Sunday, May 13, 2018

Cardinal Wuerl sorry, he sure tried, but even The Pope couldn't stop Cipolla and his God Complex


Pontillo, why do you keep lying about Anthony J. Cipolla??
You are trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear.  Cipolla was a sexual deviant who preyed on children.  How can you defend him???  (you talk like he was a saint, and it's a lie.)
The fact that you praise Cipolla and ridicule his victims is an
affront to any decent human being.  Cipolla has tormented us since 1978...and poor Tim since 1982...through his lies and denials and now you.  
You should be banned from the internet for your blatant lies
and fake news.

Remove us from your "pack-o-lies" blogs and leave my family and friends alone.  I in turn will remove any mention of your 
terrorist tactics and not mention you again on my blog.  I would really appreciate this consideration.


Mr. Pontillo grow up.  With all the proof I've given you and offered you to wake you up and to convince you to leave my family out of your sleazy blog.  

You must be possessed to continue to report your "Cipolla
Concoction" as truth?  "and"⤋

Nobody cares that I got the Detectives names wrong when I
transposed the information from the original Police Report.
Two sets of partners answered our call from the Police Dept.
Two Police Officers and Two City Detectives from the Youth
Squad.  I picked the wrong names and typed them into my
email to Randy Engel. So out of Officer Ninehouser the ex-Policeman you mention on your blog and his partner, and Two City Detectives.  I picked the pair of partners names that Boldly Stood Out on the page.  

Unfortunately, it was the other set of Partners.  When I 
download the Police Report, you'll see exactly what I mean.

I'm sorry that my typo set Pontillo off...because he tried to use it to embarrass Randy Engel the Writer and Investigative Journalist who exposed Anthony J Cipolla.  That was very
sophomoric and unprofessional of Pontillo. 

Pontillo reacted like a jealous irrational female.

It's been a while but I'd like to go back home to Pittsburgh, where I lived the first 19 years
of my life.  I have family to see...and my cousin Fred just died.  I would call and talk with 
Vincent Cipolla if possible. We are interested in meeting Patrick A Pontillo to let him ask my sons some questions and show proof of what we say.  We do this out of pity for his being duped by Cipolla and led to make a fool of himself over that Closed Case. I know how convincing Cipolla was.  If proof doesn't convince him to stop...then he must certainly be slandering us out of pure hate. But WHY?????  We didn't single him out, he singled us out, like
a sneaking terrorist...wanting and hoping to cause someone pain.  As much pain as possible. 

What's scary is, we don't know Pontillo from a block of cheese.  We never saw him, met him, talked to him on the phone or otherwise, heard of him, or imagined someone such as the likes of Patrick A Pontillo.  He came out of
nowhere, posting about things he isn't even familiar with riddling it with lie after lie until it's almost unrecognizable. 

We never hung around with Pat's kind people or places, fortunately.  Some areas of Pittsburgh you just
don't go to.
I've had to stop my life and take time out to defend my family repeatedly because Mr. Pontillo publishes stories he makes up, about my family, online where anyone can google his lies.
They become convinced that Pontillo is telling the truth when he is not.  No, not by any stretch of the imagination even Pontillo's.  


After serious consideration, I want to take this opportunity
to ask Fr Anthony Cipolla's accomplice..."Pontillo, what do
you need to convince you that Fr Anthony Cipolla was just
as Mr. Bendig and I have told you, a sexual pervert who unfortunately got away with his crimes against children"??  

Be realistic Pontillo, Fr Anthony J Cipolla was defrocked (laicised) by "Saint John Paul The Great".  
That's right Pontillo, a Saint...canonized in 2014...alongside another Pope. Pope John the 23rd. 

Do you really expect your readers or anyone for that matter to accept Your Version of "The Cipolla Case"  Published online in one of your  (fictional "News" blogs)?
How's Cali?

BTW:   Please stop Pontillo!!!!

to be continued...  


To my readers, 
I am refraining from posting anything at present on the advice of Legal Counsel pending litigation. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Engel and the lawyers who vetted her series and evidence on the defrocked deceased pederast Anthony Cipolla and his crimes.


I am back only to ask you to please pray for my family and read the article below and know "Things were very different back in 1978"
and intimidation was key.  Even the Pope couldn't stop Cipolla. Oh,
and have you noticed not a soul had the nerve to insinuate that 
Cardinal Wuerl didn't tell the truth about what a scoundrel Anthony
Cipolla was?  Mrs. Randy Engel put the truth out for people to see and she too knows what the truth is.  She only prints facts, not conjecture.  


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