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Cipolla sex abuse, Cardinal Wuerl admits Thompson family was credible


I really need to mention.  I think I finally understand the church's side of allowing 2nd + chances for clergy.  The priest is entitled to confess and be forgiven, just like anyone else.  Depending on the violation...they do Penance and usually get re-assigned.  Because we have the Sacrament of Confession, we don't have to carry the guilt of our sins around with us.  If we are truly sorry and repentant..we are forgiven for those sins.  Well, so are the Clergy.  It is always assumed that if a Priest is accused of an impropriety, the Church steps in and handles things quietly and sends the Priest away to someplace...where he does penance until he can make his way back into good graces. And then...

The Priest takes that opportunity to pray on it and to never do it again.  That's what the parishioners believed. That is what the heads of the Catholic Church in Rome believed too.  They should have kept a better log of the chances they were giving out and set a limit on offenses.  Pedophiles...., first complaint, they are dealt with through counseling and reassignment...or turn the offender over to authorities and deal with the offender when the judgment of the court is done.  Period!!
They should be reassigned to Adult prisons as chaplains.  ?2nd offense?...there are no more chances.

The Leaders of The Catholic Church have got to trust it's Priests and Deacons to do the right thing and to police each other as well as themselves.  If a Priest runs amuck the other Priests step in and remind the offending Priest that he is, in fact, a "Priest" and to please conduct himself as one.  If the Priests run into a problem the Bishop is usually consulted.  Nobody wants to go to The Bishop if they can help it.  "There is a busy man."  If the Bishop has a problem he can't handle with the help of Priests and Deacons, then he has to go to the Archbishop....and nobody wants to bother the Archbishop if they can help it. Then there's The Cardinals...who are in very high demand as liaisons for Our Holy Father and The Roman Catholic Church.  They have to have concise updated information on demand, available at all times to answer to those at home and in Rome.  Cardinals are like Prince William and Kate.  When The Church wants to put their best foot forward, they send in the Cardinals....because they are of The Church's Royalty...and very few in comparison ever get to see The Pope.  So Many Millions of people have never seen a Pope...except in photos or on TV. Cardinals are the Personal Representatives of the Pope and also our future candidates' for the future Pope.

04-16-18  (Please click and view)  Because we all need Fatima...


I have written to the Cardinal Donald Wuerl, I have written to the Pope, and I believe it's futile.  
I don't think they even read their mail except certain pieces that pass the litmus test.  A secretary probably handles it and tosses what they see as unimportant and answer a few for effect.  
I've reasoned with myself that they must get a ton of mail and some things, even important things may have fallen through the cracks, which is nobody's fault really. So I'm not pointing fingers.

Now to reiterate:  
Pontillo prints most of his lies on  He was the co author of, a Podunk attempt to blame all the world's woes on Cardinal Donald Wuerl. If you read enough of Pontillo's 
blogs you'd agree with what I'm saying. 
You wouldn't want this man slandering you, publicly or otherwise.  

When you realize that we didn't even know him and he doesn't know us, that we've never met each other or conversed with each other. You should know...he just one day started posting trashy comments and outright lies with no warning or reason about me and my family.  His excuse is "I have the right to my opinion."    
"So what is his reason to rebuke and slander me and my sons?" Is it because we went to the police and turned in Father Anthony Cipolla, for molesting my sons in Pittsburgh Pa. in 1978?  

Is it because Cipolla told you a different story??    And you believed him even after the Pope "personally" kicked him out of the Clergy. Was he guilty?? Is the Pope Catholic?    
Of course he was, but he's never owned up to any of his crimes. He expected everyone to fall for his facade.  Tony the Holy Man.  He used people like tissues...and he bragged about it to Mark...his live in beau...or wife.  Father Cipolla had a plan to sue the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, with Patrick Pontillo.  The Diocese owed Father Cipolla nothing.  Father Cipolla cost them so much in hush money and compensation and he was still conniving to get more, when he hit that tree and died in 2016.   

Is it because we were witnesses for Bendig who won his sex abuse case against Cipolla and the Pittsburgh Diocese out of court.  We never asked for nor ever received a cent for our help, just a thank you phone call from Tim Bendig after my deposition in Pittsburgh.   
We actually thought we helped Bishop Wuerl to stop Cipolla because of his continued bizarre behavior...but Cipolla couldn't be stopped      

Pontillo's bullying can't be tolerated...and if no one speaks just encourages Pontillo to believe his readers are in agreement with him.  Then he concocts his newest version of  Pontill-o- Visions.        


