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Fr. Anthony J Cipolla "Guilty". Even the Pope couldn't stop Cipolla and his God Complex...but God did.

Pontillo...if Cipolla was innocent why is this attorney looking for more victims of Rev. Anthony J. Cipolla???   click this link for the truth.

Has anyone noticed the deep decline in outbursts by Patrick A Pontillo over the mere mention of Rev. Anthony Cipolla and his guilt for rape and molestation of young boys in Pittsburgh?  Pontillo was checkmated by the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  The truth finally came out...and I guess Pontillo
thinks you are going to believe his "stories" as opposed to The Grand Jury Report.  He is still trying to cover-up for Rev. Anthony Cipolla the crushing embarrassment of the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese. 1978 thru 2018...even though he died in 2016.  Pontillo posted so many lies to protect and defend that old can only assume Mr. Pontillo was an aid or accomplice to The Rev's lecherous cravings.  Was Patrick A. Pontillo just one more trophy on Rev. Cipolla's Hit List?

You know Mr. Pontillo, your hero is now a known Pederast and flim-flam- man. That money he swindled and enjoyed to the fullest was not meant for him and his cronies to travel and enjoy the fruits of their ill-gotten gains.
How much of that money was used as" hush money?"

The two of you really thought you were smarter than the Churches Hierarchy...but your big plans to make the Church pay were 2015.  That big file you sent to the Vatican ended up the same place your
Wuerlgate dream ended up. " Nowhere."  An incinerator maybe? or a trash compactor? Sounds about right.   BTW Mr. Pontillo, are you still collecting
donations for PPSR??? If so you better be registered.

Since you are still posting lies about us and Cipolla...I must keep calling you out to tell you to take down all reference to me and my sons and my friends from your blog.  You can't pretend that Cipolla was innocent anymore.  Everyone knows that's a lie, now that the Grand Jury Report was
released.  (His followers, his family, his friends and the public at large know now what a phony he was.)  

That was the problem from the beginning.  No one knew the actual outcome
of the charges against Rev. Cipolla.  He told everyone he was innocent and there was no proof that he was even questioned about any charges.  Do you remember Mr. Pontillo?? I told you back in 2015 that the Churches Attorney
convinced me to sign expungement papers before they would let us leave
the DA's office.  We were so intimidated by the Attorney for the Diocese and the DA wasn't protecting us, he let that Lawyer raise his voice at us and pound his fist on the desk to scare my sons and myself into agreeing to drop the charges and let the Church Handle it.  We had no man to stick up for us, I had no idea I needed a Lawyer because the DA was there to represent us..." or so we thought". was just the three of us there and the two Detectives...who the DA talked to first. Those two Detectives worked hard and it all got cast aside for Bishop Vincent Leonard...Bishop of Pittsburgh. 

The Detectives told the DA and the Diocese they had a good tight case and produced photo's of the confiscated evidence, the arrest report and the Emergency Room Findings Statement and Cipolla's statements.  Rev. Cipolla admitted everything except the masturbation and anal probes.  My son turned nine years of age four days later.  
One month later, we were made to drop the charges on Rev. Cipolla.  The case was all erased and we left Pittsburgh for good.
When you are a victim and the law isn't even on your side...not for any fault of your own, but as a favor to someone else, like The Bishop??!!??  1978 was definitely the time to leave Pittsburgh at a gallop.  


11-27-18  Link to Video.

This is the true story of a 40 year battle against the Devil who molested my
children and his Lover who blindly supports him.  On November 25, 2018 an article will be published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette explaining how utterly wrong Patrick A Pontillo is in his assessment of his close, close, friend, Anthony J. Cipolla...who wronged his Church, his followers, his family and the youth of Pittsburgh and Ohio etc...
The video will be shown online the 27th of November.
Pittsburgh Post Gazette 11-25-18
The link to the video.

11-18-18     You must scroll to read the posts.  Mr. Pontillo is very wordy so it's taken me a while to answer all his questions, accusals, barbs and 
his comments. Sometimes I have to re-read his words because I can not
believe he had the nerve to post something like he just published.  

Below is a huge pack of lies and pretzel logic...credited to Patrick Pontillo co-author of this post that I reposted below and I am forced to comment on.  
Let it be known...I have fact checked Mr. Pontillo's entire Post and
found it to be filled with deliberate lies and misinformation to punish and embarrass Fr. Anthony Cipolla's Victims.

Yellow highlighted lines are written by me ( Diane) to upfront deny the lies, and answer his Character Assassination of us, with Honesty and Sincerity.DT

Anthony Cipolla was NEVER charged with any crime at any time
in his life, and Anthony Cipolla was NEVER arrested at any time
in his life.
This is a deliberate lie told to Pontillo by Fr. Cipolla.  The Detective from Cipolla's arrest testified that he arrested and charged Fr. Cipolla in 1978 when The detective testified before The Grand Jury of Pittsburgh 2018.  Read The Report Mr. what the arresting
officer testified to.  DT
Q:  But, what about 1978?

ANS:  Cipolla was NEVER charged, because criminal charges were
PENDING and not yet issued.
Oh yes he was Mr. Pontillo.  Read the Grand Jury Report Pontillo...DT
Then, the accusing mother of 1978 walked away from the case, by
declining to pursue her private criminal complaint.
I tried to pursue the case but I was stymied by the Bishop...and the case was expunged to spare the church the embarrassment...but my family suffered and Fr. Cipolla got off scott-free.DT
One more hearing was required for Cipolla to be formally and of-
ficially charged --- for the assigned magistrate to "issue process"
upon Cipolla.  It was scheduled for late July 1978.  That hearing
never transpired.
Wrong Pontillo, we were there that day to accept his plea and set a court date but the Diocese
had other ideas.DT
Now, there are TWO VERSIONS of the Cipolla Case Narrative.
One version was published for public view in Oct 1995, 2015, and
2016.  The other version of the Cipolla case was published in 2018,
by the Pennsylvania Grand Jury.  The 2018 version is the only one
which carries PROBATIVE VALUE, meaning that it is worth pre-
senting to a jury in a court of law.
I have to admit, there are two versions of the Cipolla Narrative.  Your version and the real version.  The ones where we were threatened and tormented by the Laity in support of Fr. Cipolla.  When we were forced to drop those charges against Fr. Cipolla it caused more lashings
out by his sympathizers. We packed up and moved to Cleveland to escape..."Yes, Cleveland". DT
The 1995, 2015, and 2016 versions of the Cipolla Case were overly
sensationalized HYPER-EXAGGERATIONS which are an insult
to the intelligence of anyone who even studied a year of law or who
was sent through the criminal court system as a defendant.
His opinion...and you know what they say about opinions.  Everybody has them but that doesn't make them the right opinion.
The 2016 version was written by conspiracy theorist, Randy Engel,
and it shows that she knows nothing about Pennsylvania Law.  It
is exceptionally NON-FACTUAL, and it is 100% wrong for a web-
site master to link up to the very fictitious Randy Engel article.  The
true Cipolla Case was much more tame and snakelike.  In fact, the
1995, 2015, and 2016 versions of the Cipolla contradict each other
in allegations of fact.  For example ...
Here is where he makes an "Asp" out of himself. Pontillo is obsessively jealous of Randy Engel
and he and Cipolla thought they had her snowed.  Randy has never said or put in print, one word about Pontillo or gave an opinion about him, yet he ridicules and denigrates Mrs. Engel
at any opportunity.  
His main reason... she's a noted journalist and author and a woman...which seems to shatter his last straw. His hero was Fr. Anthony J. Cipolla the ex-priest who did impressions of Padre Pio...using red magic markers that must have helped to bolster the donations. That may be true...or not about the markers.  I heard two Decons discussing it with a Monsignor at the Amtrack Train Station in Pittsburgh in 2017.DT 

The accusing mother of 1995 told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    that she had two elder daughters and two younger sons.  In the
    Year 2016, the same woman told Rand Engel that she had three
    sons and one daughter.  She also claimed that a husband of hers
    was in a Vietnam era special forces training accident in the
    Spartansburg South Carolina military base.  Well, that base
    was a WWII prisoner of war camp (Camp Croft) and it was
    closed in 1947 and turned into a state park, for vacationers.
I honestly don't understand what he is going on about.  I have a daughter and a stepdaughter
and I had 3 sons and one stepson but my youngest son died in an accident. In the 1960's a portion of Camp Croft was cordoned off for Army maneuvers and drop landing and loading
heavy vehicles and men into heavily wooded areas in preparation for deployment to Vietnam.
The same accusing mother of 1978 wrote a number of lies about
me, such as the 2015 assertion that I was Anthony Cipolla in dis-
guise, operating a child/teen molester protection ring.  The truth
is that I am in construction and am NOT wealthy in any defini-
tion of the word.  Thus, I cannot afford to protect anyone, be it
noble revolutionaries or repulsively unnatural criminals.  Furth-
ermore, Anthony Cipolla died in 2016, and several article were
posted at this Wuerlof Hurt site since 2016, proving that I am
NOT Anthony Cipolla and that the woman is a deliberate liar.
There was a time when I believed it was Father Anthony J Cipolla alone spreading all those 
lies and false rumors...but I never once accused Mr. Pontillo outright of being Anthony J. Cipolla.  I did say " Why are you slandering me, Mr. Pontillo,  I don't even know who you are.
You could be anybody, even Anthony Cipolla himself or CEO of some child molester ring." 
As it happens, I discovered that the Libel was being Authored by Anthony J. Cipolla and Pontillo but most of the typing was done by Patrick Pontillo who published it all on his/their blog.  
They were quite a team alright. 

