a psychiatric examination and evaluation. The staff at St. Luke's recommended that Cipolla "not have any ministry which involves children." It was further recommended that Cipolla report immediately to St. John Vianney Hospital in Downingtown. Cipolla adamantly refused to go there. Wuerl informed Cipolla that he did not have to go for treatment to St. John Vianney specifically, but that he did have to go to a "bona fide" church - approved facility that they both agreed on and that he needed to do this sooner rather than later.
Cipolla refused to cooperate and insisted on going to a facility of his choosing, St. Michael's Institute in New York City, which is an outpatient counseling center. Wuerl tried to discourage him from going there because St. Michael's was not a church -approved facility.
Cipolla nonetheless went to St. Michael's and from it received a "glowing" evaluation that basically disagreed with everything in the report from St. Luke's. Cipolla hired an attorney who wrote to Wuerl requesting that he reassign Cipolla to a parish based on the report from St. Michael's, which found no bar to such an assignment.
In a letter to Wuerl dated March 16, 1989, Cipolla indicated that he had changed his mind and was going to cooperate. The letter said Cipolla would go to St. John's.
However, three weeks later, in a letter from Cipolla to Wuerl dated April 6, 1989, Cipolla asked to be released from the Diocese so that he might seek another diocese in which to serve. In reply correspondence, Wuerl indicated that Cipolla had to secure a letter from the Bishop of the Diocese in which he wished to serve. Wuerl also told Cipolla that he (Wuerl) would have to write to that Bishop and tell him of the sexual abuse allegations that had been lodged against Cipolla, as well as the findings and recommendations of St. Luke's.
In a May 15, 1989 letter, Wuerl informed Cipolla that he (Wuerl) would be meeting with his advisors to discuss Cipolla's situation including his refusal to report to St. John's and his request to leave the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Wuerl warned Cipolla that he would not be able to exercise his priestly ministry unless he went for the recommended evaluation. In a letter dated June 6, 1989, Wuerl told Cipolla that he is still unassignable to pastoral ministry. In a subsequent letter dated June 30, 1989, Wuerl notified Cipolla that he could not be reinstated until he underwent the evaluation (at St. John's) recommended by St. Luke's. Cipolla repeatedly wrote to Wuerl requesting to be reinstated. His requests were all denied because he continued to refuse to go for the recommended evaluation and counseling.
While these communications were occurring, Cipolla continued to present himself as a priest in good standing despite being repeatedly warned by Wuerl to stop doing so. On September 17, 1990, Wuerl wrote to Cipolla, and notified him that his canonical facilities had been removed because he failed to take the actions directed. He therefore could not act as a priest in good standing; could not conduct any public celebrations as a priest; and could not wear priestly attire. He could not resume doing any of these things until he obtained a church - approved evaluation.
In October 1992, the third victim filed a civil suit against Cipolla, the Pittsburgh Diocese and several officials of the Diocese. The lawsuit maintained that as a result of the above -detailed 1978 sexual allegations involving the two brothers, the defendants should have known that Cipolla was using his position as a Catholic priest to gain access to and to acquire the confidence of others and otherwise seduce minor male children for his sexual gratification. It also alleged that Cipolla' s superiors in the Diocese covered that up.
On March 9, 1993 an order from the Vatican called a "Signatura" ruled that Wuerl violated Canon Law and ordered that Cipolla should be reinstated as a priest in good standing.
On March 27, 1993 Wuerl asked the Supreme Tribunal to re -open the case involving Cipolla because there were factual errors.
On September 30, 1993 this civil lawsuit was settled out of court with an undisclosed financial settlement.
In April 1993, Wuerl traveled to Rome in connection with the appeal to the Supreme Tribunal. When he returned, he issued a precept reminding Cipolla that he was not to celebrate the sacraments publicly or to identify himself as a priest in good standing. Wuerl again instructed Cipolla to go get the recommended psychological evaluation at a church -approved hospital or it would be considered an act of disobedience.
In September 1995, the Vatican reversed the "Signatura" and declared that Wuerl acted properly when he banned Cipolla from ministry. Even after the "official" ruling from the Vatican that he was no longer a priest in good standing, Cipolla continued to perform masses and to present himself as a priest in good standing, even though he was advised in person, several times, that he was barred from doing these things. Cippola' s appeal to the Vatican was denied in November 1996.
Following the Vatican's September 1995 ruling, Cipolla was assigned to St. John Vianney Manor and was told he must report for this assignment by February 29, 1996. They reminded him again that he was not to present himself as a priest in good standing and that in order for him to be reinstated he would have to undergo the recommended psychological evaluation. Cipolla told Diocese officials that they could not force him to do this and not even the pope could make him.
Wuerl repeatedly insisted that Cipolla meet with him and the other church officials, but Cipolla kept declining to meet, offering excuses as to why he could not meet.
In March 1996, Cipolla wrote to Wuerl requesting additional money. He complained that he had not received his priestly salary since December 1995. In April 1996, Father John Kozar wrote to Cipolla, telling him that, since he was put on leave in 1988, the Diocese had provided him with a monthly check along with his medical insurance benefits which, to date, then totaled $135,000. Kozar added that in return for this the church had received nothing in the way of priestly ministry, service or cooperation and an increase scandal in the eyes of the community. Kozar wrote:
At the present you are being provided a residence by the diocese at St. John Vianney Manor, a residence for priest of this diocese. The cost of providing this residence for you is $782 per month in addition to the $638 afforded you monthly by way of the medical coverage offered for active priest[s]; namely Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage in the amount of $190 per monthly; Major Medical coverage at the expense of $90 per month; dental insurance in the amount of $25 per month; and a monthly payment in the amount of $333 to the Priest Benefit Plan in anticipation of your retirement. With all these provisions, the Church of Pittsburgh is more than meeting your need to substances and social assistance.
In May 1996, Cipolla caught again acting as a priest in good standing, Wuerl issued another degree forbidding him to do so and asked to meet with Cipolla. Cipolla refused claiming medical stress.
In July 1996, Cipolla wrote Wuerl again asking for his priestly salary. By this time the Diocese had received his tax statements (although not all of the documents requested in March of 1996) which showed he had significant money elsewhere (because of the interest he reported) and determined Cipolla was not "a priest in need." The Diocese therefore refused to provide him any more money.
In September 1996, the Diocese received a letter from an individual in Warren, Ohio which claimed that Cipolla' s parents were helping him financially and that he was performing masses regularly in their home where he was staying part time. In November of 1996 the Diocese also received information from several people who said that they were on a recent pilgrimage and that Cipolla was there celebrating masses and telling everyone he was a priest in good standing. Over the next six years numerous reports were received that Cipolla was continuing to conduct himself in the same manner.
In July 2002 Wuerl wrote to the Pope asking for Cipolla' s dismissal from priesthood. Official approval for Cipolla' s dismissal as a priest was issued on September 19, 2002. Despite this, in December of 2003 the Diocese received information that Cipolla was still saying masses and acting as a priest.
In August 2015 Cipolla wrote to Bishop Zubik asking him for retirement and a monthly stipend and pension for the time he served as a priest. Cipolla was informed in a January 2016 letter that that he did not qualify for a pension because he was dismissed as a priest.
This summary is taken directly from the Grand Jury investigation into sexual abuse claims at Pennsylvania Catholic dioceses. For the full report, click here.

08-16-18      click the links...know the truth.

Catholic Diocese Report: Summary of Reverend Anthony J. Cipolla ...

1 day ago - These files and testimony reflected that during the time Cipolla served as a priest, three different Bishops headed the Diocese. Cipolla was ...
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New information on the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Grand Jury findings.

I don't know why the newspaper blocked some of this page.  But please read as best you can to understand
what's going on regarding the shocking revelations on the Catholic Clergy's sexual appetite for our children...especially our Sons.
Everybody is pointing fingers now and shifting blame on a secret which was no secret to the Clergy...just a secret to our faithful Catholic laity. 

That Secret has remained hidden for decades.

WHY WEREN'T WE WARNED by our Blessed Clergy??????  The straight ones???!!!  
How could they endanger our children for what some of them considered fun and games?  How are the Clergy who kept "The Secret" going to justify "their choice" to remain silent...when young men were committing suicide and turning to Alcohol and Drugs trying to bury the memory of their betrayal by "God's Right Hand Man."

Young boys and teens were convinced or coerced into committing what they were educated to believe is a Grave they too would be complicit when that "Hand" grabbed their genetals.  

That wasn't God's Hand...that was Satan's. 


It's coming, slowly but surely Pontillo.