To my readers, 
I am refraining from posting anything at present on advice of Legal Counsel pending litigation. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs Engel and the lawyers who vetted her series and evidence on the defrocked deceased pederast Anthony Cipolla and his crimes.

12-01-16  The Real Randy Engel.....

This was my first email to Pontillo and Cipolla in 2012 trying to find our why they decided to belittle and shame us in a public forum.  I figured it was Cipolla because of the topic he was trying to rehash and deny.

I eventually found out that it was some buddy of Cipolla's named Patrick A Pontillo, who I never even heard of .  Below is my first blog in 2012 and some from 2015.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fr Anthony Cipolla part one (my very first post)


I was reading a post that said I declined to press charges against Fr Anthony J Cipolla because I was fearful of having my past put out on the line to dry.  That is an unmitigated lie.  I was afraid to go any further because of what was happening to my family.  We moved away right after I dropped the charges against Anthony J Cipolla. We moved  to Cleveland Ohio.  We moved to get away from the harassment...of phone calls, letters and threats, broken windows,  slashed tires and physical assault.     DT2

The post written above was my first attempt at blogging, specifically to have dialog with the Pontillo/Cipolla avatar to rebutt  their claims.  The above post has been there since 2012
unaltered.  When I found out that Pontillo/Cipolla were posting lies about my family again, I began to post on this blog again in have dialog with them? to demand him to stop.  He refused to do so.  Instead he posted more lies and posted,  (the fact that I didn't sue him, is proof that he is telling the truth.)  Really Pontillo??  
And so it continues.  I have grandchildren I'm raising, I can't afford to sue him. 

August 8, 2015  2:20 pm

I'm sorry, I felt I should let everyone know that I'm aware of the awful things Mr Pontillo and Mr Cipolla are spreading about me and my family.  There is nothing I can do to stop him.  I thought by calling him on his accusations, he'd drop us from his Public Journals but he has intensified his assault.
Pontillo dared me to contact him!!!..and after reading his libelous ravings I wrote him an e-mail.
I admit I got angry when I read all the nasty accusations and I did get flippant because he refused to discuss these allegations and let me clarify the facts with him.  He refused to call or give me a number that I could call him..he then refused my e-mail......even though he specifically taunted me into contacting him.  He then claims in his journals that I have harassed him, by contacting him.
Instead of mature conversation, he goes back and posts more outrageous lies and innuendos. Why????  He wasn't there, he doesn't know what happened to my boys, he only knows what Mr Cipolla says....and Cipolla wouldn't admit anything.  He's lied too long.....he wouldn't recognize the truth.  Mr Pontillo says Mr Cipolla has 70+ character witnesses that believe he is innocent.  I can only say to them, "how gullible you must be."  Cipolla snowed you just like he snowed my sons and me... they were young kids....12 yrs and 8 yrs old when it began in 1977.                                        
The Catholic Church doesn't pay off claims unless they are satisfied that there is enough proof.
The videotaped deposition of my sons was shown in it's entirety to The Bishop Wuerl and the Churches council and my 4 hr deposition was attended by Bishop Wuerl and 2 other Clergy, a court stenographer, and lawyers for both sides.  I did not lie about anything....I did not lie against Father Anthony J Cipolla...neither did my sons.  We thought he was a good man.  He Wasn't!!!!    And today I can only assume with these assaults from Mr Pontillo and Cipolla, that Cipolla hasn't changed at all.


I find it hard to believe that Patrick A Pontillo, has any sincerity in his heart what so ever.  His stories are cutting and damning...and he pulls no punches when it comes to Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Tim Bendig and a number of other unfortunates, including my family.  He has not one iota of proof for what he claims to be true.  The j-pegs he refers to in his blog are nothing more than a couple of awards given to Anthony Cipolla, 4-6 years before he molested my two sons in 1977 and 1978.
Ted Bundy received awards and certificates of merit and thanks too,  before and during his murder sprees...So did John Wayne Gacy.  "The Clown" so what point are you trying to make Pontillo?