Concerning the 2018 Grand Jury, it had access to a secret archive
file to which I never had access.  Ironically, Randy Engel wrote in
2016 that the subject matter found to exist in the secret archive file
no longer existed.  Engel claimed that the Cipolla case was expung-
ed.  Well, the secret archive file prove Engel to be a liar.
The Secret Archives Randy Engel knew about when I met her in 2015.  She told me that if 
there were any copies of my evidence after the 1978 Expungement they would be in The Church Secret Archives and boy, was she right.  How come you weren't privy to the knowledge of
"THE SECRET ARCHIVES" Pontillo!!!???
Mr. Pontillo, the Expungement is the reason there was no available record on Anthony J. Cipolla in 1988-1992.  When I handed over my proof and testimony to the Attorney General, they had enough (probable cause to demand to see the "Secret Archives of the Diocese
of Pittsburgh.")  And there it was, Mr. Pontillo, all the proof I needed to prove you were a 
disgusting liar and Scandal Monger. What is it that made you so hateful and mean?  You are committing a hate crime, Mr. Pontillo. 
Concerning that secret archive file, there exists within it the tale of
the tape.  It's a medical report, mentioning the existence of a lubri-
cant on a child's undergarment.  Well, if that lubricant spot was
not planted there by the accusing mother, in order to frame Ci-
polla, then its case closed, concerning the 1978 case.
Does that mean you'll retract all of your lies and false accusals? 
You, Mr. Pontillo, have absolutely no idea what is in those "Secret Church Archives".  You're
going to have to get an attorney to see that huge stack of paperwork on Cipolla.  You actually
have no right to demand to view you will need legal council to beseech  the courts.  Construction Workers have no sway in the courts without an attorney matter if 
the petitioner has some knowledge of law by reading a couple Law Books to prepare.  Was it
The Time Life Set?

Only a deviant mind would accuse a mother of planting a lubricant in her own sons'
underwear to frame a priest.  You are beyond disgusting Mr. Pontillo, there is something 
seriously wrong with your way of thinking.
Concerning the Randy Engel article, I went into detail, showing
how embarrasingly non-factual it is and how lazy Engel was in
NOT doing any fact checking on simple Pennsylvania procedural
He is morbidly jealous of Randy Engel the he lies about her.   Mr. Pontillo aren't
you tired of starting rumors?  I'd advise anyone who has any questions to read the Pittsburgh section of the Grand Jury Of Pennsylvania 2018 Report and see for yourself.  
Google Father Anthony J. Cipolla, it will also pull up The Grand Jury Report...and read the truth.  
I already wrote of the Grand Jury version of the Cipolla Case v
the super-bogus, hyper-exaggerated versions.  When I have time
to search, I'll find the links to those writings.  I have to leave, right
now, to do some physical-intensive work on a construction yard.
But, one parting comment as to why Wuerl let the overly sensa-
tionalized version of the Cipolla Case be published without him
intervening and letting the publishers know that their version of
the case was hyper-exaggerated.
I read his hyper-exaggerated version of the Cipolla Case written and published by Patrick A Pontillo...aside from all the lies and innuendo, it's terribly repetitious and boring. Then when you take into consideration only 5% is true and the rest is this creation of what he speed- 
reads on the internet or gleans from other journalists and Youtube...But...he writes nice poems
and posts some nice photos of flowers and stuff. 
According to the PA Grand Jury and its access to the secret archive
of Cipolla held in the possession of Donald Wuerl for 18 years, Don-
ald Wuerl knew about the 1978 case the first moment Wuerl reviewed
the Cipolla Case.  Yet, Wuerl wanted everyone to believe that he was
clueless as to the existence of the Cipolla Case until the 1978 accusing
mother contacted him and told him.  In as much . . .
Wuerl had the integrity not to dispose of it...which he could have.  It's what hung him.  He was following the Rules of the Holy See.  What would you have done Mr. Holier Than Thou?  The
Pope wouldn't have allowed Wuerl to expose what Bishop Leonard and Bevelaqua covered- 
up.  You don't buck the Catholic Church they'll kill Popes when they have a need to, it's been
Read your history...  

All that Wuerl needed to do, the first year he arrived in Pittsburgh as its
"local ordinary," AKA RULING BISHOP, was review all priests' case
files.  Upon reviewing Cipolla's Case file, he would have seen the exist-
ence of the 1978 case in a NON-exaggerated light.  It would then have
been his automatic duty to keep Cipolla away from youth, unless it could
have been proven that the "lubricant stain" was planted there, to fram Ci-
But that is not what transpired Pontillo.  Wuerl had to obey the rules of the Holy See, which
forbade him from shedding light on Fr. Cipolla's past crimes.  This made his job of curtailing
Fr. Cipolla's maniacal fantasies that (Cipolla was a Saint)...practically impossible.  Even with proof that Fr. Cipolla was a child predator The Apostolic Signatura took from 1993 to 2002 to
laicize him...nine additional years.  Cipolla still did not stop his fantasies and cravings.
Well, Wuerl did not remove Cipolla from close access to children the first
year Wuerl became in charge of the RC Diocese of Pittsburgh.  Then came
the Wolk, Zula, & Pucci indictments, along with Wuerl letting George Zir-
was remain in ministry ... all the while getting rid of a John Hoehl whom
Wuerl reinstated, letting Hoehl take flight to West Virgina.  Therefore ...
Mr. Pontillo expects you to agree with his hypotheses because he got "his" information from Anthony J. Cipolla himself twenty to thirty years after his first arrest for Child Molestation in
1978.  Fr. Anthony denied the charges and Mr. Pontillo believed him I trust, or he would not have spent so much energy plagiarizing and ridiculing Ann Rodgers Writer for The Pittsburgh Postgazette and Mrs. Randy Engel The Published Author of "The Rite Of Sodomy" and SWWNBN.

SWWNBN (she who will not be named) They both know of and have spoken to Pat Pontillo   and Randy Engel.  Both knew Cipolla personally. These two guys did a real Snow-Job on Mrs.
Engel and SWWNBN.  Once the snow was painfully obvious they had been duped by
Cipolla and Pontillo.  Angered, they both spoke out.  One rebuked Cipolla's hidden agenda
and one rebuked Pontillo's moronic lies.

     Wuerl allowed the super-hyper-exaggeration of the Cipolla Case to
     fill the public's mind via the Oct 1995 edition of the Pittsburgh Post
     Gazette and other publications, in order to deflect Donald Wuerl's
     own accountability in not having removed Cipolla, until after Frs.
     Wolk, Zula, and Pucci were indicted, and not until after Tim Bendig
     went to the newspapers.  Wuerl was put on the spot, especially in light
     of the fact that DA John C Pettit announced that he would continue to
     investigate Wuerl's priests, with the help of about a half dozen out-of-
     state DAs.

To think, Wuerl always thought that he could sneak-on by, in his cover-ups.
He is still living his lie today, in denial after denial, with the of of his propa-
ganda machine which includes a Bill Donohue whom you must boycott.
Just where do you get off??? accusing other people of lying.  You have a counterclockwise way
of deducing things.  Instead of finding clues and delving deeper to discover Facts, Mr. Pontillo
manufactures facts to harmonize with his (so-called) clues.  In Fr. Cipolla's case, Patrick got Bamboozled by Cipolla's notoriety and fake charisma, and promises of"Big Money To Be Had" from working the Charity scams as Cipolla was doing for years.  Wuerl found out and tried to
stop Cipolla by warning the Laity and Clerics in his diocese but Cipolla was "persona non grata" yet privileged.  He escaped three child rape charges without "Jailtime" or a bothersome criminal record thanks to the generosity of Our Laity in 1993.  Cipolla didn't pay for his crimes, the (Laity paid.)  It must be easy to spend The Laity's money.  There's always more flowing in
every day.  I'm so disgusted with the whole ordeal...40 years and it isn't over yet.
I told my sons to sue this time.  Three testimony's in 40 years by each one of us to get the truth out and help stop the denials from the Church Clerics, because it's time to "nip it in the bud" and start over...or abandon it and start over in the old way.  At least the "old ways" worked and
kept our faith and faithful strong and growing.  Before our wonderful church is destroyed, we must step back into our Bibles and away from the recent Catholic approved literature. They are basically someone's interpretations of someone else's interpretations...Etc.Etc.Etc...of the Word
Of God.      
For those unaware, Donohue was a Pittsburgh-area philosophy professor
who became the president of the Catholic League through the string tug-
ging of Donald Wuerl.  You must morally boycott the Catholic League,
until Donohue is gone.  You must boycott St. Matthew's Cathedral in
Washington DC until Wuerl is gone.  You must boycott the Vatican
until Francis the cover-up artist and heretical teacher is gone.
Another personality Mr. Pontillo ridicules is Mr. Donohue who defends The Catholic League.
Why is this???  Pontillo's "Jealousy"...pure and simple.  Mr. Pontillo claims that Mr. Donohue is a hack on occasion, and says he's not all that bright.
Mr. Pontillo, he's a Man Of Conviction just like you are...some of the time.  
Why do you ridicule Mr. Donohue?  Do you envy him his faith? or His strength to stand and defend his beliefs??? 
However, do NOT stop giving to AID TO THE CHURCH IN NEED.
Those guys need your money here and now.  Thus,  whatever you were
going to give to Wuerl, Donohue, and the Vatican directly, give to the
charity organization AID TO THE CHURCH IN NEED and similar
Catholic organizations..

Which "charity organization" are you referring to Pontillo?? One of yours??
Remember, the more you donate to the Church, the more lawsuits they can pay off.
Concerning the fact that the true Cipolla Case was much more tame than
the hyper-exaggerated & sensationalized Tom Cruz Movie version.  The
actual pattern of priest cover-ups is that of Subtlety, Perniciousness, and
Underhanded Snakelike Behavior.  No smashing of windows and no slit-
ting of tires.  Such cases evaporate, with prelates figuratively saying,
"Molestation?  What molestation?  I do see a thing."
The Cipolla Case was never tame when it was occurring.  We could have lost our lives when the front wheel of the truck almost broke off.  The policeman said if we had made a sharp right turn the front wheel would have broken had already stripped the lug bolts half way. 
Pontillo, it got so bad that we were constantly afraid of the Churches retaliation...we had to flee
our home state to escape the torment and threats and assaults.  I can't help that there was
violence and terror in our dealings with Cipolla's supporters.  Your Hero Cipolla sicced them
on my family...and they tormented and scared us.
The underhanded sneakiness is what torments the true victims of sexual
aggression, for one reason.  This reason was conveyed to me by a Cali-
fornia activist who was a female victim at a very young age in the Mid-
west of the United States.  That which torments the victims the most is
that the priests get away with what they did, suffering no accountability.
What do you know about it, Mr. Pontillo???  You were never a're a preditor.
It's the sneaky silent and invisibility that torments the victims, NOT a
Charles Bronson blow-'em-up movie scenario.  Subtlety can kill. would you know about "Subtlety"???  You're about as subtle as a weasel in a henhouse.  And...Mr. Pontillo...We testified against Cipolla in 1978-1993 and 2016/2017...still
trying to stop Cipolla from ruining another child and then to prove Cipolla was a serial child molester.