Pa. Supreme Court orders release of redacted report naming more than 300 'predator priests'

HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Friday ordered the release of a redacted copy of a highly anticipated grand jury report on clergy sexual abuse, one that purports to identify more than 300 "predator priests" but would conceal the names of a handful of clergy members who contend it is inaccurate or unfairly maligns their reputation.
The decision by the seven-member high court said it agreed that the case -- and complaints by clergy implicated in the investigation -- raises due process issues and that it would consider legal arguments on those in September.
In the interim, however, the justices directed the Attorney General's office to begin removing identifying information from the more than 800-page document, which chronicles allegations of abuse and cover-ups by clergy and church leaders at six of the state's eight Catholic dioceses.
A limited version could be made public as early as August 8 if all parties agree to the redactions, according to the order. If not, a special master may be appointed to resolve differences. At the latest, the document will be publicly disseminated August 14, the court ordered.
"Our intent is to facilitate the publication -- as expeditiously as possible -- of as full a final report as may be released consistent with the protection of
the petitioner-appellants’ fundamental rights secured by the Pennsylvania Constitution," said the opinion, written by Chief Thomas Saylor on behalf of the full court.
p. 1
p. 2
p. 3
Page 1 of  31
July 27 2018 J 56A M 2018 Majority Opinion Saylor 007211
Contributed by: PG Newsroom, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
The clergy members challenging the report's release represent only a small portion. The high court's order confirmed for the first time that "over three-hundred predator priests" are named or implicated in the document.
The grand jury's investigation and conclusions have been at the center of a fierce legal battle that has played out for months, largely under court seal.
Court documents that have been made public in recent weeks show that the clergy members, whose identities are still unknown, claim the Attorney General's office trampled on their due process rights during the course of its two-year investigation. They also contend that the grand jury's report is based on unsubstantiated accusations that will sully their reputations in violation of the state constitution, which considers reputation a fundamental right.
The Attorney General's office has pushed for the full report to be released and echoed that stance after the Supreme Court ruling.
p. 1
Page 1 of  1
July 27 2018 J 56a M 2018 Concurring Opinion 007212
Contributed by: PG Newsroom, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
In a statement Friday, Attorney General Josh Shapiro praised the court's order, but said he would "continue to fight to ensure every single victim is heard and every priest, bishop and church official is held accountable for their abhorrent conduct."
"No one victim's truth is any less important than another and no one’s criminal conduct any less loathsome," he said. "Today is a victory for the survivors but our work is not yet done."
In its public remarks, the office has been sharply critical of the secret effort to stall or block it from public view.
Just this week, Shapiro wrote to Pope Francis, appealing to him to speak out against the legal battle being waged by the unnamed petitioners, which Shapiro characterized as an attempt to silence victims and their chilling stories of abuse at the hands of priests.
On Friday, the Catholic League, a New York-based defender of the church, blasted Shapiro's letter and called his claims of widespread abuse and cover-up "scurrilous" and "unsubstantiated."
"Shapiro says in his letter to Pope Francis that he had the opportunity to welcome him to St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in 2015. Well, I had a chance to meet the pope as well, in Washington D.C.," Catholic League president Bill Donohue wrote in a news release. "I am confident the Holy Father will now welcome my letter to him checkmating Shapiro's deceitful ploy."
The grand jury report is expected to document decades worth of abuse allegations and coverups in six dioceses: Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg and Scranton. The other two dioceses in the state — Altoona-Johnstown and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia —have already been scrutinized in similar investigations.

07-10-18    Credit for the photo and his message in black print below to:
                                                    Patrick Pontillo

Destroying a reputation unjustly is a mortal sin and takes the
life out of you.  In as much, when you kill others, you kill yourself.
Mr. Pontillo, you are not a whistleblower.  You are far from ever being mistaken for a Dudley Doright Type too.  Besides being a paranoid, pathological liar, with no compunction to report the truth, you are a Construction Worker?  There is nothing wrong with working in Construction.  What I'd like to know is, what makes "you" an authority on Cardinal Wuerl and the workings of the Catholic Church and its clergy? 
My sons work in Construction.  So why try to impress people with your claims of a 138 IQ and the various College and Institutions you claim you've attended and the 47inch chest you brag about and your bodybuilding trophy's...or your photoshopped photos...while being pitifully disabled and unable to stand the smell of Febreze.
You're a trip, Mr. Pontillo...

Your stories about Torquato and Wuerl and others are mere speculation.  You plagiarize other writers stories and claim it as your work...even though it's blatantly obvious, where you got your facts and information...almost word for word plus your
wild imagination.

Susan, did you blow your mind when you arrived here in the States?  I know you found out that Pat wasn't anything like the fellow he portrayed online.  Did he tell you about his planned Apostolate and his good friend Anthony Cipolla he planned to elevate to Spiritual Leader of his Coven or whatever he planned to name it?  Did he
make you any promises?  You traveled a long way to meet up with this guy.  He must
have really impressed you with his Canterbury Tales.  What did you think of his palatial estate on the Atlantic Ocean?  Susan, all Americans aren't like Pat...  There are American men who would have adored you on sight that you could have met that
would have cherished you for the type of girl you appear to be. You're pretty, you're talented and you're spiritual...  You are exactly what the right partner is looking for.
Don't let Pat ruin it for everyone else.

heard Pat was asking you for money if he would pay it back?? Pat's friend told me he was really angry at you for refusing to make him a loan.  He's despicable. 
He must have been deprived of oxygen at birth or suffered trauma that affected him
emotionally. He continues to publish lies about my family even after we asked him to stop and also gave him the actual truth to get "his facts" that he publishes straight and to stop the slander of our reputations.  He is unnerving.

Grand Jury secrecy hides the reason for Supreme Court Order barring release of priest sex abuse report.

I guess you win Pontillo...another Cover-up...should keep your lies flowing.


  A Few Words From St. Patrick Of Pontillo  (bon mot)

The Day of No Words, Fourth and Final Part

If you look at a man's photography, you see his personality traits.  His photography
can actually dissolve the claw marks of character assassination.  And of course, if
that photographer happens to be a whistle blower who tries to right wrongs, he gets
summarily defamed, as his character gets assassinated time after time after time again.

Really Mr. Pontillo??  At the conclusion of your "pity party", you hide behind your
lovely photographs.  They cloak the bitter, disappointed, jealous creature you've devolved
from.  How dare you whine about peoples reactions to your insults and barbs, you are
just a sneaky online bully trying to get attention.  By the end of this month, I should be able to stop having to defend myself against your lies.  Your followers will know the truth, Pontillo.  I wonder how they will react to finding out that their Leader was duped by an
old pervert priest, into sticking his neck and his reputation out in the old pervs defense??? 
Mr. Pontillo thinks Fr. Cipolla was a stellar guy.  Pontillo...does a piano have to fall on your
head to wake you up?? dm

Pulled from the blog by Patrick A. Pontillo.

     Written by Patrick A Pontillo

Below is Pontillo's blog he has published online about me and my friends and family.
I cut and paste his writing so I can have an opportunity to call him on his lies which
are plentiful on his blogs. You will find my remarks to his accusations in BLUE. dm

Update: New Randy Engel Article: Fact-checked falsehoods w/ contradictions of previous testimony

Pittsburgh:  Where Wuerl severely abused his position.
Thesis Statement:  Thesis??? dm

The November 2016 article of Randy Engel proved how much of a liar is Di-
ane Thompson, because the allegations of Diane Thompson stated in Randy
Engel's article contradicts the October 13, 1995 article that quoted Thompson
on two pages of newspaper print. 

Mr. Pontillo, why do you call me a liar because I don't agree with you? You
should never accuse someone of lying unless they actually are lying and you
can prove it...beyond a doubt.  I can prove I've been telling the 
truth from the beginning.  My proof nullifies your so-called proof.
When the Pennsylvania States Attorney releases his report...heads will roll.
Your sick friend lied to you. dm

Whether Cipolla committed molestation or not, Diane Thompson IS a liar, and
I concur with famed journalist Jason Berry, of Maciel Fame, on this case.  Mr.
Berry stated that the Cipolla Case was a "peculiar one from the start."  My ex-
act quote on the case was that:

Mr. Pontillo...Jason Berry is right, The Cipolla Case was peculiar in that 
Cipolla kept getting away with Sexual Abuse on young boys. (Miraculously)??
I think not. dm

If Cipolla did molest and then harass anyone, it was not the way Diane Thomp-
son narrated it.  I also said:  This is the one case where you can't believe any-
one who was there in 1978, with any degree of confidence.

I hope you are proud of this quote Mr. Pontillo.  (But you believed Cipolla?) Really??

