Monday, September 25, 2017

The Patrick A Pontillo Case


Please understand that I post some of Pontillo's blogs to give you readers a glimpse of this
deluded individual who is  maliciously degrading my family online.  I am affording you the 
opportunity to decide for yourselves.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page on this link.

When you see any of these what would you believe?  Same
Birth date, Same address, during the time frame when he
was living there in South Carolina.  Com'on guys....
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A Blog Slog

3:11 AM (21 hours ago)
to me
 From an interested blog slog reader..........

Dear Diana,
  I laughed so hard when I read what Pontillo posted as a post for NEXT month.
  A while  back he complained that Mrs Engel tried to "set him up" when she called him and mentioned he said he was disabled the last time she spoke to him . But in his recent post he confirms what she said to him by sounding like he was at death's door with a respiratory disability. How odd, since the Fed never approved him for the Disability that he tried to obtain from the government as he himself stated on his very long winded other blog sites on chemical sensitivities.
 He also stated numerous times that after he read Mrs Engel's excellent report on the Cipolla Case that, "he considered this war." Now he whines that everyone seems to be at war with him.
" People have literally waged war on me", he wrote.

But I would ask  Pontillo what did you do to Diane and her family when you began to attack this family whom you did not know nor even attempted to  speak to , who already suffered so much for decades, on behalf of your now deceased friend and pederast , the late Anthony Cipolla?
His blogs read so very schizophrenic. 

Perhaps he should call the PA State Attorney Generals office and inquire about the deceased pedophile.They might be able to put an end to his online trades with REAL facts.. Or , he will just have to wait patiently like everyone else till the Diocesan Grand Jury Investigation completes and publishes their findings from the Diocese pf Pittsburgh's own files that they subpoenaed.

   Patience Patsy, it's really a Virtue and one you forgot to mention when you lecture readers what you know is in the "Heart and Mind of the Virgin Mary" ! Do you know? Or is it all about being confrontational ,harassing and stalking others , especially older women online when they tell the truth and upset your narcissistic apple cart of lies and suppositions on your Blog Slogs ?       
  You complain you haven't been sued yet by now? Patience Mr Patrick A Pontillo, Patience. The state of PA will issue their findings in the Pittsburgh Grand Jury Diocesan Investigation.

 Pontillo writes about you Diana stating ........
"Firstly, she made it appear that I will soon be sued for a lot of money and a court injunction for that which I wrote about her.  She made it sound as if I will suddenly be served with an unexpected lawsuit."
No she did not ! She warned you what you were writing is considered  a crime in her state.You are the king of lawsuit threats ! 
  Please Mr Pontillo tell us how your ," Cipolla Restitution Case" is going from your repetitious online law suit jargon. You say you are doing this on the behest of Vince Cipolla , the deceased brother.
However, Diana has emails in her possession from the family clearly stating that no one in their  family has any part of this alleged 
case you say you are prove Anthony was not a pedophile.One might conclude this might be an attempt to defraud a senior citizen of money. Did you request any money from Vince by telling him you hired a lawyer ?  Surely you didn't ,because that would be CRIMINAL.
The horrible accusations and filthy not so veiled  innuendos and name calling  you typed and posted  against Mrs Engel ,a well established genuine investigative author and journalist, and Diana herself  warrant legal reciprocity in my opinion.

  You are worried about this because YOU continually threaten  lawsuits online just as you have done with the InstantCheckmate website that posted your criminal record unsolicited in S Carolina. You missed the clause that lets them legally off the hook though, and isn't it just too bad you have posted that this was YOUR previous address? 
  Maybe the website InstantCheckmate just made an online error like Pontillo did when he started making erroneous suppositions concerning pedophile Cipolla's history of child abuse?

He writes...........
"Going to a private money-making site that carries sensationalistic things can get you sued, if you repeat anything erroneous posted at the sensationalistic website. And I WILL be the one doing the suing"
Somehow I do not think this is the case though, since there are so many of these websites and they are NOT "sensationalistic" as he stupidly writes.

  Just for fun so you get it straight let me do this again and they are NOT asking for any money ! I repeat they posted YOUR Public Criminal Record in SC  Unsolicited by anyone. 
Mr Pontillo you accuse the Law Enforcement personal and the people of the State of SC as being stupid and petty because you also apparently got seven violation citations for not using your seat belt? Mr Pontillo it would appear the SC policemen are VERY observant and knew you quite well. 
You write on your slog......
"Mention of the SEVEN seat belt fines is to show you how incredibly petty and vexatious are the police in the low income, low population, and low intelligence state of South Carolina, about whom it was reported that high tech companies were unable to establish themselves there, because there were NOT enough intelligent people in South Carolina to do any high tech work. 
 Defending a mere misdemeanor in that coastal area can be two and three thousand dollars in attorney fees."
I might add I have several friends who purchased homes on coastal South Carolina for retirement and they tell me quite the opposite insisting the people are so nice there compared to other states.
Once again just for fun and for a closer study ........
   PS Mr Pontillo your Clearances are for a Home Advisor Company in the State of PA and not for the State of South Carolina where you lived and loafed  before. Everyone who works for a Home Advisor Company knows they only run a State background check for where you will be employed and not a national background check for every state.simply because it is time consuming and costly ,so stop wasting your time printing and posting them. 
You're simply being ridiculous.