Pay no attention to Pontillo's publishing dates, they are bogus.  He manipulates his posts
to give the illusion that his content is current and for other reasons known only to himself. 
I've noticed he'll interject opinions and quasi-facts into old posts to give the illusion that the ideas are fresh...or up to date. 

May 24, 2018

The Sovereign State of Pennsylvania's Original Findings on the Anthony Cipolla Investigation, in the Form of an Official Document

Meanwhile, the power-clawer, Donald Wuerl, plays his distorted & dishonest tune . . .
Once again, despite my repeated notices and despite her acknowledgement of
said notices, the provingly false accuser of the deceased man formerly known
as Father Anthony Cipolla wrote to me in gloating arrogance, proudly asking
what I had to say about a short news report from Pittsburgh area news reporter
Andy Sheehan.  He referred to Anthony Cipolla as the homosexual molester,
as if Sheehan had read the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report... as if Sheenan
were the commissioned adjudicator of the Sovereign State of Pennsylvania.
Pontillo...all I did was ask you your opinion about all the truth coming out about the Priest who raped my two sons.  You defended him knowing he was a pedophile.  You may be responsible
for more molestations by defending him and telling the public he was innocent all those years. 
I couldn't stop the Diocese from white-washing Cipolla's reputation in order to hide his sexual appetite for young boys.  Three years after we were forced to drop the charges on Cipolla, Fr
Cipolla treated himself to another twelve-year-old boy which lasted for five years until the boy
 could get the nerve to press charges and sue Fr. Cipolla in Civil Court because the Statute of Limitations had expired already.  What was the statute back in 1988?  Three years?  My sons
couldn't discuss it openly until recently (2018) that's 40 years Pontillo.  They did do two sworn
depositions in private, but not public.  The public embarrassment came in a wave of sick and
twisted tales from your blogs...all lies told to you Pontillo, by your good, good friend, Fr. 
Anthony J. Cipolla.  The poor child Tim was subjected to five years of sexual abuse by a Rogue
Priest who believed he was entitled and he believed his own lies.  He thought he was divine. 
Quick background:

If you are an occasional visitor to this Wuerl-of-Hurt site, then you know the
tune.  Cipolla's accuser acts beyond smug, thinking that she has me cornered
to the point where I have to drop to my knees and beg mercy from her.  No,
I'm the one who has been extending mercy to her for a heroic length of time.
Pontillo, I'm not being smug I just pointed out that you are telling "BIG" lies about my family and that you are covering for a now dead child molester. I also don't want you to beg me for anything.  I just would appreciate it if you would erase the lies and innuendos concerning my
family and friends posted on your blog.  If you would do that I will erase my blogs and never mention you again.
However, come next week, when I have free time, I finally have to contact
the Melbourne Florida police, the county sheriff of said jurisdiction, and the
State Attorney's General office, to get initiated the process which will have
her two grandchildren's custody taken away from her, as well as finally get-
ting that court order I should have gotten three years ago, when she started
harassing and defaming me.  Of course, defamation in all forms (be it libel,
slander, or invasion-of-privacy-in-a-false-light) is a criminal offense in the
State of Florida.
Pontillo, in Florida Pedophilia, is considered a capital crime.  If Cipolla had committed his crimes down here...he'd have died in Prison. 
Her TEN ad hominid blogs, defaming me in every imaginable way, show
signs of a psychological pathology by which she is too mentally unstable
to care after youth.
What do you mean?  All I ever said about you was true.  Mainly I just acknowledged the fact that you were slandering my family and friends and the fact that I disagreed with your 
Assessment of Fr. Anthony J. Cipolla being a straight-up guy.

He was not a man to be trusted around little boys and claimed by a Church
sanctioned assessment facility which reported back to The Bishop. That is when Bishop Leonard gave Cipolla his blessings. He re-assigned Fr. Cipolla back into his fold of Priests in Good Standing.  Three years later Cipolla was back at it again with Timmy, age 12 an Alterboy.

The only way which I am not going to press the Florida criminal court sys-
tem button is IF AND ONLY IF she deletes all of the blogs that defamed
me, and IF AND ONLY IF she never constructs a new one.  Things have
changed, and those who had been given advantages from the thoroughly
corrupt Vatican II church are soon to be learning how justice truly does
prevail.  Their days are finished.  They simply haven't realized it, yet.
It's only a matter of short time.
Mr. Pontillo, I have no idea who you are or what makes you tick but it can't be God.  There is way too much evil in you to pretend otherwise. I have no words... 
Now, in response to that woman's latest unwelcomed email to me:

What do I have to say about Andy Sheehan's report, where within he
calls the late Anthony Cipolla a child molester?

ANS:  Demand letter to Sheehan and to Sheehan's corporate employer,
followed by a libel lawsuit on behalf of the Cipolla family, including
the Vince Cipolla whom I got to know, if necessary.
That was Hogwash...he never did anything for the Cipolla Family or against Mr. Sheehan.  
Now, for those who lived a life of only sound bytes and short news
articles, as well as bumper sticker slogans, here is a newsflash for
you.  Be attentive:
Brace yourself...more phony excuses.
The damning accusations of Tim Bendig against Anthony Cipolla have
already been investigated in two Pennsylvania jurisdictions by authorized
personnel of the Sovereign State of Pennsylvania.  The jurisdictions were
Allegheny County (home of Pittsburgh) and Beaver County (Northwest
of Pittsburgh.)
Cipolla's record was expunged after Bishop Leonard became involved as a courtesy to the Bishop the Cipolla Case was quashed. 
Now, the Beaver County investigation, alone, endured for THREE
months, and the findings of both Pennsylvania counties were that:

It was because of the expiration of the Statute Of Limitations in Pennsylvania at that time. 
Is the real reason it wasn't handled in criminal court.  That is why Tim got an attorney and 
sued in Civil Court and received a very
handsome settlement when he agreed to settle out of court and sign a nondisclosure agreement.
One copy of the OFFICIAL documentation pertaining to the findings
of the Cipolla investigation appears below.   Now, read it.  Perceive it
and know that the Pittsburgh media was complicit with Donald Wuerl's
dishonesty.  Acknowledge ... be enlightened ... be free of the propaganda.
Do you still believe Patrick A Pontillo???  If you do, read the Grand Jury report and you won't.

If this is NOT mentioned in the 2018 grand jury report, then it shows the
incompetency or corruption or heavy workload of the grand jury by which
it would constitute a good-faith oversight.  After all, we are only human.
In as much, when something is omitted or newly discovered, then you
simply motion for amendment to the record.
Hey there, Pontillo, The Grand Jury is not incompetent or corrupt, like I said before Pontillo, you have a huge problem with discernment. Guilty until Proven Innocent is not the "Christian 
Way" Mr. Pontillo...but may be permissible on ‎Vulcan your Home Planet and check in
with the:
Incidentally, a grand jury is NOT a panel of experts or specialists.  In fact,
a grand jury is chosen like a raffle drawing from a voter registration list.
Thus, the jurists don't know PA criminal procedure, etc.
They are decidedly smarter than you are Mr. Pontillo.
And Mr. Pontillo, they know more than you do about Pa. Criminal Procedure, etc.
Wuerl used the Cipolla Case as a diversionary tactic, to get prosecutor
John C. Pettit off his back, due to Pettit prosecuting Wolk, Zula, and
Pucci, AND due to the fact that, during the years when Wuerl was be-
ing hailed as the "loving" & protective zero tolerance hero, he was
covering up the notorious John S. Hoehl, the triply reported Edward
Huff, and the John Wellinger case which actually was a matter of Fr
Ron Lengwin's deliberate negligence.  That's six cover-ups in a short
period of time, in a Pittsburgh that's 6 times smaller in population than
is Philadelphia.
One more time Mr. Pontillo, you are quoting Anthony J. Cipolla's (worn out excuse) for his 
suspension and Involuntary Laicization.  He used to use it back in the 70's and 80's and 90's.
That is how he Hoodwinked his followers...he fed them a steady diet of lies...just like you do.
Again, view, perceive, and realize how much of a pathologist liar Wuerl is.
And when do you know Wuerl is lying?  ANS:  When he opens his mouth.

If there had been proof of a previous charge on Fr. Cipolla, it would have turned out differently.
The 1978 Expungement destroyed Cipolla's criminal file...he knew it and that is why he was so cocky with the Bishop. Cipolla threatened to blow the lid off if Wuerl attacked him in any way. 

Bishop Wuerl would have had to destroy Bishop Leonard and Bevilaqua's Legacy, and cause untold embarrassment to The Diocese of Pittsburgh and The Church.  Just like, what has just transpired recently in 2018. If the Diocese hadn't agreed to settle...the Diocese would have been forced to produce those Secret Archives back then in 1993.  I'm sure the size of the archive would have been decidedly smaller.  But...

Wuerl would have been forced to admit cover-ups done prior to his arrival in Pittsburgh in 
1988.  Cipolla knew that he literally blackmailed Bishop Wuerl with threats and innuendos 
and threats of suicide.  Wuerl wanted to protect our Church...he didn't want it to be tarnished by this delusional priest who obviously needed mental help.  I believe Wuerl did not know at first that Cipolla had priors.  I'd almost bet Cipolla convinced Wuerl that Tim was a liar
and was only after milking the system.  Cipolla was a convincing liar and he could look you 
right in the eye and seem so sincere you won't question or doubt what he says.

Bishop Wuerl was
forced to concede to Tim's Lawyer because Tim and Yauger had Bishop Wuerl by the balls.
Cipolla was shrewd and calculating. Bishop Wuerl not only paid for Tim's damages and
attorney fees...but they also paid for silence.  Tim was never able to say anything because
of the confidentiality agreement Tim and his attorney were made to sign, so no one ever heard the truth about The Real Fr. Anthony J. Cipolla of Pittsburgh until 2018...although we tried prior to the Grand Jury Report.  Fr.Cipolla and Pontillo were telling the public and Followers
that we were being accused of causing the downfall of an innocent priest which is 
intentionally false and misleading.  Fr. Cipolla was too dangerous to be affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church...and if you just take the time to investigate, you will discover just
how low a sick priest can go. 