I think you jumped to conclusions based solely on Cipolla's lies.  Well, you are
about to find out he tricked you.  You stuck your neck out because you believed 
him.  I fed you information to clean up your blog about a very sore subject.  I
tried to help you see the truth. We gave you a chance to stop the hurtful lies and
leave our family out of your blog. dm    
I was alerted to the existence of a November 2016 article by Randy Engel
where within she claimed to have interviewed one of Diane Thompson's
two sons.  It would sound like a trustworthy article consisting of true alle-
gThompson's past accusations, and it contained new allegations which were
fact-checked and proven false.  The allegations of criminal procedure do
NOT correlate with the actual Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Mr. Pontillo...face it, you don't even know what a fact is, let alone how to check one.
Proven false?? Define far you have proven nothing.  
Randy Engel did interview my children and she wrote the truth.
Mr. Pontillo, you must realize that some procedures may have changed in 35 years.  
That doesn't make me a liar.  I told you what I remember...besides we were dealing with a priest...and at that time you were dealing with a new can of worms handled with Kid gloves. dm

In order to cut to the chase and give examples of the falsehoods which appear
in the November 2016 Engel article, it was alleged by Diane Thompson that
she had to pay a $45 admission fee, in order for her eldest son, Frank, to go
to the Michigan summer camp that was held on the seminary grounds of the
Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions.  She made herself out to be the har-
rowed and heavily burdened martyr who had to sacrifice greatly, to pay the
$45 admittance fee.

???????  This set you off ????   Pontillo, you know darn well it was a Motel
in Dearborn Michigan...and The Henry Ford Museum.  The day Elvis Died. 
That's old news from 1977. dm

NEWSFLASH:  I am in contact with a family who has two sons who were 
in Cipolla's company very often.  One of the two gentlemen attended the 
exact same Michigan seminary summer camp as did Diane Thompson's
eldest son, though in a different year.  This particular youth traveled to 
Michigan with the Tim Bendig who claimed to have been molested by Ci-
polla for consecutive years.   According to that gentlemen and his mom,  
they did NOT have to pay any $45 fee.  Diane Thompson lied yet again.

I gave my son money to spend at the museum and for goodies on the 
road, there and back. And yes money was tight I had 4 young children.
Why do you want to punish us for that?  I gave him $25 and his grandfather
gave him $20.  So yes...he had $45 when he left for the trip with Cipolla. My son never got the opportunity to visit a Seminary with Cipolla...but he'll never forget Dearborn.  dm

Furthermore, the gentleman said that NOTHING suspicious between 
Cipolla and Bendig was ever observed by him.  However, he did say, 
"Tim was weird.   Really weird."  Furthermore, he stated that Cipolla
never tried anything on him.  He is in the approximate, though general,
age range as is Frank Labieaux, the son whom Thompson claims was
molested by Cipolla in Michigan.

My sons came to me and told me about Cipolla, Pontillo.  Once the little 
one came crying to me, the older one confessed and that explained so
much about the older son's behavior the past 8 months. 
You love to slam Tim but he ignores you...and you are hoping for an 
emotional response.  That young man still carries huge scars on his psyche due
to Cipolla's sexual abuse when he was a child until he was 17 years old.  How 
dare you hold this victim up for ridicule.  Tim wasn't weird, Cipolla was.  dm

At this point, it is important for the reader to know of the existence of the long
Pittsburgh Post Gazette which quotes Diane Thompson's damning allegations
against Anthony Cipolla and then-Bishop Vincent Leonard, all the while keep-
ing Thompson's name anonymously held in confidence.  It appeared in the

Pages A-16 and A-17, as well as the front page.

Mr. Pontillo, I didn't give an interview to the Post Gazette in 1995.  My
last interview with the Post Gazette was in 1993 with A. Rogers. dm

As an example of how the Engel article contradicts the allegations of Diane
Thompson in the October 13, 1995 Pittsburgh Post Gazette article that at-
tacks Cipolla's character to the depths:

Pontillo...I did not write that 1995  Post Gazette article.  I'm not a writer
you are. dm    

IN the October 1995 Pittsburgh Post Gazette article, Thompson stated that
she had TWO daughters in a "first marriage" and TWO sons in a "second
marriage."  IN the Nov 2016 Engel article, Thompson claimed to have three
sons and one daughter, and that Tucker Thompson and Frank Labieaux 
had different dads.  According to her in 1995, Frank and tucker had the 
same dad.

I did not tell anyone that I had two daughters from my first marriage.  I had a 
Son and one daughter.  Yes, I did have two sons by my second marriage.  I had
nothing to do with the newspaper article from 1995.    To be continued... dm

The fact is the she did have three sons, and one of the three's 2009 obituary
can be readily found online.  Nothing about his death is mentioned.  In as much,
Thompson lied to the Pittsburgh Press on that allegation.
He's hallucinating, I never called or talked or wrote to the Pittsburgh Press. 
I was not interviewed either.  However, my youngest son did die in 2009 in a 
truck-pedestrian accident.  Coincidently that is when I became aware of
all the things that were being said about us on the web.  I was mortified. dm

As another example, the Engel article alleged that Cipolla was taken into police
custody, thereby being officially arrested.  The Engel article then stated that the
same Anthony Cipolla was released on his own "cognizance," and was told to
reappear for his arraignment.  Stop there.  This is the writing of someone who
does not know the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.

With all the misspellings and typo's on your blog you dare to criticize
Mrs Engle?? dm

Firstly, a person is only released on his own recognizance by a judge at the
person's arraignment.  The arraignment is simply the bail hearing where it's 
surmised if the defendant is 1} a flight risk, 2} a danger, 3} no physical
threat, etc.  The defendant is also checked if he/she has to automatically
be placed on "detainer."  For example, if the defendant was arrested 
while being on parole, that person gets an automatic detainer.  If that 
is the case, then the defendant is denied bail.

When you were arrested Mr. Pontillo you were handled differently I'm sure but...
It was different when dealing with the Clergy back then.  People have been bending 
to the will of the Church for century's Pontillo, don't be naive. dm
  When you are officially arrested, you are held overnight, and then sent to 
your arraignment pronto.   You don't go home and wait for arraignment, 
BECAUSE the arraignment is the official assessment that sees if you get
to go home, in the first place.
OK Dick Tracy...maybe on your is so. But not in Rome. dm

The Engel article also stated that detectives from Police Station #9 were sent
to Cipolla's Northside residence.

Firstly, there are only SIX police zones in Pittsburgh.  The North Side of 
Pittsburgh is Zone #1 ... not #9. 

Now, in Pittsburgh Police history,  Police Station #9 was/is located on Mount 
Washington, in the South Side of Pittsburgh, and NOT on the North Side of 
Pittsburgh, as Randy Engel claimed.

Mr. Pontillo has since redacted his testimony on the above ⇫  statement.
Because he was wrong. He discovered #9 was a very important police 
station in the North Side of Pittsburgh for many years. dm

PLUS, PLUS, PLUS:  Engel stated that there was one piece of evidence that re-
remained in tact, certain the Diane Thompson case that accused Cipolla of moles-
tation.  It was the Offense/Incidence Reportsigned by a couple detectives.

Mrs. Engle was right, and don't underestimate that report.  It was evidence
in a very important case in 1993, remember Mr. Pontillo? dm   

Uhhhhm,  ladies and gentlemen, that is NOT evidence.  That is the PRIVATE 
CRIMINAL COMPLAINT FORM as was used in the 1970s.  I filled out a
couple of those Offense/Incidence Report, in order to have criminal charges
filed against certain persons.  I'm no stranger to it.  

Pontillo has no clue about any of this... and I'm positive he's hoping you don't ask him to prove it. dm

All in all, there is a difference between the accusation and the evidence.  That 
sheet was the accusation.  It was NOT the police officer's or detective's affi-
davit.  Proof consists in the fact that, at the right hand side of the paper, 
there is a box where it is asked, "Do you want to prosecute."

Go back to Sesame Street Mr. Pontillo, we liked you better as Ernie. dm

Now, police NEVER prosecute.  Thus, no page of legal procedure will ask a
policeman if he/she wants to prosecute.  It is a question to civilians.  I already
explained how the Private Criminal Complaint works in Pennsylvania.  For
starters, the initial paperwork is filed at a magistrate's office.  Diane Thomp-
son neglected to tell any journalist that she was in need of filing at Baldy
Reagan's office.  Baldy Reagan was a Pittsburgh magistrate.

In as much, a detective might have filled it out for a citizen who had trouble
filling it out, or a detective might have dictated what the citizen needed to
write.  It was not his legally binding testimony.

None of the above has any bearing on Our Case Against The Diocese regarding Fr. Cipolla.  He made it all up on the off chance that you might be enticed to read it and believe it.
Don't will feel stupid if you afford him even the shadow of a doubt. dm

None the less, a question should immediately pop into your mind.  Q: Why 
would a citizen go to a magistrate to fill out a private criminal complaint 
form if he/she doesn't want to prosecute?  