Diana be sure to make hard copies of these latest slog posts.


Please understand, this is my only alternative I have to have any dialog with a very clueless man who continues to defame me and my family.  He's been posting statistics about his thousands of readers
and the graphs he's keeping.  He letting me know how many people are reading his slander about us.
He makes so many claims and they are untrue.  I can't make him stop, so I started to put the truth out
on my blog.  It is said "what's on the web stays on the web".  So a little truth and proof of his lies takes a bit of sting from his poison pen.

A new message to share with you from a reader.  You are making everyone angry with your
phony stories and excuses Pontillo.  
Incidentally, don't you ever tell the truth???

Pontillo you can deny those charges from 2010, but that doesn't exonerate from your crimes.
I didn't make this stuff up, it's on several accredited websites.  That supposed FBI page you posted, specifies that it was a fingerprint test.  Do you know how many Murderers and Felons
and Scalawags there are who have never been fingerprinted???  Every arrest or criminal complaint does not result in Fingerprinting...although most do.  However, they do have your mugshot on file.  

Please Read These ๐Ÿ”ป
7:52 PM (3 hours ago)
to me
check out the latest and then  tell him

 Zillow violated their privacy when the present owners chose to sell or rent that manufactured dump for "white trash",as  Pontillo  states about  people like himself on his own slog blog ,who live in a trailer !
  The present owners  agreed to forgo their privacy when they signed up to advertise in MLS. 

From Patsy's latest brain dead post..........
"If you know that Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, you need to maturely
tell her to remove the photo of my former house from the internet, along with
the photo of the bird's eye view of the tourist rental village where the house is
located, because it violates the privacy of those who bought the house, after
my siblings and I were bought-out.   She is literally invading the privacy of
total strangers, and I am literally going to have to call the police on her, if
those photos are not removed pronto"
Call Zillow Patsy , the police already know you and your rep down there !!!!!

#2 Post this from an interested party

Interested Party:
1:10 PM (3 hours ago)
to me
➤ = me
➤Pontillo you write,   

"Meanwhile, if Cipolla is such a egregious serial molester, then how do you
explain the following DA report?  None the less, if you were molested by
Cipolla, then let me know, provided that you are not related to one Diane
Thompson-Mangum.  If you were not molested by him, yet where in private
settings with him, knowledge of this is also invaluable"

➤Subpoenas have already gone out regarding all the cases from the Diocesan investigation from their own files, Pontillo. 
Too late, no one wants to give any information to a nobody like yourself.
You have NO RIGHT to this private information concerning these facts. Only the genuine legal authorities involved do.
They have the facts and much more and the Grand Jury was convened to get to the truth about what happened in the Pittsburgh Diocese. 
They did not  nor have to steal a shoe box full of homosexual love letters from a Diocesan property as you stated you did, nor to they pretend to be self styled attorneys like you have done.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Cipolla sex abuse, Cardinal Wuerl admits Thompson family was credible


I have written to the Cardinal Donald Wuerl, I have written to the Pope, and I believe it's futile.  
I don't think they even read their mail except certain pieces that pass the litmus test.  A secretary probably handles it and tosses what they see as unimportant and answer a few for effect.  
I've reasoned with myself that they must get a ton of mail and some things, even important things may have fallen through the cracks, which is nobody's fault really. So I'm not pointing fingers.

Now to reiterate:  
Pontillo prints most of his lies on  He was the co author of, a Podunk attempt to blame all the world's woes on Cardinal Donald Wuerl. If you read enough of Pontillo's 
blogs you'd agree with what I'm saying. 
You wouldn't want this man slandering you, publicly or otherwise.  

When you realize that we didn't even know him and he doesn't know us, that we've never met each other or conversed with each other. You should know...he just one day started posting trashy comments and outright lies with no warning or reason about me and my family.  His excuse is "I have the right to my opinion."    
"So what is his reason to rebuke and slander me and my sons?" Is it because we went to the police and turned in Father Anthony Cipolla, for molesting my sons in Pittsburgh Pa. in 1978?  