May 23, 2018

PA Grand Jury Report: Pontillo was 100% CORRECT in stating that there was NO 1978 ARREST and no 1978 post-arrest retaliation in Cipolla Case

Wuerl should have been stopped long ago.
Let us review:

The Anthony Cipolla case was presented to the public by the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette and even by Mrs. Randy Engel in ridiculously harrowing
narrations.  Both Engel & the Post Gazette detailed an "arrest" of An-
thony Cipolla by two detectives, followed by a forceful retaliation
against the accusing mom and family.  They both described a Tom
Cruz movie, short of Ninja assassinations exiting black helicopters.
Pontillo writes these lies and publishes them to cause us embarrassment.  I have no idea who this looney liar is except when I paid for information about him, all there really is... is facts he himself posted online.  He posted a phone number several times but he wouldn't take my call 
or answer my email.  He knows it tortures me being his victim.  When I couldn't get him to answer my phone calls or email requesting that he stop posting lies and dirt about us...I 
decided to write a blog to get his attention and to put the truth out and to point out that the 

lies he was spreading about us were just that...Lies.  
There was even the claim that the accusing mother (Diane Thompson)
and family had to take immediate flight into Cleveland in 1978.  How-
ever, there were located records of small-cash lawsuits against a person
named Diane Thompson who ever-so-coincidentally lived in the same
geographic hub in the 1980s.  Coincidence or was it the same person?
Pontillo, do you know how many Diane Thompson's there are traced to Pittsburgh?  Twenty-seven and not one of them is me.  I was living and working in Virginia in the early 80''s a matter of record. you see what I mean??...he's a liar, and not a good one.  
Well, I went into detail, showing you, the public, how there was NO
indictment and NO arrest of Cipolla.  I then showed you how there
was NO post-arrest retaliation of any kind.  I showed you how all
of the allegations of Diane Thompson-Magnum were lies, contrary
to the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure, in as far as con-
cerned all of her Arrest & Post-Arrest Retaliation Narrations.
I had Fr. Cipolla arrested.  I tried to get justice.  We never asked or expected or wanted the Church to compensate us back in 1978 or 1993.  Things are different now.  We found out
how corrupt the Diocese of Pittsburgh could be and all those cover-ups.  The Diocese didn't
care one iota that we were suffering repercussions from Cipolla's arrest for Child Molestation.
They never bothered to address us with concerns for my two sons health or mental wellbeing.
They were cold and callused.  
NOW . . .

I also repeatedly stated that I would be more than willing to declare
Anthony Cipolla a molester, IF someone would show me the evi-
dence thereof.  It was the narration of the Cipolla arrest and the
ensuing retaliation narration which I said was a fraud.
Pontillo, everyone knows you started saying that right before the Release of The Grand Jury Report...but you weren't there, so you have no idea...we were there we suffered through it.
You don't even have the right to comment on it because you know nothing.  We
appeared before The Pa. Grand Jury and gave them our proof and our sworn testimony.
 Our proof saved the day Pontillo.  It was the actual arrest report...printed by hand by the
two detectives who took over the case from Officer Ninehouser.  I called him and he enlightened me as to your conversation with him.  It'll all be in my book Pontillo.  What are you looking for 
Pontillo, do you want to see the sample extracted from my son's behind to satisfy your curiosity
for all things "Cipolla"?  Face it, Pontillo, you defended a sick loser and ridiculed his young victims like the calloused self-centered, self-righteous Oaf that was Anthony J. Cipolla. 
Of course, I was 100% correct.  Thus, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
(in its Oct 13, 1995 edition), Ann Rodgers-Melnick, the accusing
mother herself, and Mrs. Randy Engel (in 2016) who put me on a
wild goose chase, proving that the arrest & retaliation saga was a
a complete falsehood.  Meanwhile, I and the rest of the public were
deprived of the evidence which was used in the recent Pennsylvania
Grand Jury Investigation, in the Cipolla Case, namely the Pittsburgh
diocesan Secret Archive files.
That's a shame Pontillo, you should have stayed in school and got an education instead of working construction.  Maybe then you might have rated a gander at all those files and all that evidence that was presented to the States Attorney.  BTW...100% correct????  On who's scale??
With all the fact-checking I've completed for my book, you are more in line with the 30% bracket...but you are 100 % Wrong about Cipolla and my family.
In the Cipolla Case, the star of the show which finally showed an
element of credibility was ONE SHEET OF PAPER mentioning
the existence of a lubricant in a young man's undergarment.  This
is the case-closer, if the lubricant was not planted there by the ac-
cusing mom, in order to frame Anthony Cipolla.  Even at that,
there instantly becomes cause to look further into the evidence
and possibly close the case.  This evidence was deprived of the
public.  It was in a secret file.  I thought that this was America?
That's it, Pontillo,  You're Disgusting, Repetitious and Amoral...and I'm not exaggerating.  
I hope I've helped the readers become aware of your treachery.  You've made me sick enough to give up are just not worth my time. If you still have people who believe you they'll
eventually find out you are only a mean lying bully and a kook. I may or may not return to finish defending my integrity and reputation.  I just need time to rid myself of this gag reflex that reading his blogs gives me. 

The First Axiom:

It's the cases that allege the dime-a-dozen, commonly experienced
acts of an abusive priest and a cover-up diocese which carries the
credibility --- NOT a hyper-exaggerated Tom Cruz movie plot.
Pontillo, you weren't there in 1978 and not privy to the facts.  We lived it and it was frightening
and shocking no matter what you think.  We were just ordinary trusting people tricked and abused by the last people you would ever expect.  It was life altering for me, my sons and my family. How dare you publish the things you have written about us on the word of Tony Cipolla? ( You Narcissists only feign Empathy). 

PLUS:  Are you aware of how many people have been convicted,
because they left behind a sales slip, a business card, a cigarette
butt (for DNA purposes), etc?  It's not the exaggerations that
get the attention, it's the subliminal things that close cases.
Who doesn't already know that or even cares???
Also remember that, for seven years (from 2006 - 2013), I declared
Cipolla guilty.  Then, I was advised to fact check all accusations.
When I fact-checked the allegations of the Arrest & Post-arrest
retaliation, all facets of it were falsehoods, except one, and that
one allegation was presently in a false light.
You were wrong then and you are wrong now Pontillo. You're what they call a Headline Hopper.  That's how you investigate.  You speedread the Headlines and fill in your own content.
That's not's lying.  You, Sir, prove yourself to be an unmitigated liar and you accuse everyone else of lying.  Are you calling yourself an investigator now, Pontillo?  When we
weigh the conclusions you've arrived at and after we've reviewed the evidence of what actually did happen...there is always a huge discrepancy.
Now remember, it's the subtle things that attract an investigator's
attention.  Lying as Diane Thompson-Mangum did about an ar-
rest & retaliation that never happened destroys all of your credi-
Stop accusing me of lying because you don't agree with the facts. Facts are Facts, Mr. Pontillo. Read The Grand Jury Report available on Google. 
 The Detective who arrested Cipolla in 1978 testified about the arrest in 2017 to The Grand 
Jury.  The truth was finally allowed to be released, revealing Cover-ups in a redacted version
 in August of this year.

In addition, the Grand Jury Inquest should have occurred in the
Year 2000 or at least 2002.  But of course, Wuerl was grand-
standing, and Ann Rodgers was deceiving people in thinking
that Wuerl was as holy as St John the Baptist, when Wuerl
was nothing but a cover-up artisit, retaliator, and liar.  We
shouldn't have had to have waited until 2018.
That's Pontillo's wasn't an Inquest Pontillo.
Culpability goes to Pgh Post Gazette and Wuerl for this 
exaggerated narration of arrest & near-death retaliation
Another Pontilopinion...and you Pontillo and Cipolla too etc...

At this point, keep in mind that ANN RODGERS was an accom-
plice in Donald Wuerl's World of cover-up and retaliation.  She
was NOT a news reporter.  She was a propagandist.  She made
Wuerl out to be the great hero of the ages.  So, she accommodat-
ed ridiculous exaggerations.  The sublime evidence, if authentic,
is enough to light the sirens & alarms in an investigator's mind.
Mr. Pontillo really resents female writers for some odd reason.  He's never had anything good
to say about female writers.  He lambastes and accuses every journalist he doesn't agree with.
What kind of person publicly namedrops and slanders people to attract attention to his blog.
He can't possibly have a conscience
Culture of Cover-up

Then, as to further give circumstantial evidence to the Culture of
Cover-up in the Pittsburgh Diocese, Protestant Ann Rodgers was
appointed to be the Communications Director of the Roman Rite
Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.  The conjectured reason was that
she knew all the cover-ups and was willing to be complicit in
them.  So, she was hired ... it is conjectured and it is plausible.
More "Sour Grapes" boo hoo hoo Mr. Pontillo.  Have another drink.
Take NOTE:  Ann Rodgers DID know about Torquato and kept his
thoroughly vicious retaliations a secret.  And remember, Torquato
immediately cut off 100% of the diocesan business accounts that
the uncle of Torquato's evidence-based accuser had with the dio-
cese.  Plus, Torquato tried to frame his accuser of a crime that
was impossible to have occurred, because it was reported as
having happened while Torquato's accuser was at work, in a
job that comprised multiple time check-ins per day.
Pontillo, you Hyper Exaggerated the Torquato Saga so you must be called out.  Come on...we all
know how you exaggerate and your penchant to over dramatize any situation.
Torquato also provoked the midnight call and ensuing unfriendly
apartment visit by two upset gentlemen who caused me to pay
my landlord for the moderate damages that they caused.  And
always remember, I REFUSED to file any private criminal com-
plaint against those two gentlemen, and I REFUSED to sue them,
because they were being intimidated by Torquato to do what they
attempted to do.  It was Torquato's fault and Wuerl's fault; not
"Bull!" he's lying and hoping his readers are as gullible as he was.
For the record, they attempted to get their hands on the James
Torquato evidence and to get Torquato's accuser to retract his
accusations against Torquato.  I still have the evidence in Pitts-
burgh, and Torquato's accuser NEVER retracted his accusations.
Pontillo's Torquato evidence consisted of greeting cards and notes written to a young man in his twenties from Fr. Torquato.  The written sentiments and wishes were kind and affectionate but
not disgusting.  Most were innocent but some could be twisted and taken out of context.  You have ulterior motives and want to denigrate and embarrass others because it must make you feel good to hurt others.  
In the Torquato Retaliations, a Father Edward Burns was there,
being that he was in charge of the investigation thereof.   Well,
everytime I would send a communication to the diocese, a re-
taliation ensued.  The only person betraying my communica-
tion to Burns and a guy named Ruggerio was someone in the
office of Burns.  Well, this Father Edward Burns became
BISHOP EDWARD BURNS.  It were as if he were re-
warded for helping Torquato in his retaliations.
One of the readers of my blog suggested that you are "lying" with regards to your Torquato
Retaliations.  Especially with all of your overly dramatized claims and details. 