The above never happened, the detectives wrote up the Criminal report on Fr. Cipolla,
not me.  He's making things up to fit his idea of what transpired. dm

ANS:  For insurance claim purposes.  The last time we had a police officer at
the Pittsburgh office, in reporting yet another burglary, we were asked if we want-
ed an investigation or if we just wanted a police report (with official CCR number)
to give to the insurance adjustors.

There are more ways to convince people who have no legal training that the report
to which Engel referred was NOT a police officer's report but only the private crim-
inal complaint

WRONG!!! You are nuts Mr. Pontillo, you just make it all up as you go along.  dm

Once again, the thing which Randy Engel falsely called evidence was nothing
more than the private criminal complaint form.  In fact, it contains blocks
were the private citizen writes in the witnesses to the wrongs done, and their
contact information.


Cipolla was NEVER arrested or charged.  He was merely served a Summary 
Notice signed by Diane Thompson which instructed him to show up in City 
Court for a MOTIONS HEARING ... aka "Probable Cause Hearing" which
had the equal effect of a preliminary hearing.

WRONG!!! dm

It was part of a private citizen's private criminal complaint, where Thomp-
son was required to show due cause as to why the presiding judge was to 
"Issue Process" and have Anthony Cipolla indicted and arraigned.  But,
Diane Thompson withdrew her private criminal complaint shortly before 
the Motions Hearing, aka the hearing equivalent to a quasi-preliminary
lhearing.  Anthony Cipolla was NEVER in handcuffs.


The 2016 Engel article mentions that Diane Thompson remarried in 1984.
The 1995 Pittsburgh Post Gazette NEVER mentioned this.  Instead, it stat-
ed that the "second marriage" guy was coming in and out of her life even in
1995.  Now, if that was happening, it was a bizarre setting of two de facto
husbands at the same time in her life.

I am and was happily married in 1984 to the love of my life and have
been for 34 years.  God really blessed me this time.  He's perfect.  The
"second marriage" guy that Mr. Pontillo  is trying to cast aspersions on
me with was living in another state with his wife and 1995.
My children saw their father only sporatically on visits to his home.
Mr. Pontillo is trying to make me sound promiscuous and stupid.   Mr. Pontillo, post a copy of what you are claiming that I wrote in the
Post Gazette and The Pittsburgh Press.  Prove you are telling the truth.
I did no backup interview in 1995.  This is another false story by Pontillo. dm

Even at that, there are a string of contradictions of Thompson's allegations.
Here is another example:

I have digital evidence that it was alleged directly to me by a confidant of Di-
ane Thompson that Tucker told Diane that Anthony Cipolla had sores all over
his body.  NOW . . .

The above is just a plain lie, Fr. Cipolla didn't disrobe for Tucker, he did that
with my oldest son.  Neither one of my children ever saw sores on Cipolla, so that's
another Pontillo Hallucination.  Pontillo's blog is the first place anyone heard of
Cipolla's sores.  I know I never saw any. dm

In the Engel article of 2016, the damning allegation was that Cipolla played
proctologist and invaded Tucker's private regions with one hand, while doing
an invasive sexual act upon Tucker front side with the other hand.  This would
mean that Cipolla was clothed.  So, how could Tucker see the sores?
SORES?????????  Ewwww!!
What sores Mr. Pontillo?  You made that up... dm

In the 2016 Engel article, Thompson alleged that Frank Labieaux went to live
in Florida after being arrested for vandalizing a neighboring church.  She then
said that Frank called her from Florida, to tell her what Cipolla allegedly did
to him.  Well . . .

After my son was brutally molested by Fr. Cipolla he sneaked into a church
across the street and down a bit From St. Francis Church and turned the fire 
extinguisher on over the 1977.  I asked and the judge sentenced my son to go 
to Florida and live with his grandparents, (my mom and dad).  He could not make himself tell the judge why he was so angry, that he sprayed foam all over the church pews.  He just shrugged his shoulders and looked at the floor.  The judge noticed it was his first run-in with the law...and gave him a big break. dm
In the 1995 Post Gazette article, Thompson alleged that she sat down BOTH
of her sons, telling them that they were going to have to put the Cipolla inci-
dent out of their minds.  In order to do that, Frank had to have been in Pitts-
burgh.  So, where was he?  In Florida of Pittsburgh?  

He left Pittsburgh and went to Florida with my father in 1977 and returned after my younger son was sexually molested by Mr. Pontillo's deceased best friend. 
Anthony Cipolla, ex-priest, pedophile, fake, narcissist, coward, and liar.  I'm finding 
that they are a lot alike. dm

  Take note that, in the 1995 article she said that she only had TWO sons.  She had
three, one of whom died in 2009.  There is no information in print as to how he
died.  None the less, she had three sons and told the Post Gazette that she
only had two.

Mr. Pontillo, I did not write that article...and I never told anyone that I only had two sons.
That's ridiculous. Why do you keep lying about me?  dm 


The falsehoods and contradictions go on and on and on and on, in the November
2016 Engel article.  It severely contradicted the 1995 article that the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette published on the subject.  It was the article where Diane Thompson
was quoted as having alleged overly-theatrical things, while keeping Thompson's
name confidential.
Again, I didn't write that newspaper article in 1995 that
Pontillo keeps referencing.   dm

The November 2016 article attributed to Randy Engel was at variance, in pertinent
part, with Diane Thompson's own 2015 & 2016 web log posts, as well.  It was also
different, in specific part, from the narration that Thompson gave to a certain per-
son who asked to be kept in anonymity.

You are hallucinating again.? Won't you PLEASE "cut the bull?" dm

The article was also at variance, in part, with the contents of the harassing, rude, and
derisive emails that Thompson sent to me in 2015.  I was compelled to block her in
short order, being that she was so podunk-trash-crass and intrusive.  The woman has
no temperance, to say the least.

Mr. Pontillo, if there were someone publishing lies about you, you would be 
the poster boy for non-temperance. You'd have another one of your hissy-fits.
You can't even handle me telling the "truth" about you. dm  

When a Retraction is Needed
I learned from my lawyer conference that a person must first give a writer or editor
or published the opportunity to make retractions.  And the need must be stated in

Mr. Pontillo, that doesn't work, I've implored you for more than two years
to Please remove the trash you have been publishing online about me, my sons
and my friends.  You never removed the lies and nasty accusations which were
all nothing but lies and conjecture. You then made your lies and accusations twice as
vicious. dm

As an example in the Year 2015, someone not related to the Cipolla case wrote to
me about another subject about which I wrote.  That person definitively stated what
needed to be changed the third time he wrote to me.  I then changed what needed
to be changed on his third communication, being that the first two were too vague.
Correction needed Mr. Pontillo...🔻


Hello, again, all of you Grammar Lovers! Today, as we continue looking at some of the most common errors in English--both the spoken and written word among us Southerners, in particular- we will examine the misuse of some oft-heard expressions: BEING THAT, BEING AS, AND BEING AS HOW. It's probably true that these conjunctions were once considered correct expressions, but with the constant changes in language, they have gone out of formal usage in today's world. Actually, some grammarians still consider the use of these expressions to be acceptable in informal conversations, but since I know you want to express yourself correctly at all times, you will want to jump on this rule like bees on a watermelon rind.

Simply put, all you need to remember is just DON"T use these expressions! Rather, use BECAUSE or SINCE. Here are some examples of the wrong use and then the correct use:

So, if there is an error on this site that needs correction, simply state it specifically
and get to the point.  I will then change it, if what you state it true.  If it's plausible,,
but not proven true, I'll add 'alleged.'

One more time Mr. Pontillo,  Anthony J. Cipolla was a rogue, pedophile priest.
He sexually molested my sons.  Stop claiming he was framed.  Stop calling us liars 
and frauds.  "We" were victims...yes "me too" so was Tim.  You know Fr. Cipolla
was booted out of the Priesthood by the Pope Himself, Personally.  Every word I 
just said is true.  Make the necessary corrections and deletions and erase the lies.  
Please, Mr. Patrick A. Pontillo... Thank You.   dm

All that Diane Thompson did was attack and ridicule me.  Her first sentence to me
contained "bull s**t."  She didn't state what was erroneously stated in as far as went
names, dates, locations, spelling, etc.  She simply attacked my character.  If she only
would have acted civilized on the first, second, or even third email, I would have had
a series of conversations with her.  However, she is a liar, whether Cipolla molested
her two sons or not.  Her account of the Cipolla transactions, as appeared in the Pitts-
burgh Post.