Is it because Cipolla told you a different story??     Is the Pope Catholic?    
Of course he did, he's never owned up to any of his crimes. 

Is it because we were witnesses for Bendig who won his sex abuse case against Cipolla and the Pittsburgh Diocese out of court.  We never asked for nor ever received a cent for our help, just a thank you phone call from Tim Bendig after my deposition in Pittsburgh.   
We actually thought we helped Bishop Wuerl to stop Cipolla because of his continued bizarre behavior...but Cipolla couldn't be stopped      

Pontillo's bullying can't be tolerated...and if no one speaks just encourages Pontillo to believe his readers are in agreement with him.  Then he concocts his newest version of  Pontill-o- Visions.        


To my readers, 
I am refraining from posting anything at present on advice of Legal Counsel pending litigation. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs Engel and the lawyers who vetted her series and evidence on the defrocked deceased pederast Anthony Cipolla and his crimes.

12-01-16  The Real Randy Engel.....

This was my first email to Pontillo and Cipolla in 2012 trying to find our why they decided to belittle and shame us in a public forum.  I figured it was Cipolla because of the topic he was trying to rehash and deny.

I eventually found out that it was some buddy of Cipolla's named Patrick A Pontillo, who I never even heard of .  Below is my first blog in 2012 and some from 2015.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fr Anthony Cipolla part one (my very first post)


I was reading a post that said I declined to press charges against Fr Anthony J Cipolla because I was fearful of having my past put out on the line to dry.  That is an unmitigated lie.  I was afraid to go any further because of what was happening to my family.  We moved away right after I dropped the charges against Anthony J Cipolla. We moved  to Cleveland Ohio.  We moved to get away from the harassment...of phone calls, letters and threats, broken windows,  slashed tires and physical assault.     DT2

The post written above was my first attempt at blogging, specifically to have dialog with the Pontillo/Cipolla avatar to rebutt  their claims.  The above post has been there since 2012
unaltered.  When I found out that Pontillo/Cipolla were posting lies about my family again, I began to post on this blog again in have dialog with them? to demand him to stop.  He refused to do so.  Instead he posted more lies and posted,  (the fact that I didn't sue him, is proof that he is telling the truth.)  Really Pontillo??  
And so it continues.  I have grandchildren I'm raising, I can't afford to sue him. 

August 8, 2015  2:20 pm

I'm sorry, I felt I should let everyone know that I'm aware of the awful things Mr Pontillo and Mr Cipolla are spreading about me and my family.  There is nothing I can do to stop him.  I thought by calling him on his accusations, he'd drop us from his Public Journals but he has intensified his assault.
Pontillo dared me to contact him!!!..and after reading his libelous ravings I wrote him an e-mail.
I admit I got angry when I read all the nasty accusations and I did get flippant because he refused to discuss these allegations and let me clarify the facts with him.  He refused to call or give me a number that I could call him..he then refused my e-mail......even though he specifically taunted me into contacting him.  He then claims in his journals that I have harassed him, by contacting him.
Instead of mature conversation, he goes back and posts more outrageous lies and innuendos. Why????  He wasn't there, he doesn't know what happened to my boys, he only knows what Mr Cipolla says....and Cipolla wouldn't admit anything.  He's lied too long.....he wouldn't recognize the truth.  Mr Pontillo says Mr Cipolla has 70+ character witnesses that believe he is innocent.  I can only say to them, "how gullible you must be."  Cipolla snowed you just like he snowed my sons and me... they were young kids....12 yrs and 8 yrs old when it began in 1977.                                                    
The Catholic Church doesn't pay off claims unless they are satisfied that there is enough proof.
The videotaped deposition of my sons was shown in it's entirety to The Bishop Wuerl and the Churches council and my 4 hr deposition was attended by Bishop Wuerl and 2 other Clergy, a court stenographer, and lawyers for both sides.  I did not lie about anything....I did not lie against Father Anthony J Cipolla...neither did my sons.  We thought he was a good man.  He Wasn't!!!!    And today I can only assume with these assaults from Mr Pontillo and Cipolla, that Cipolla hasn't changed at all.


I find it hard to believe that Patrick A Pontillo, has any sincerity in his heart what so ever.  His stories are cutting and damning...and he pulls no punches when it comes to Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Tim Bendig and a number of other unfortunates, including my family.  He has not one iota of proof for what he claims to be true.  The j-pegs he refers to in his blog are nothing more than a couple of awards given to Anthony Cipolla, 4-6 years before he molested my two sons in 1977 and 1978.
Ted Bundy received awards and certificates of merit and thanks too,  before and during his murder sprees...So did John Wayne Gacy.  "The Clown" so what point are you trying to make Pontillo?