Concerning the Blatantly False Cipolla Arrest & Retaliation

I blame this all on Donald Wuerl.  He knew that there was no re-
taliation against the 1978 accusing mother.  There was only the
standard attorney intervention.  Thus, Wuerl had the obligation
to call the Pgh Post Gazette management and let it be known
that the narration of the Arrest & Retaliation that never was
never happened.
Pontillo, you are re-telling instead of deleting stories that have already been proven to be untrue.  
Concerning the Hell I endured via Torquato

I blame it entirely on Ann Rodgers. This is because she deceived
me into thinking that Wuerl would be fair with Torquato's accus-
er.   He was the opposite.  In fact, Wuerl was conveniently absent
throughout the entire time thereof.  It were as if there were no
bishop of Pittsburgh; only Torquato's thuggery.
Pontillo, Mr. Graham was a consenting adult.  The Church was not interested in punishing 
their ordained priests.  Why??  Because there was never enough priests so the Church lowered 
their standards a bit to meet quotas and encourage growth.  Unfortunately, some unsavory
men surreptitiously infected the sanctity of the priesthood.

Let's Review:
Below is more of Pontillo's opinions and he produces no actual provable facts.
Rodgers wrote of Wuerl being a zero-tolerance super hero, while
Wuerl was paying homosexual priest George Zirwas to keep silent
about priests whom Zirwas claimed were criminals.

Rodgers was also making Wuerl look like the next Captain America,
while he was covering up Edward Huff.

Then there was the matter of there having been no known action taken
against Br. Ghastin, Br. Hartmann, Fr. LeDoux, and John Wellinger.

Next comes accused Father Ernest Paone.  Wuerl greenlighted Paone's
transfer to the West Coast, namely Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  For
the record, Paone was in Las Vegas in 1992, for only a month.  None
the less, the Donald Wuerl who was said to be a zero-tolerance hero
was transferring accused priests across State lines.

It was Ann Rodgers who mislead the public into believing that the
cover-up artist, Donald Wuerl, was a Zero Tolerance Super Hero.
Do you have to display your covetousness of female Journalists and Writers??  If you practice 
you're bound to improve someday.  If you weren't so pig-headed, you'd have asked them for 
tips on becoming a writer yourself...Don't just assume that because you can type or hold a pencil
that you're a writer.
Concerning Rodgers' legacy of canoniing Donald Wuerl,  know
that the Archdiocese of Washington DC disconnected a Donald-
Wuerl-Zero-Tolerance-Hero website from the Internet.  People
in DC now recognize Wuerl as a disgrace.
Wuerl surprised everybody.  He sacrificed his life for his Faith.  It was like throwing your
body on a landmine to save others.
However, David Zubik, the Useful Idiot of molester John S Hoehl
does NOT show any intent to remove Wuerl's name from Donald
Wuerl High School.

And remember, the Pennsylvania Grand Jury reported that Donald
Wuerl was paying-off George Zirwas, for Zirwas' silence, since the
Year 1995.  Well, 1995 was the year when Wuerl was being parad-
ed around as the heroic zero tolerance bishop, concerning the An-
thony Cipolla Case which was not presented in its true form, until
2018.  It was presented in a Comic Book version, until then.
Here he goes again...excuses, excuses...lies..lies.  If that is truly the case then why do you continue to lie and blame the victims of Anthony J. Cipolla for all those years and have still not ceased??  Riddle me that Mr. P.

If it were not for Ann Rodgers misleading the public into thinking
that Wuerl was a caring and protective bishop, I would have told
Torquato's evidence-based accuser, to shut-up, keep his distance,
and move-on.
Sure Mr. Pontillo...the Coward of the County has never faced up to anyone...remember?? you
simply sprint away is what you've told us the past couple of years.
I went through total Hell, at the hands of Ann Rodgers' lying propa-
ganda.  She had the duty to warn the public about Wuerl, instead of
deceiving us into thinking that walking into the World of Wuerl was
not going to be the act of walking into the wolves' lair.  When Tor-
quato's accuser and I walked into Wuerl's World, we were attacked
from all angles.
Pontillo, you attempted to bully Wuerl and bleed the diocese for money.  You presented yourself
as a self-taught attorney or legal counsel and the courts repeatedly refused to hear your case.
Besides your client was an adult and you two were trying to make money.  You found those cards in a private residence and stole them.  Then you looked up the young man and convinced
the young man that "you" Pontillo were sure he had a (Slam-Dunk) case and enough evidence to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit.  In your dreams...maybe.
Mr. Pontillo, why do you always claim that women try to maim you, crush you, decapitate you,
and do you some kind of bodily harm?  And then you claim men in construction attempt to club
you with cement curbing from a parking lot...kick your front door in among various other assaults so we can only presume one thing.  You must be a Real Ass Hole in person...if your acquaintances attempt to kill or maim you.?!  Talk to your doctor...maybe you need Lithium
in your system. 

Back to the 1978 Accuser of Cipolla

Some other Thompson assertions were unlikely, and other things were
ridiculous frauds, such as the accusing mother's claim that Anthony Ci-
polla had sores all over his body.  She exaggerated to the point of losing
all of her credibility.
The first time I ever heard about Cipolla possibly having "sores" was when you accused me of saying it.  Neither my sons nor I have ever seen "sores" on Cipolla.  You made that up to discredit us.  Just how low, are you willing to go?
In as much, the PA Grand Jury concurred with Patrick Anthony Pontillo,
proving him to have been 100% correct in him having stated that none
of the overly theatrical arrest and post-arrest retaliations ever occurred.
In your dreams, Mr. Pontillo...the Grand Jury didn't recognize you as a credible addition to their investigation.  You 100% correct...don't make me laugh...the opinions you have expressed
have been so far off base, I've gotta' call foul.
The grand jury report described a civilized (and perhaps snakelike) crew
of lawyers, playing the predictable game of undue influence, convincing
the accusing mother to let others take care of the Cipolla Case.  The past
allegations of this Diane Thompson-Mangum were much more different
and much more horrifying than her much more tame 2017 grand jury
testimony.  None the less . . .
Again, Pontillo, you are severely confused.  You are now trying to pick apart the absolute truth.
You have no idea what I told the Grand Jury in 2017, you have only seen the redacted version
of that Grand Jury Report online.  Any of us who had dealings with Bishop Wuerl had their
testimony redacted.  The Grand Jury Report is not a word for word transcript of the trial. If you need more information have your attorney ask for the transcript, Mr. Pontillo.
In review, the true 1978 Cipolla Case was the dime-a-dozen case where
the accusing parent is NOT confronted with clubs and knives.  No tires
get slit.  No windows get smashed.  Lawyers do the talking in a civiliz-
ed tone (and sometimes intimidating tone) of voice, and convince the
parents to let the more educated lawyers take care of the problem.
The brand new tire on my pickup truck sustained a long knife cut in the sidewall of the tire.
Two of my windows were also smashed. The wing window on my truck and my apartment
 window.  The 1978 Cipolla Case was definitely not a "dime-a-dozen" case or it would not have taken 40 years to uncover Bishop Leonard's "Cipolla Cover-up,"   now would it???  Think
Logically, Pontillo.  All your Ranting and Raving about the Cipolla Case that you can't seem
to control, will never be true.  You can't change facts, no matter what you conjure up.  You, Pontillo and Cipolla, are unconscionable liars and Rumor Mongers who tried to trick the Catholic Church and it's Laity and eventually failed miserably.

To be Continued... 
It was the stereotypical non-violent lawyer swindle.  Plus, the info need-
ed to prove the Cipolla Case was locked away in a secret archive.  So,
if Thompson did not tell her bogus arrest-&-retaliation horror story, we
would have all assumed that Cipolla was as guilty as sin, all along
Pontillo, you weren't there in 1978 or 1993 or 2017 when testimony against Fr. Cipolla was being reviewed.  How would you know?  Do they keep a Cipolla corkboard where they post
updates on your Construction Job Site about pederast priests or do you read it on Blogger at
night while you eat your TV Dinner and down a 6 pack??
In fact, take note:

Diane Thompson was too proud to admit that she was tricked into look-
ing like a jackass in 1978 --- this is IF IF IF the lubricant report really
does exist, and therefore, is valid evidence.  Her very fraudulent retali-
ation horror story was a simple matter of silly human pride.  She was
covering up her feeling of being a disgracefully negligent mom or a
dupe of the diocese.  Well, no one here is wasting our time judging if
she were negligent or not in 1978.  God forgives ... in a confessional.
Tell her to move on.  She is not our goal.  The goal is this:
You move on Pontillo, my readers are aware of your fake stories because I told them the TRUTH, about Fr. Cipolla and you his (butt-kissing) accomplice back in 2015. 

And yes, he may have a handsome diocesan pension for survival purposes.

SODANO GONE!!!!!!!!!

KASPER GONE!!!!!!!!!

DOLAN GONE!!!!!!!!!