My first sentence to you read "OK Mr. Pontillo, you have my attention" it was not "bull s**t." 
When you didn't stop writing lies about us, I decided to put the true story out there to
defend my family.  dm

Now, every time Thompson speaks to someone new, she tells a new and amended
story about Cipolla and her family.  Cipolla, on the other hand, to ld the same story,
inserting the same names, over and over.  It had gotten to the point where Cipolla
would tell me the same story, and I would start reciting it word-for-word.  He re-
sponded once by saying, "I'm trying to talk here," upon which I realized that he
kept telling me the same set of stories for the sake of emotional release.

My story is can't dispute the truth.  You are way out in left field with 
your "out-of-kilter" misconceptions.  dm      

Thompson said to a Pittsburgh Post Gazette journalist in 1995 that then-Bishop
Vincent Leonard instilled a sense of guilt in Diane Thompson for filing what
the Post Gazette in 1978 stated was a Summary Notice and what the 1995 Post
Gazette stated was the "filing of criminal charges."  Thompson said that Vincent
Leonard said that the Church had just lost two popes and her suffering greatly.
Well, the second pope to die in 1978 wasn't even elected pope yet.  This proved
Diane Thompson to be a liar.

Mr. Pontillo...I shudder to think of what people call you.  You have yet to tell 
the truth about the happenings in your blog. You sure are a natural at lying 
and making up excuses...maybe it runs in your family?? Maybe you've had
a bump on your noggin??  Maybe you are crazy as a bed bug??  Who knows??
I've got to lean toward the latter since I've actually read your tripe. dm

Well, in the 2016 Randy Engel article, it is alleged that Bishop Leonard only
pointed out the one death of Paul VI.  Thus, Thompson changed her story yet

When I testified about the period of time when Fr. Cipolla sexually molested 
my children, being uncertain of that exact date, I used the time of the "three
Popes in one year" and two Popes dying.  It was within days of the assault so
I used that time frame.  It wasn't a lie. dm

In addition, it was proven that the Vatican Case against Cipolla only dealt
with his diagnosis of Depression & Suicidal Tendencies, given by a doctor
of St. Luke's in Maryland.  It was a Psychic Defect case and did NOT cover

Now that is just Bull Crap that Mr. Pontillo and Fr. Cipolla dreamed up.  dm

Plus, Ann Rodgers of the Post Gazette stated that Wuerl went to Rome with
a Police Arrest Report in his brief case.  No such thing exists in PA law.

Oh, it was in his briefcase alright.  Bishop Wuerl had all the information from that arrest
in 1978 which was covered up by Bishop Leonard and the Diocese.  It sure convinced the Apostolic Signatura in Rome to do an about face and suspend Fr. Cipolla in 1993. dm 

I have to go, right now.

05-22-18   added to and corrected  05-25-18

Mr. Pontillo, STOP telling people that you are "A Whistle Blower".  You aren't a whistleblower if you don't tell the truth.  You're just blowing off steam...emitting gas.  
"You are a liar"...and a prolific one at that.  I've noticed you have stopped the daily barrage of insults and just puffed up your old lies on older blogs to update all of your
vicious claims.  You are now just adjusting those old posts and making them more rude and ridiculous.  Don't you read your own ravings??  
Until you stop this maniacal assault by trying to get discovered as a Crime Writer like your Heros Mike V. and Mike using all of us.    I will continue to post my objections to your assinine assertions. Those two men actually do research before they commit themselves to publishing their findings. You just make it all up as you go along.  Grow Up!!  You are wasting your time...and mine. did you know that Cipolla was going to commit suicide???
If you need an example of what he writes go to   and print  
diane thompson in the search box and you will see samples of his dirty work. 
Or read below...


Below is a post which Patrick A Pontillo filled with lies and published online so I cut and pasted the text so I could effectively defend my family from further unwarranted harassment by a long-winded  "Cipolla " devotee.  My replies to his lies and accusations are printed in blue.
                                      TO: MR. PONTILLO

May 06, 2018
Resuming the Mission: Commences in 5, 4, 3, 2,  . . .From:     STOP!

Pontillo, you are nobody's, Guardian Angel. You are mean and hurtful and sometimes
you scare me with your blood boiling attacks and threats.  You proved you have no Conscience or Class, purely by posting that trash about my family.  If you had one ounce of savoir-faire, you wouldn't write stuff like that at all. It's indecent. Why do you want to hurt us?  When you and Fr. Cipolla started writing about my family I was very angry at both of you.  At first, I thought it was just Fr. Cipolla using an alias who was slandering us...and then I found out it was Fr. Cipolla and Patrick A Pontillo...some stranger who obviously believed Fr. Cipolla's lies.  You were in league with the Devil Himself Pontillo.  You chose your battle and chose to defend a Predator Priest.
You threaten and tell lies about us, even though you don't actually know only know what Fr. Anthony Cipolla told you.  He never admitted what he did. He never openly confessed his guilt of giving boys wellness physicals and rectal exams, or Enema treatments as a prerequisite for receiving First Holy Communion.  

They didn't require the boys to undergo physicals for First Holy Communion when I went to St. Philip School in Crafton.  They didn't require it at St. Francis Xavier in Pittsburgh, either, but I guess somebody forgot to notify Fr. Anthony J. Cipolla or he didn't get the memos.  Right, Mr. Pontillo?  You just keep defending that two-faced
child molester. The Veil of Secrecy is lifting and there won't be enough excuses for all your lies.  And now...  BK 2...   CONTINUE...
May 06, 2018

Resuming the Mission: Commences in 5, 4, 3, 2,  . . .From:
The Guardian Angel of Chicago.  
Greetings from Northern Illinois,
an area feeling the effects of the Grand Solar Minimum during Winter. 
The mission of liberating the 2,000 year old Catholic Church from its present cor-
ruption resumes in more detail than previously so.  None the less,  keep in mind
that those of us who accepted the mission of liberation are mostly autonomous
from each other.  We are more like the Hedgemasters of Ireland during the Brit-
is persecution of Catholicism than the Communists who planned to overthrow
the Czar of Russia.  That is to say, there's no collective secret society conspiring
against the powers-that-be in the overly corrupted Vatican, especially in light of
the fact that all of the counter-revolutionaries are in public view, condemning the
present corruption in plain sight.

Seriously, folks, he writes like he knows what he is talking about but he only
"parrots" the words of others and he manufactures his own scenarios. It brings
to mind the old days of 15-minute soap operas like Search For Tomorrow or the
Guiding Light.
Continue to read or scroll down to find some more blue.

Personally, I find that each one of us "entities" who are involved in speaking-out
against the corruption of the modern church think that we can do a better job than
than the other entities.  Thus, we have not consolidated forces.  New information
about present-day corruption has come forth.  Thus, the mission resumes.

"Methinks...Mr. Pontillo doth talk and write like he's auditioning for a part
in a Monty Python Film about the Holy Grail...or Hamlet.
He also loves to ridicule Cardinal Wuerl for his height and build...  Isn't that
odd? Mr. Pontillo is five foot nine inches tall ( in elevator shoes???) so he's
no Kareem Abdul Jabbar himself. dm

Keep in mind that a tree is known by its fruits.  In as much, enter one Cardinal
Donald William Wuerl, the notably effeminate 5'4" cleric who became an afici
onado of elevator shoes and whose propaganda machine made him out to be the
holiest man on Earth and the greatest teacher alive:

I'm sure you are quite familiar with fruits. "People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones" Mr.Pontillo.

Now, if Wuerl were as sanctified as a Francis of Assisi who literally stopped a war,
and if Wuerl were as holy as a John Vianney who was visited by thousands of pil-
grims, then Wuerl would have left a legacy behind in the Diocese of Pittsburgh
which would have been inspiring.  Well, the faith in Pittsburgh is utterly waning.
It's disappearing.  Wuerl has no legacy there.

At the time of this writing, there is the plan to reduce the Diocese of Pittsburgh to
48 parishes from its present 188.  When Wuerl became bishop of Pittsburgh, there
were 311 parishes.  Wuerl was basically part of the dismantling of the Catholic
Church.  Thus all that Wuerl was was a Dismantler & Saboteur.  For the record,
Cardinal Wuerl is presently the archbishop of Washington DC and has been so
since 2006.

And yes, I'm well aware of the publication of the suspended Knight of Malta,
H.J.A. Sire.  It's title, The Dictator Pope.  Actually, it should have been titled,
The Latin American Dictator Pope.  In as much, the Vatican has become a
Banana Republic.  More on this later.

The Winter of 2017-2018 pierced us to the marrow of our bones, here in the
Chicago vicinity.  In fact, the wind was especially brutal when it sailed along
building fronts and store fronts.  Enduring that type of cold was a character-

Chicagoland got as cold as -21.66 Celsius (-7F) this Winter and -23.88 (-11F)
last year.  So, I took-up a new project, in expending a lot of energy studying
Climatology, only to graphically discover how much Al Gore, Barack Obama,
the Carbon Credit brokers, and those constantly vying for congressional fund-
ing at taxpayers' expense are nothing more but sleight of hand con artists ...
even fiction writers, crying "Wolf."  So, that has become a new mission for me.

Oh, Heaven and The Saints Preserve us...

Concerning this, if you are trusting of CNN, CNBC, Team Gore, the Hockey Stick
Graph people, the former Obama admission, & similar climate alarmists, and if you
have no prior education about text-book defined climatology, feel free to go to the
following URL and set for a spell, thereby liberating yourself from disingenuous

Climate Change Charlatans
A very important point to make at this point goes as follows:

You perhaps knew of a certain 70+ year old woman with a low educational back-
ground and a history of teen pregnancy.  Well, she also has a history of having
posted TEN ad hominine attack blogs, directly attacking me with multiple acts
of libel.  Those blogs were so vile and abusively violent that I  had no choice than
to press the necessary legal button to get them taken offline.

Yes, I admit I'm 72 and I'm sick of this (MAN???)  (this name who posts as a man,)
He has dredged up an old child rape case from 1978 to 1993.
...and he's changed the facts which now claim the charges against Father Anthony J Cipolla were fraudulent and he swears Cipolla is innocent of all three sexual assaults.
The writer wants funds and he is pandering to the followers of Father Cipolla, who
didn't believe he was guilty because of the way the Church handled the arrest and
concealment of the facts, in order to keep it from the public.  One victim sued the Pittsburgh Diocese for an enormous payoff.  It wasn't anyone in my family.

My sons became witnesses for the boy who sued the Diocese with his Attorney...but they did not share in the money awarded to the boy or the Attorney.  We all testified out of conscience and the urgency to stop Cipolla's Sexual Rampage through the pubescent Catholic Boys of Alleghany County and beyond. The first time we tried to
stop him in 1978, we were bullied by the Attorney for the Pittsburgh Diocese, the Bishop, and the District Attorney, so we backed out because our attempts to seek justice hit a brick wall.

To think, even after having had NINE of her weblogs deleted, she had the audacity
to construct and even more abusive one.  Then, after her tenth blog was reported,
she then started to send emails to me, even though I had given notice for years
that she was to NOT contact me.

Mr. Pontillo never had any of my blogs removed.  
I admit at one point I believed Pat Pontillo was Fr. Cipolla's online alias.  
Live and learn, I discovered they were two separate people with only one goal.  They were perpetrating a Wuerl, Rome, victim of predatory, pedo priests circle jerk to raise  funds.  Fr. Cipolla with his lies, manipulations, and denials, was continually milking the faithful who believed Fr. Cipolla was innocent.
..even after he was (defrocked) Laicized by the Pope. He was a good liar but a very bad man.  Some of his benevolent patrons would send him money to help him fight the Vatican and to live on. He also owned Charities and collected donations he solicited for.  Fr. Anthony J Cipolla was a shifty character...but butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.  He was that devious and insincere.  He did tricks for his followers he called Miraculous.  He claimed to have a Padre Pio Prayer Shawl...that he showed to his followers...where did it go??  If it produced miracles, shouldn't it be where it could be used for good? Why is it that no one knows about it except Cipolla's followers? Shouldn't the Church control it and make it available for others to benefit from it?
Fr. Cipolla convinced his followers he was channeling The Saint and donations kept
coming in to fund his imaginary "Reinstatement Law Suit" which never was.  When the Pope Laicized Fr. Cipolla he stipulated, "there will be no appeals."  The Church knew of his guilt which they buried in their archives for years until Cipolla made it impossible to continue the coverup.  Thanks to Fr. Cipolla and his greed for power.


Mr. Pontillo, you told me yourself that Fr. Cipolla was going to commit suicide and
I thought you were full of it.  a few days later he slamming into that tree the day after his birthday.  I printed your post when you published it on your blog.  I'm sure you alarmed him when "you" informed Cipolla that Randy Engel was writing an EXPOSE about the growing scandal in Pa.

Those WWIII arguments you bragged about having with Cipolla may have contributed
in his decision to off himself by running his car into a tree in front of that Church. (You) were probably responsible and (you) blamed it on us and Mrs. Engel and your  friend "SWWNBN" several times.   Fr.Cipolla also knew that the Grand Jury was in session to find out about the alleged "cover-ups" by the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese that so many citizens were complaining about...just like they did in Boston.

Did Fr. Cipolla ask you to stop your perfidious gossip on the or blog Mr. Pontillo, to take the pressure off him when you told him about Mrs. Engel's upcoming article, that you knew about? 
You remember...The Article and Author you berated and perjured in your blog and published for all to see, remember her Mr. Pontillo???  
If you truly have thousands of daily readers of your blog like you claim you do, you might be guilty yourself of some kind of "web pollution crime".  

Concerning this, one of the libelous statements that she posted was that I was
Anthony Cipolla in disguise, operating a sex abuser protection ring.  Then , the
man formely known as Father Anthony Cipolla died and I kept posting on my
URLs, proving that I was not Cipolla in disguise, being that dead men don't
publish writings and photography

My words to Mr. Pontillo were, "just prove to me you aren't Anthony Cipolla running
a sex abuser protection scam, using the fake name of Patrick A Pontillo??" At that time I was not aware of, The Cipolla and Pontillo's ongoing fraudulent collusion conspiracy.  Who is Pontillo??  I still don't know who this man Pontillo is or even why
he wants to make us suffer the emotional abuse he continues to dish out.  Mr. Pontillo is using the late Anthony J. Cipolla to re-gather Fr. Cipolla's last batch of
contributors before he died.  He claims he is going to clear Anthony J Cipolla's name.
Why??  One of Fr.Cipolla's patrons would give him a donation of Sixty thousand dollars yearly to help him fight the Vatican for reinstatement.  Sixty thousand dollars a year, so he can travel back and forth to Rome to do battle with the Signatura.  That's
3 times the amount my husband and I and one grandson live on a year.  Fr. Cipolla
lived his own handwrought life and spread his lies all over.  I often wonder what in heavens name that $60 thousand a year Donor of Cipolla's was repentant for...or...
just how bad was the sin Cipolla gave that Donor Absolution for? 

I know that sounds mean but inquiring minds would like to know. 
                                                 ⏬              ⏬
OH, GOODY...more threats.

Now, at this point, and in order to save you from very costly legal action, take
a moment to realize something blatant.  Proof that I don't and didn't operate any
kind of sexual abuser protection ring is beyond blatant for the following reasons:

1)  At this Wuerl of Hurt site, I EXPOSED sexually abusive priests.  I did NOT
protect them.  I took Donald Wuerl's diocese to the United States Supreme Court,
on account of the retaliations that I and an evidenced-supported sexual abuse vic-
tim endured.

Mr. Pontillo, "she who will not be named," told me that Mike was an adult when he had his fling with Fr.Torquato and you found out when you absconded with those
cards and correspondence you found when you snooped around in the priest's attic while you were making a drywall delivery.  
You described them as love letters to and from the priest. I guess you figured you had the "PROOF" of priestly hanky panky, took them.

You then went looking for Mike and convinced Mike to let you represent him so you could squeeze some "hush" money from the Pittsburgh Diocese to "buy" both of your "Silence"...(and you saw how that worked out.) It also explains why the courts threw out your supposed case, you're not a lawyer or even a legal assistant.  

2) I am a construction worker who operates CONSTRUCTION WORK in the Pitts-
burgh vicinity and Chicago vicinity.  My world is not glamorous enough for sexally
abusive priests, teachers, etc.  I carry a lot of construction tools and material in a
number of company vans and in a company pickup truck.  I don't have room for
sexually abusive people.

So you think that the life of a pedophile is glamorous???  Does that mean there is a hint of jealousy?  Were you taking lessons from Fr. Cipolla??  Weren't you a bit old for his tastes??? 

And remember, the 70+ year old women attacked me as a diversionary tactic, be-
cause I repeatedly caught her lying about the late Anthony Cipolla and especially
the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure, in her harrowing and completely
fictitious tale of "filing charges against Cipolla," undergoing retaliation, and then
being forced to "drop charges" at the hands of then-DA Bob Colville.