This Diane Thompson-Mangum cost me a lot, in my having to consume
untold amounts of volunteer time, in proving to you how much of a liar
she was, and how much of a dupe Randy Engel was, in the Arrest & Re-
taliation Fiction.
Pontillo, I never cost you anything.  You began posting lies about me and my family...when I found out and asked you to stop, you intensified your online assaults.  I opened my blog to reveal the
truth about the Slander that you were spreading...and to enlighten you on what actually did happen, (I knew Fr. Cipolla Lied to you.)
so you would leave us out of that blog of refused to cease...therefore I am still here
on my blog, trying to get the REAL TRUTH out to my readers.
Moreover, this Diane Thompson cost you, because, if she pursued the
Cipolla Case, she would have set a decisive precedent and would have
made Bevilacqua & Wuerl fear to cover-up the criminals  they covered.
Pontillo, it was people like you who kept Cipolla's popularity flourishing until the 2018 Grand Jury Report revealed the truth.  Now you don't know how to back out of all those lies you both told.  {and your credibility becomes a minus number.} 
Think:  If Diane Thompson didn't  walk away from her private criminal
complaint against Cipolla, then 1) Whip & Chains Zula instantly gone,
2) Wuerl Classmate Wolk gone in a flash,  3) Pucci gone and not allowed
to stay on the diocesan payroll, working as a chaplain,
I didn't walk away, I ran away with my children in tow.  We were being threatened and harassed.
It was so frightening.  You'd have to be a deserted mom with four young children to even begin to understand your opinion is extraneous.  When will you own-up to the fact that 
(your leader or muse or sensi or "whatever you call him") lied to you and made a fool of you. 
...and stop blaming me for things I had no control of. 
4) John Hoehl turned over to law enforcement authorities and not given
an escape route to West Virginia, 5) Zirwas outed and not reinstated by
Wuerl in 1995, and then payed by the diocese until his sudden tranquil-
izer death of 2001,  6) Torquato gone and NOT made the pastor of the
Rankin parish,

7) Wellinger instantly investigated instead of given a free pass by Father
Ron Lengwin, 8) Huff gone, and no trips to St. Louis, and no reinstate-
ment into hospital chaplain ministry.  9) No cover-up of the Serra Cath-
olic Adam Ference Shooting which I stated in 2009 involved Brother
Ghastin from Massachusetts.

Wuerl would have been too afraid to perform the cover-ups he did, if
Diane Thompson-Mangum would have simply said, "No," in 1978.
No one held a gun to her head.
Again, Pontillo, you were not there.  All you have to go on is "The word of a Pervert who preyed on children."  Period...and you swallowed it all and tried to expound on it by telling more lies.
One can say that she was alone and had no advisors.  True.  The fault ulti-
mately goes to the attorneys and Vincent Leonard, IF the lubricant finding
were not planted by Diane Thompson-Mangum, to frame Cipolla.
You are such a fool, Pontillo.  I never had to exaggerate my trials and tribs with Cipolla, the actual truth was mind-boggling.  When we went before the DA and the Diocese attorney on
our court date August 28, 1978, we were forced to drop the charges on Cipolla right then and there and sign expungement papers so the priest who sexually molested my children would not have a criminal record once he completed his psychiatry treatments and was cured of his mental disease.  That is what I and the Church and the DA believed back in 1978 about pedophiles.  But we all know now that curing a pedophile is impossible without a lobotomy
or something surgical like castration.

No matter what be the case, she had no right to fabricate a harrowing tale
of an arrest which never occurred and slit tires and smashed windows and
tears in her eyes at DA Bob Colville's office, etc.  Remember, they gave
her her hearing time.  They scheduled her in.  All that she had to do was
show up.  She didn't.  So, she made up an elaborate and bogus excuse as
to why she didn't.  None the less, she could have been an icon for the en-
tire priest-accountability movement, if she didn't withdraw her private
criminal complaint.

Please Readers, try to understand, I'm 72 years old and I don't want my life measured
against his lies.  I guess I'll go to my grave defending myself and my family against Mr.
Pontillo and Fr. Anthony J. Cipolla's deliberate lies.  I honestly believed when Cipolla died the
harassment would stop.  It only got worse.  
Pontillo, don't you think I have tortured myself knowing I let myself get bullied by the DA
and the Diocese, and if maybe I'd have had someone like you to give me legal advice, things might have turned out differently???  Good Fortune was not smiling on us that day.
Where there is profanation of the sacred there is Donald Wuerl
At trial, she only needed to follow the following rule:  Keep it Simple.
Case Closed.

And as far as went legal fees, she could have gone to a woman's protec-
tion organization and got a fund raising program started.  Civil court
costs a lot.  Criminal Court, when performing ye olde private criminal
complaint prosecution, is affordable for people in the middle class.
Diane Thompson also made Randy Engel look like her Useful Idiot and
a total jackass who can't tell when a crew of liars are performing a con
job on her.  Thus, Engel's credibility is gone.  Her writings are those of
a smugly self-righteous & overly conspiratorial nature, anyway.  If fact,
her writings are vulgar and pornographic trash.
I never asked Randy Engel to write a story about Fr. Cipolla.  She contacted me and asked. Once she found out that Fr. Cipolla lied and tricked her, she decided to "Set The Record Straight".  They were friends once and she believed his account of what happened in 1978 and 1988.  Cipolla was a most convincing liar.  He may have deceived her as he did to so many who
came within earshot of him. He had a (forked silver tongue) courtesy of his real master in Hell.
Randy Engel is not a liar.  A typo is not a lie...or your entire blog would be a lie, Mr. Pontillo.
A typo is a mistake, not a lie, look it up  
I do NOT want to read about Cardinal This Guy and Bishop That Guy
having sex.  I don't want to have sex with men.  Therefore, I do NOT
want to read about men having sex.  Reading Randy Engel literally
makes you lose your appetite for 5 to 16 hours.  Plus, Engel is easy
to deceive.
Pontillo, Pontillo, Pontillo, your opinion is nothing!!!  Your motives are blatantly obvious...
and totally selfish.  Just think Pontillo, you and your own words will live on in infamy along 
side Anthony J. Cipolla, Laicized Pedophile Priest, and Notorious Liar.  
Engel's report on the arrest and retaliation which never occurred destroys
the credibility of ever other Engel article.  Of course, in claiming that the
very Irish Catholic Michael Voris is an Opus Dei member, alone, shows
that Engel has a great problem with being in touch with reality.
Randy Engel had a copy of the original arrest report from 1978.  I gave it to her in 2016.  By the way, baiting is a form of stalking.
Now, this Diane Thompson-Mangum publicly declared that I was An-
thony Cipolla in disguise, operating a child molestation ring.  She then
stated that I was stalking her, even though I was 1,200 miles away in
Chicago, and even though the woman grosses me out so badly I would
not be able to endure her presence.  She is the one stalking me, calling
everyone she can, to get me and my writings away from your sight.
I NEVER declared you to be Anthony J. Cipolla in disguise, you made that story up in 2017.
Also, Mr. Pontillo, I've never stalked anyone in my life nor have I been accused of such a thing
until (You) made that claim.  (You), Mr. Pontillo, were Arrested and charged with Stalking in
South Carolina when you were living in your deceased father's trailer in 2010 at that Trailer
Park in Myrtle Beach at 1706 Hawk Street.  (You), Mr. Pontillo are calling down retribution on 
yourself by "Bearing False Witness Against Us."  Remember the TEN Commandments, Mr. Pontillo???  Or did Cipolla tell you that you were exempt, just like he thought he was?

It's all because she was a negligent mom and because she doesn't realize
that we don't care.  Tell her that God does for give sins and to move on ...
... move on after making restitution for any thefts or lies.  That's the rule
for everyone.  Tell her to go to confession and to leave me alone for all
I will ask God to repay your abuse of my family and magnify it 10 fold for all the people you have hurt with your lies and accusations.  My son (a victim of Cipolla's at 12 years of age) did
call Mr. Pontillo and asked him to stop lying about us, now that the truth was readily available online from the Grand Jury and The Secret Archives.
I even received a phone call from Florida on the day of the Grand Jury
Report release, telling me that it's a crime to do what I did, and to be
prepared.  I am only ready to pursue a private criminal complaint and
file an $250,000 lawsuit against Mangum and accomplices, for harass-
ment and defamation.  That which I did was tell the public the truth in
the FREEDOM of the PRESS nation of the United States of America.
People died for my right to show how much of a liar Diane Thompson
is.  After all, she and Bendig became "partial" public figures, and
Times v. Sullivan takes effect in such cases.  Opinions against pub-
lic figures is NOT actionable or criminal in the United States; only
crying "fire!" in a crowded theater is.
Pontillo, if I were lying, then and only then would you be within your rights to accuse me of 
lying unless you preface it with "I Think she's lying or allegidly lying."  
I only called you out for lying and spreading Rumors which are not true, to hurt us.  
I have proof that you are lying about us.  I told you this many times...but you still continue.
Now, if I write an untruth, you write and say, "I need to point out that
such and such is not correct."  "This and that is the truth of the matter,
and my evidence is a, b, and c."  Thompson-Mangum didn't do this.
She instantly attacked and attacked and attacked and attacked.  Of
course, there was only one thing wrong that I wrote which had to do
with a hearing date, and I discovered it myself; not her.  I amended
the post on my own accord.
IF!!! you write an untruth!!!????  That's Hysterical Pontillo.  The needle in the haystack is your use of facts and truth.  Facts and truth are supposed to be a constant Mr. Pontillo
{You custom design your interpretation of what you determine is a fact or the truth and bastardize it.}  Nobody likes to be lied to when looking for answers.  No wonder people try to
hit you with concrete pavers and other impliments of mass hurt and break your doors down.
You are not the Mr. Roberts type of Neighbor...and Cipolla couldn't be trusted around 
Children.  It's no real surprise that you two teamed up, 

I can pursue my private criminal complaint against her (for harassing
& defaming me for three years) and the individual who recently joined
in the harassment.  I am going out of my way being merciful.  All that
this Diane Thompson-Mangum has to do is DELETE all ten blogs
dedicated to defaming me and delete all other defamation.  She is a
proven liar.  But, I do NOT want to spend my time on her.  I want to
spend it on taking Wuerl completely out of power.  He's beyond evil.
You should know Pontillo, you and Cipolla both will answer to God for what you did.  You two were so vile to us He won't let it go unpunished.
Once again, the weight of the Cipolla report was NOT NOT NOT
based on Diane Thompson's completely false horror tale told to the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette and to Useful Idiot First Class, Rand Engel.
I'm about done with answering Pontillo's blog.  When I finish answering this post, I want to  quit and finish my book.  Thanks to Mr. Pontillo's threats and lies it will have a little extra drama...on top of the startling revelations to be revealed.
It was based on Pgh Diocesan archive files and the reports of two in-
vestigators who were NOT Mark Nehouser, Badge #46.  It was based
on hidden material to which I and everyone else was deprived, short
of the search warrant.
You couldn't get the information with a search warrant until 2017 because I was the only one with proof from 1978...I told you that.  I used it twice against Cipolla, in 1992 to Stop Cipolla during Bendig's Case and to the Grand Jury to reveal the coverup of Cipolla's Past Criminal Record.  