Mr. Pontillo hasn't caught anybody doing diversionary tactics or lying.  I admit to
getting a couple names mixed up from 1978 when I was transposing information
from the original Fr. Anthony J. Cipolla's arrest papers but I corrected it right away.
That wasn't a lie that was a typographical error.  I know you're familiar with them Mr.
Pontillo.  In the old days, the Law and The Church used preset procedures to handle
sexually errant priests.  They kept it "low key" and covered it up, to protect the
reputation of the Church. dm

Civilians never file and/or drop criminalccharges, and and and defendants never have
hearings in Police Station #1 or at Police Station #9.  They are "taken to County Jail"
and have hearings at the county courthouse.

Not in 1978 they didn't.

Just to point out that you, "Mr. (He Thinks He's Never Wrong,) Pontillo"  were not there or in any way involved with the 1978 Sexual Molestation Case against Fr. Anthony Cipolla.  You have no idea how naive you sound to a real Pittsburgher.  
You have no idea of the awful heart-stopping fear we all suffered...thanks to that Pedophile Friend you've chosen to defend. 
Remember Pontillo...if a pedophile is caught once, five of his victims never come forward and tell because of the shame and confusion.  I personally know three of his victims...and I still pray for the unknown fifteen as well...who were too intimidated to step forward and admit that the atrocity happened.   

And then there was the man bearing Badge #46 and herclie about him.  On and on
goes the disclosure of her easily provable falsehoods.

3)  Now, in the Chicago vicinity, I have thus far been on/in approximately two dozen
or more construction sites, and have encountered people of all ages and walks of life.
None of them were harmed in any way.  Plus, I have a history of security clearances,
including an FBI clearance, a Pennsylvania Dept of Corrections Clearance, and a
Child Abuse Background Check Clearance.  Therefore, me being libeled/defamed
is far more damaging than those living more common lives.

What about all the lies and libel you began publishing about us from 2009 till now Pontillo??  You teamed up with Fr. Cipolla to torment us after my youngest son was killed.  
He was crossing the road to help a friend and a woman in a truck came speeding up the road to pick up her son who was waiting for her at a convenience store and it was raining.  Her truck hit him and he flew 50 feet.  She was passing another vehicle in the right-hand lane and my son didn't see her.  The police said she had a revoked license at the time of the accident and shouldn't have been on the road.

Pontillo's security clearances are from 2014 and only good for Pennsylvania.  Several of the 2014 security papers are renewable monthly.  He's four years out of date.  What is he trying to prove?  
Truthfully, if this man Pontillo hadn't begun writing about my family and twisting the actual facts to where the members of my family are the bad guys and he and Cipolla are the good guys, I would not have this blog at all. He had a blog to get his lies out so I got a blog to get the truth out.

In as much, if you repeat or hint as being true anything that that 70+ year old former
teenage pregnancy person and accuser of the late Anthony Cipolla stated about me,
I will have no choice than to take you to court and demand full restitution for such
libel. Such a thing is exceptionally expensive.  It WILL make you bitter.  It will
initially drain you emotionally, and then turn you into an emotional mannequin
shortly thereafter.

Teenage what?  I got married at 17, had a baby at 18 and 3 more. 
only had one child as a teenage married woman.  The others were after I was 20 years old.  We were Catholic, that's what you did back then.  No birth control.  My own mother had 4 children she raised in the Catholic School.  Stop your filthy remarks about me.  You don't even know me.  I think that you are a "Punchinello", Mr. Pontillo.

Punchinello | Definition of Punchinello by Merriam-Webster

Definition of Punchinello. 1 capitalized: a fat short humpbacked clown or buffoon in Italian puppet shows.

Mr. Pontillo loves to threaten people.  Sometimes he threatens lawsuits or jail or
sending his Burley Italian Construction Buddies who go to war with all people who don't agree with Pat Pontillo. Or he threatens to Vesuvius. And "Believe" me, he really does Blow!!!  

I suffered a lot in the extended effort to help others.  I caught someone lying at length.
That person committed predictable whistleblower retaliation against me.  How would
you like it if you did extended amounts of work, only to have your efforts sabotaged?

We didn't sabotage your efforts we didn't even know you and didn't know about your efforts to achieve whatever devious tricks you were and Cipolla built your dreams of a lawsuit on lies, and a truthful response to your lies just washed your fraudulent efforts down the drain, to the sewer below, where it belongs.  
He can't be talking about us.  We never lied about or to Pat Pontillo.  People do tend
to assault Pontillo he informs the public on his blog.  I always wondered why?  Now I fully understand and I know precisely why he brings rage out of folks.  
He's Obnoxious!!!  He ridicules me in every way and  I am not a writer, I'm just an explainer.  Even though I don't know what motivates him besides greed and self-love,
I wish he'd just stop lying and tell the truth...or shut up!!!!

In her less than Shakespearian writings, she went to obsessive lengths to get you to
think that I have it easy in life and never suffered.  Let it be simply stated, "If you
only knew" --- from having an eldest brother born with a birth defect and you, like
me, had a severe form of asthma, in adulthood ... to loosing a mother at an age a lot
younger than desired ... to a list of other things not to be readily mentioned. 

Mr. Pontillo, I haven't been flunked out of any universities or houses of knowledge.
I know you say you have this extensive education that you like to talk about. It's questionable though because of your habitual laziness.  By the way, nobody is old enough to lose their will always leave an emptiness.  
You want pity and violins and donations to support you in your quest to "Channel" Anthony J. Cipolla from the spirit world?  (that was a guess.)  You act like somebody
owes you something for the trials and tribulations of your life.  (And you want it now.) That's not the way real life & reality works Pontillo.   

None the less, after she publicly claimed that I was stalking her while I was 1, 200
miles away, in the Chicago vicinity, she stated that, during my respiratory illness
days in South Carolina, I did nothing but "loaf."  

The post he mentioned above was posted on my blog by "She who must not be named" or "SWWNBN" an old friend of Mr. Pontillo's who asked me to kindly post her post on my blog to the attention of Patrick Pontillo.  I never recall posting that I believed Mr. Pontillo was stalking me.  But he does creep me out because I don't know if he's a Psychopath of just a pervert trying to upset us. "I did, however...
post that I was happy that he lived over 1,000 miles away".

Question Pontillo:  With all your vast education and your abnormally high IQ, why do you work a job in Construction? Why don't you work in an office in some air purifying & conditioning or at home doing data entry...since you like to type?  Why do you risk your life to do construction work?  Your blog is an Oxymoron...what kind of moron are you? 


Uhhhm, my asthma made it NOT possible to frequent amusement places, coffee
houses, bars, etc, on any regular basis, meaning that, whenever my Australian lady
wasn't in my life, I was alone in the Carolinas.  This meant that I had time for doing
involved writing projects.  In as much, while on the Carolina coastline, I wrote over
300 writings, some of which required 30+ sheets of paper to print-out.  This Wuerl
of Hurt site was mostly composed while I was in the Carolinas.  Moreover, some of
my writing ended up in a humble-sized British war museum. 

Mr. Pontillo loves to brag about himself and his writings.  Too bad he can only write fiction...and brag, brag, brag!!!  Or he'll "pan for pity" again and again until he makes you *ill too.  (*Sick and tired of hearing it.)

Plus, while I was in the Carolina, I fasted 36 days on one occasion, 32 days on anoth-
er occasion, and 17 days on yet another one.  Plus, you don't get buff in loaf around. 
I had weights in the beach house, and there were steps outside, for developing quad-
riceps, aka "thigh muscles."  Keep me allergy-free and I'm fine.  And even in the
Year 2017, I won fitness competition a couple of times.

Mr. Pontillo, I told you in 2015 that "I" am being treated for COPD, and when I'm upset it's hard for me to breathe" due to High BP. I respectfully asked you to stop the lying and embarrassing us and the daily harassment, but you didn't even slow down.  Not even after I gave you all that proof and information.  You are really Despicable!!!

In addition, in order to get you to think that I have no life-threatening respiratory
condition, she posted misleading and truncated ... abbreviated snapshots about
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.)  Of course, I don't have COPD.
I have an allergic form of asthma and RADS which can kill a person during a pro-
longed asthma attack.  None the less, the asininity in the 70+ year old cyber bully
belittling me by making it look as if I don't have a life-threatening condition goes
as follows:

So truthfully now, "what point are you trying to make here Mr. Pontillo??

30 times more people die from COPD than asthma each year.  All in all, she was
basically mocking COPD patients and such patients do have serious concerns
that required civility and respectfulness ... not the mocking that comes from a


CHECKMATE...Stop NOW Mr. just checkmated yourself.