The huge problem with this 1978 case is that the Allegheny County
DA could have filed charges against Cipolla, without any input from
the accusing mother.  He could have done so, on his own.
Yes, Pontillo, normally he would have but when you were dealing with the Church, these circumstances were handled differently as you now know.
In fact, a police officer could have arrested Cipolla and then presented
due cause for arrest before a judge, thereby getting the judge to "sign-
off" on the "police criminal complaint," and instantly put Cipolla in the
criminal court system.  It was NOT done.
Not when you were dealing with Catholic Clergy back in 1978. You're 60 years old, you should remember that). Were you even a practicing Catholic in 1978, not that it matters??
All in all, if the evidence against Cipolla were so compelling, then why
did not Bob Colville file charges against him?  Was it because it took
time for the lab tests to come back, and Colville couldn't do anything
until he saw the lab results?  Or was the lubricant observed via eye,
by an attending physician, and didn't carry much courtroom weight?
Was the inaction the act of corrupt complicity?
It was the Church's practice to keep those types of sex crimes (hush hush) to save our Church
and Laity the stinging embarrassment.  This was all governed by The Holy See.  It was meant 
to protect us in a way and protect our Church, but there was one more flaw working against all of us.  The Sacrament of Confession and the way Catholics can walk around sin free if they take advantage of The Sacrament of Confession.  I'm not aware of any other Religion that offers such a thing.  We as Catholics don't have to carry the weight of past sins.  We have the opportunity to confess and
be forgiven for things others must carry with them in their hearts and minds till death.

Pittsburgh during the Holidays.
Now, I explained to the public that the 1978 Cipolla case involved the filing
of a private criminal complaint.  I also explained that the1963 PA law which
prescribed the private criminal complaint process was the result of the 1963
US Supreme Court decision in Buttons v NAACP.

In review, the private criminal complaint form filled out by the accusing
mother was the act of her petitioning the Court to "issue process" on the
named defendant, Anthony Cipolla.  It was NOT an arrest report.  It was
not the filing of charges.  It was Step One.  Then, she declined to go to the
next step, for whatever reason, none of which was due to any slit auto tires.
I never had to fill out an arrest form, the detectives wrote it out in my kitchen...and as they investigated the case...even at Alleghany General Hospital.  The Pa. States Attorney said I did
not file a "Private" criminal complaint.  They don't call in the Detectives for private criminal complaints Mr. Pontillo...  You aren't looking at the gravity of the case.  It's "Old Hat" now
to many but in 1978 that kind of priestly behavior was {shocking.}!!! 
In Review:

The 2018 PA Grand Jury Report did NOT NOT NOT exonerate the accus-
er of Anthony Cipolla, Diane Thompson-Mangum.  Rather, it proved that,
for the last 23 years, she has been LYING to the public, through & through.
Thank you for reading the highlighted parts of this posting.  The repetition is wearing me 
down.  Pontillo is a Baffoon.  Some of the testimony we gave was redacted for it's content.
I'm Not Exonerated you say????  What are you talking about? I didn't commit a crime, you 
and Cipolla did.  
{You are the one who should be seeking forgiveness and paying retrobution} 
for the many stunts you've pulled Pontillo. Since you have no conscience or inkling of fair
play and because you threaten and denigrate my family and friends. I have asked The Lord's
protection from you.  You are too mean and hateful inside not to be a danger. 
This is BECAUSE her 2017 story told to the grand jury was much differ-
ent than the 1995 horror story that she told to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.
It was much more different than the super horror story she wrote in one
of her TEN cyber-bully weblogs which resulted in authorities deleting
post after post from those weblogs.
The late at night phone calls frightened me more than I could believe.  All of us were being 
startled awake by late night harassing phone calls it was creepy because it made us feel watched and noises made us jump because we were on the first floor..  
The 2017 testimony was also different from the story that Diane Thompson-
Mangum told to Mrs Randy Engel who turned out to be Diane Thompson's
useful idiot, in the many non-facts written into Engel's made-for-TV drama.
Do not refer to Mrs. Randy Engel as any kind of idiot, Mr. Pontillo.  You are no one to judge
Randy or any other learned and talented Author.  You only reveal your jealousy and cattiness.  
 I can hear you Hissing!!!!!

Pittsburgh, near the famous Three-Rivers Confluence.
NOW, I also stated that:

1) the accusing mother's claim of Cipolla being plagued with sores through-
out his body was a complete lie.  Pontillo Correct.
As God is my Judge, I swear I never said or wrote that Cipolla had sores.  Neither my sons or
myself ever witnessed sores anywhere on Fr. Cipolla, but I do know where that lie came from.

and that:

2) Frank Labiaux (her eldest son) did NOT vandalize any Northside church
or chapel with fire extinguishers, being that that act of vandalism happened
the year prior by two delinquents who ended-up slitting all of the tires in the
parking lot of the same church, a year or two later.
The claim was that the fire extinguisher vandalism was done by Frank, out
of frustration for having been molested.  That was an outright lie.  The two
delinquents were apparently hateful juvenile racists, being that the victim
church was the Black Methodist church in town.  In fact, the newspapers
at the time tried to downplay the racial animosity factor, after the mass
tire-slashing incident.
You're still wrong Pontillo, haha.  Hire a private detective and really dig up the truth.  You'll
only make us look better Mr. Pontillo if you do.
3) I additionally stated that the accusing mother lied (or was forgetful) in
saying that her deposition was video-taped, when a stenographer of record
was on the front page of the deposition.  And to this day, there does NOT
exist that deposition online.  Why can't we read it?
Get a lawyer, spend some money, satisfy your morbid curiosity.
What gives you the right to see my deposition? You're just a construction worker.  Two of my
sons work in the construction field...they can't just demand to see my deposition either.  Besides
that Mr. Pontillo, you said it yourself.  1st...there was no Cipolla Case called me a slut
and a liar online.  You never even met me and what's more, I had no idea who the devil you
were...but I had a sneaking suspicion Anthony Cipolla had something to do with it.  I was right.
My deposition was privately video recorded by Mr. Yauger's team for Tim Bendig's Case, by
the way. The Diocese bought Yauger's copy in the out of court settlement.  
4) I furthermore stated that a child care veteran said that that which the
accusing mom told Randy Engel what Cipolla did to her son Tucker was
anatomically unlikely.  I also located a witness who went to Michigan with
Tim Bendig and Cipolla and who said that Cipolla did nothing of a sexual
nature to either one of them.
Son of The Father of Lies...only my sons told Mrs. Engel what Cipolla did, they gave her details

not me. She spoke at length with all my children and I was not present.
By the way, Pontillo, my son, and Tim went to Michigan with Cipolla 8 years apart, not together
as Mr. Pontillo insinuates.
5) I also stated that Diane Thompson lied when she said that Tucker was
sitting at the kitchen table, doing his homework, when Cipolla allegedly
showed up at the door.  This is because the day was July 30 and there is
NO SCHOOL in 1978 Pittsburgh in late July, including summer school.
My son had a summer workbook from his special school that he is asked to complete and I had
to help him with and I had to check it and sign off.  The book had thirty pages of short stories to read and answer a few questions.  The school didn't want their ADD students to get out of the study routine.  
However, this kitchen visit was alleged from 1995 to 2016 under the claim
that Cipolla was indicted and out on bond.  Well, the PA Grand Jury affirm-
ed that was no arrest, and therefore, no bail agreement.  Thus, it is now pos-
sible that Cipolla did show up at the apartment, being that he was not yet
indicted .... not yet arrested ... not yet arraigned.  If Cipolla would have
shown-up there, after having been indicted, he would have violated the
conditions of his bond, and he would have been sent straight to a magi-
strate and then to County Jail.
Mr. Pontillo, you know as well as I do the Pa Grand Jury never affirmed any such thing.  I was
never as Law Savvy as you Mr. Pontillo.  I'm sorry things didn't go as you surmised Mr. P.  Don't play the Lottery...your intuition is way, way, off.
6) I also stated that the accusing mom lied when she said that there was
a Vietnam era military training camp in Spartansburg, where her alleged
second husband was injured.  Firstly, Camp Croft was a Prisoner of War
camp, and it closed in 1947.
I never lied Pontillo and you can't tell the Truth.  I find that very odd. Kudo's to you Pontillo,
you discovered a typo. Mark Ninehouser was a police officer who first answered my 911 call.
#46 is the one who called in the Detectives.
7) I then stated that there did NOT exist a Detective Mark Nehouser,
Badge #46, who put handcuffs around Cipolla and then took him to the
police station.  Rather, there was a uniformed officer, Mark Ninehouser,
Badge #46, who went to the accusing mother's residence, took her state-
ment, and then transposed it on a police form via handprinting, and NOT
cursive handwriting.
You are the only one who mentioned cursive writing.  The men from Law Enforcement hand "printed"
my copy of the Arrest Report for Fr. Cipolla.  And yes the badge numbers, the Police Station #9 and all the
information Mrs. Engel wrote in her Cipolla Article were all true except where I said, Mark
Ninehouser was a Detective...(my error) he was a Uniformed Police Officer.
I additionally stated that the alleged photo of "the police arrest report" that
was online was a fraud, being that it was written in cursive handwriting,
and the handwriting was wide-looped feminine cursive writing.  All
Pittsburgh police reports, by policy, were to be hand-printed only.
Mr. Pontillo is just blowing smoke up your shorts. He knows NADA.
* * * * * * * * * *
8)  More than anything else, I stated that I would be more than willing to
declare Cipolla a molester IF and only if someone would give me evidence
showing this to be the probable case.  I repeatedly stated this, while stating
that Diane Thompson-Mangum completely lied about Cipolla, in as far as
concerned her narration of the arrest and post-arrest retaliation which never
I never have and I never will lie about an innocent man or woman...but Pontillo has made it his trademark for his blogs.  People used to believe him until they got to know him.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Bingo for Patrick Anthony Pontillo on that detailed assessment.  In as much,
suing me would be an act of vexatious litigation.  Doing worse would be a
malicious prosecution and a handsome litigation award thereafter.  At this
point, I am not going to lay down and be steamrolled by a cyber-bully who
constructed TEN weblogs dedicated to assassinating my character. This is
especially so, being that I was proven correct by the same grand jury, in all
that I wrote about all other priests mentioned at the Wuerl-of-Hurt site.
Pontillo...the Grand Jury doesn't even know who you are...nor do they care.  They read your
blog and my blog and took a good look at the proof "I" saved for 40 years and they realized
you weren't being truthful or forthcoming with any facts that could be used in their investigation.  That is one reason you were discarded as a witness.  Too, too, many lies from the Pontillo Blog. 
I suffered far too much for the cause, where I got paid zero dollars and zero
cents for all of my volunteer work.  Wuerl, Torquato, & Ann Rodgers, alone,
caused me untold suffering.  Plus, Diane Thompson-Mangum defamed me
so hideously, that she asserted that I was Cipolla in disguise, operating a
child molester protection ring.   I'm a construction worker.  You know
the stereotype of the construction worker.  You know, guys who whistle
at the ladies ... and not little children.  But, the truth of the construction
worker is that such a person is instinctive protective of others not as
physically strong.
I never said one word about you until I was alerted to the slime and filth and lies that you and Anthony J Cipolla smeared all over the internet about me and my family and friends.  Also, Mr.
Pontillo...your readers don't know who you really are, they only know the Baloney you post online.  Wait until they find out...and by the way, Mr. Pontillo, get off the "she said I was Anthony Cipolla" schtick. I only said, "you could be Cipolla under a different pen name" by
the rude remarks you were making about us online. 
I honestly did not know who the hell you were...and still don't. Once again, I never told lies about you or Cipolla on my blog so you can stop with that Bull too.
The outrage of that one lie is that this site of mine EXPOSED MOLESTER
AFTER MOLESTER.  I did the OPPOSITE of run a molester protection
ring.  I simply discovered that the Cipolla case was being presented in a
false light ... until the 2018 presentation of it.
Yes, Mr. Pontillo, you've been telling lies about a lot of people at Fr. Cipolla's behest.  He was so
guilty of pedophilia and moral turpitude and you are his Cheerleader.
By the way, you never warned anyone about any Molesters until it became public knowledge...
Stop lying and patting yourself on the back...people are on to you.
All in all, Wuerl used the Cipolla Case to hide his cover-ups from South-
west PA DA John C. Pettit.  After all, there was Huff, Hoehl, Paone, etc,
in addition to the uncovered cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  Wuerl
used the Cipolla case to GRANDSTAND and promote himself for high
office, also.  That was unconscionable.