I have to go, right now.  Till the next time.
from Patrick Pontillo on 5/06/2018  
Older Post Hom


Pontillo is angry that I researched his time in South Carolina and let you readers know.  In
researching Patrick A Pontillo when he lived in South Carolina since he mentioned it on his blog.  I was attempting to discover who PA Pontillo is and find out why he was telling lies and
making crude remarks about me and my family and publishing it online.  I wanted it to stop. It frightened me in the beginning and it still does...and to this day I still don't know who he is.    

He boasted a plush home with a Jaguar and Mercedes in the yard in a Gated Community.
He claimed we were less than low class and that he was a rich spoiled genius with years of formal education and training at various Colleges and Law School...not to forget living with Trappist Monks, (probably for the beer) and traveling across the United States to avoid the repercussions of the wasp nest he stirred up in Pittsburgh.  By backstabbing and hatching sick plots and scenarios to chronicle myths about innocent victims he doesn't even know and we're still clueless about whoever he is as well.  

What a celebrity he must be, to himself.  


WHY? Pontillo...WHY???     
About 263,000 results (0.37 seconds) 


Last account activity: 43 minutes ago

( Mr. Pontillo is still accepting donations to his three favorite causes)
#1 'Cause He Can... #2 'Cause It's Easy... #3 'Cause He Gets To Keep The Money...
Just like Cipolla taught him to do.

The Trusted Brain
7:52 PM (17 hours ago)
to me
check out the latest and then  tell him

 Someone violated their privacy when the present owners chose to sell or rent that manufactured home.
Pontillo talks about people just like himself on his own slog blog, who also lived in a trailer!
  The present owners agreed to forgo their privacy when they signed up to advertise in MLS. 

From Patsy's latest brain-dead post..........
"If you know that Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, you need to maturely
tell her to remove the photo of my former house from the internet, along with
the photo of the bird's eye view of the tourist rental village where the house is
located, because it violates the privacy of those who bought the house, after
my siblings and I were bought-out.   She is literally invading the privacy of
total strangers and I am literally going to have to call the police on her, if
those photos are not removed pronto"
Call Trulia Patsy, the police already know you and your rep down there !!!!!
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Last account activity: 10 hours ago


When you see any of these what would you believe?  Same
Birthdate, Same address, during the time frame when he
was living there at 1706 Hawk in South Carolina.  His driver's license and ID.      Com'on guys...some of the case numbers🔻 🔻    contain the first 3 letters of his last and first name as the suffix. 


Post this for me Di

The Trusted Brain:
3:11 AM 
to me
 From an interested blog slog reader..........

Dear Diana,
  I laughed so hard when I read what Pontillo posted for NEXT month.
  A while back he complained that Mrs. Engel tried to "set him up" when she called him and mentioned he said he was disabled the last time she spoke to him. But in his recent post, he confirms what she said to him by sounding like he was at death's door with a respiratory disability. How odd, since the Fed never approved him for the Disability that he tried to obtain from the government as he himself stated on his very long-winded other blog sites on chemical sensitivities.
 He also stated numerous times that after he read Mrs. Engel's excellent report on the Cipolla Case that, "he considered this war." Now he whines that everyone seems to be at war with him.
" People have literally waged war on me", he wrote.

But I would ask  Pontillo what did you do to Diane and her family when you began to attack this family whom you did not know nor even attempted to speak to, who already suffered so much for decades, on behalf of your now deceased friend and pederast, the late Anthony Cipolla?
His blogs read so very schizophrenic. 

   Patience Patsy, it's really a Virtue and one you forgot to mention when you lecture readers what you know is in the "Heart and Mind of the Virgin Mary"! Do you know? Or is it all about being confrontational, harassing and stalking others, especially older women online when they tell the truth and upset your narcissistic apple cart of lies and suppositions on your Blog Slogs?       
  You complain you haven't been sued yet by now? Patience Mr. Patrick A Pontillo, Patience.  It ain't over until it's over.

 Pontillo writes about you Diana stating ........
"Firstly, she made it appear that I will soon be sued for a lot of money and a court injunction for that which I wrote about her.  She made it sound as if I will suddenly be served with an unexpected lawsuit."
No, she did not! She warned you what you were writing is considered a crime in her state. You are the king of lawsuit threats! 
  Please, Mr. Pontillo, tell us how your, " Cipolla Restitution Case" is going from your repetitious online lawsuit jargon. You say you are doing this at the behest of Vince Cipolla, the decedent's brother.
However, Diana has email in her possession from the family clearly stating that no one in their family has any part of this alleged case
you say you are assembling to prove Anthony was not a pedophile. One might conclude this might be an attempt to defraud a senior citizen of money. Did you request any money from Vince by telling him you hired a lawyer?  Surely you didn't because that would be CRIMINAL.
The horrible accusations and filthy not so veiled innuendos and name calling you typed and posted against Mrs. Engel, a well established genuine investigative author and journalist, and Diana herself warrant legal reciprocity in my opinion.

  You are worried about this because YOU continually threaten lawsuits online just as you have done with the InstantCheckmate website that posted your criminal record unsolicited in S Carolina. You missed the clause that lets them legally off the hook though, and isn't it just too bad you have posted that this was YOUR previous address? 
  Maybe the website InstantCheckmate just made an online error like Pontillo did when he started making erroneous suppositions concerning pedophile Cipolla's history of child abuse?

He writes...........
"Going to a private money-making site that carries sensationalistic things can get you sued if you repeat anything erroneous posted at the sensationalistic website. And I WILL be the one doing the suing"
Somehow I do not think this is the case though since there are so many of these websites and they are NOT "sensationalistic" as he stupidly writes.

  Just for fun so you get it straight let me do this again and they are NOT asking for any money! I repeat they posted YOUR Public Criminal Record in SC  Unsolicited by anyone. 
Mr. Pontillo, you accuse the Law Enforcement personnel and the people of the State of SC as being stupid and petty because you also apparently got seven violation citations for not using your seat belt? Mr. Pontillo, it would appear the SC policemen are VERY observant and knew you quite well. 
You write on your blog......

"Mention of the SEVEN seat belt fines is to show you how incredibly petty and vexatious are the police in the low income, low population, and low intelligence state of South Carolina, about whom it was reported that high tech companies were unable to establish themselves there, because there were NOT enough intelligent people in South Carolina to do any high tech work. 
 Defending a mere misdemeanor in that coastal area can be two and three thousand dollars in attorney fees."
I might add I have several friends who purchased homes in coastal South Carolina for retirement and they tell me quite the opposite insisting the people are so nice here compared to other states.
Once again just for fun and for a closer study ........
   PS Mr. Pontillo your Clearances are for a Home Advisor Company in the State of PA and not for the State of South Carolina where you lived and loafed before. Everyone who works for a Home Advisor Company knows they only run a State background check for where you will be employed and not a national background check for every state. simply because it is time-consuming and costly, so stop wasting your time printing and posting them. 
You're simply being ridiculous.

Diana be sure to make hard copies of these latest blog posts.


Please understand, this is the only alternative I have to have any dialog with a very clueless man who continues to defame me and my family.  He's been posting statistics about his thousands of readers
to accompany the graphs he's keeping to show how popular he is.  He's letting me know how many people are reading his slander about us.
He makes so many claims that are untrue.  I can't make him stop, so I started to put the truth out
on my blog.  It is said, "what's on the web stays on the web".  So a little truth and proof of his lies will take a bit of sting from his poison pen.

A new message to share with you from a reader.  You are making everyone angry with your
phony stories and excuses Pontillo.  
Incidentally, don't you ever tell the truth???

Pontillo, you can deny those charges from 2010, but that doesn't exonerate you from your crimes.
I didn't make this stuff up, it's on several accredited websites.  That supposed FBI page you posted, specifies that it was a fingerprint test.  Do you know how many Murderers and Felons
and Scalawags there are who have never been fingerprinted???  Every arrest or criminal complaint does not result in Fingerprinting...although most do.  So the FBI doesn't have your prints in Pa yet.  What a shame.  However, they do have your mugshot and criminal file in South Carolina.  

Please Read These 🔻
#1    The Trusted Brain:
7:52 PM (3 hours ago)
to Diana
check out the

 Trulia violated their privacy when the present owners chose to sell or rent that manufactured home.  Pontillo called Diana  "trailer trash" a while back. That sounds like him on his own slog blog, when he lived in that trailer!
  The present owners agreed to forgo their privacy when they signed up to advertise in MLS. 

From Patsy's latest brain-dead post..........

"If you know that Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, you need to maturely
tell her to remove the photo of my former house from the internet, along with
the photo of the bird's eye view of the tourist rental village where the house is
located, because it violates the privacy of those who bought the house, after
my siblings and I were bought-out.   She is literally invading the privacy of
total strangers and I am literally going to have to call the police on her, if
those photos are not removed pronto"
Call Trulia Patsy, the police already know you and your reputation.


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