Pontillo, you are using Anthony Cipolla's very words.  

Take this in Mr. Pontillo...  If Anthony J. Cipolla had been a Good and Righteous Priest, he
would not have molested my boys. If he were in the State Of Grace he would never have denied
what he did, he would have told the truth.  If he truly had a Calling, he would have gotten down on his knees and begged forgiveness and never sinned in that way again.  That's not what he did
Mr. Pontillo...exactly

© Patrick Anthony Pontillo.  Please ask before using my photos.
Of course, this is the same Wuerl who, in 1979, deceived the press into
thinking that he single-handedly wrote the Teachings of Christ.  He de-
ceived the press by stating something similar to, "When you start writ-
ing, you just can't bring yourself to stop."  So, Wuerl made it sound
as if he went on a writing spree and ended up writing an entire cate-
chism book.
Says you...
For the record, Wuerl was one of the THREE editors of that catechism
book.  That book had many writers.  The editorial task was to bring
writing style cohesion to the text, being that the many writers had
different writing styles.

Bendig is a noted liar
Look at you big man...backstabbing a victim of Cipolla's.  Tim doesn't do Mr. Pontillo.
None the less, Tim Bendig still lied to me four times in a row, and
a number of people conveyed to me that Bendig is a perpetual liar.
ONe person said that "Bendig lies 90% of the time."

In fact, the late WBVP radio talk show host, John Nuzzo (who ev-
en interviewed Malachi Martin,) told me that he was in Bendig's
Two Step Lounge, watching Bendig brag about how gullible was
the Diocese of Pittsburgh, in giving him a six-figure settlement.
The man who supposedly told you is dead Pontillo...of course you'd quote him.  Some of us must have been born at night Mr. P. but it wasn't last night...or did Cipolla tell you that story?
The fact that Bendig used the settlement money to buy the bar, and
not use it for intense psychiatric treatment, proved him to be a liar.
He told the press that he now had the chance to go through intense
therapy.  His idea of therapy was that of buying a bar & grill.
I'm sure he bought the bar as an investment...and maybe as a way to "drown his sorrows" after all, he did suffer for 5 whole years under Fr. Cipolla and whatever he forced the boy to submit to.
This is according to a dead man who died in 2008.  Thus, it is per-
mitted as testimony in any American court, due to the hearsay law

There is more about Bendig that shows him to be a con artist.  How-
ever, I have to keep things confidential.  None the less, I wish that the
person holding the confidential information would please come forth.

Sunset Fire Cloud
I was informed that I would be allowed to talk to Frank & Tucker,
the sons of the accusing mom.  I was promised this long ago, short-
ly before the authorities removed yet more of the accusing mom's
harassment and defamation of me.
I offered you the chance to question my sons when we were in refused.
I was also informed that a law firm would vett Randy Engel's very
non-factual article (parts 1 & 2 of  3 the parts were non-factual) and
that the law firm would get in touch with me and make a demand.
Well, I was never invited to interview Frank or Tucker, and no law
firm sent me any communication --- that I know of.
Due to time restraints and Subpoenas we couldn't wait the 5 weeks it took for you to accept our offer.  We had already been to Pittsburgh and back, by the time you answered.
My entire statement about the Cipolla Case, in reference to the PA
Grand Jury Report, is this:
Here it comes...
Why .... WHY did no one send me a copy of this alleged or factual report
which stated that Tucker had lubricant in his undergarment?  Why were
there not any certifications provided, showing that the report was valid,
being that Diane Thompson could have planted the lubricant in her son's
undergarment herself, for all that we know.
Why Pontillo?  There are a whole host of reasons. You are nobody, so your copies were never printed.  Most people who need legal advice don't browse Construction Sites when shopping 
for an Attorney to represent them or to give them legal advice.
Not in Florida they don't.
If someone would have sent me that medical report, and if it were authen-
ticated, then I would have thrown my hands up in the air and said, "Okay.
That's all.  I'm done.  I don't have time to pursue this case.  I have other
things to do."
Pontillo, think logically, why would anyone choose to share that kind of information with some Construction worker?  Just because you knew the defendant Father Cipolla, it does not give you the right to even look at those medical files.  
None the less, Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux lied so many times
that her lies utterly defamed even the Pennsylvania law enforcement
agency-bureau and the then-DA of Allegheny County, Bob Colville.
Pontillo, you can't prove one lie that you claim came from me.
All of her lies about me and her intimidation of me was a waste of her
time.  All that anyone had to do was send me the alleged or actual med-
ical report of lubrication being on Tucker's undergarment.  She ran me
around with lie after lie after lie.  The defense against her attempt to
sue me or to have me prosecuted is known as
Pontillo must be high on something...
                           CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE.
See what I mean about dilusional????
She never had anyone send me that medical report.  She caused a lot
of damage and destroyed her credibility.   Wuerl simply used her for
his rise to power.  The question is:  Is there an authentic report in
existence which states this lubricant finding?  Can the public see it?
Actually Pontillo, it's none of your concern...besides, you'd just lie and claim it was bogus.
Concerning Diane Thompson-Mangum's lies, she also:

1) stated, as was previously mentioned, that I was Anthony Cipolla
in disguise, operating a child molester protection ring.  Shortly there-
after, Cipolla died, and posts kept being placed on this Wuerl-of-Hurt
site, proving that she lied to you.  Dead men don't publish posts on
the Internet . . . usually.
You're beating a dead horse Pontillo, I already proved you were lying about that.
Concerning Thompson-Mangum, she furthermore:
Pontillo is probably a Grifter, but I really don't know anything about him except that he's the
most low-down liar that there ever was...after Cipolla.
2) stated that I was a grifter, making money off of my internet post-
ings.  The fact is that I never made a penny off of my internet sites.
Proof was that I had NO paypal box and no donation box of any
kind.  All that ever happened was that one person gave me a $100
tip in a time of need, in gratitude for my exposing Wuerl.

MOREOVER, that which I wrote about Wuerl, Wolk, Zula, Pucci,
Ghastin, Hartmann, LeDoux, Zirwas, Wellinger, Hoehl, Torquato, etc
was right-on true.
Who cares Pontillo, you got it off the internet.  It's not like you "thunk" it up.
In continuing, the Cipolla accuser-mom also:

3) stated that I was stalking her, when I was 1,200 miles away from her
in Chicago.
I said Psychologically Stalking.  Trying to scare me into believing you are physically stalking me
so I'll be frightened.
4) stated that I had a violent temper, when I have the security clearances
proving the possession of a civilized person, along with my history go-
ing through super intense disciplines which require a lot of patience.
However, she stated this, to explain why she kept mocking me with
ethnic slurs about my ancestors who lived in the Mount Vesuvius
region of Italy.
I called him Mr. Mount Vesuvius once back in 2015 because he was bragging about how he could crush me with his hands...because he is 5ft 9in tall and he has a 47 inch chest.  I ask you
what kind of man threatens to crush a 70yr old woman who calls him out on his loathsome 
lies.  He also verbally abuses two of my Lady Friends online.
She also:

5) stated that I lived in a "trailer court", when I lived amongst many a
swan and a few fountains and lots of lots of golf carts, within the sound
of the Atlantic Ocean for SEVEN years.
Ok Pontillo, it was one of the nicer trailer parks but the trailer you lived in was a singlewide 
quite small, not a doublewide like most of the other trailers in that trailer park.  Are you sure they weren't migratory geese?  I understand that's a rough part of town.  Lots of crime.

For the record, I was a private academy student in a country club family.
My dad was a fully decorated Air Force combat vet and Chief Product
Supervisor of Engineers, in a Pittsburgh Steel Company's research de-
Pontillo, you were a problem child from a broken home, but I have never accused you of being "white trash" nor did I ever call you "trailer trash"...Tell the truth why don't you??? DT

Thompson-Mangum wants to you believe that I am white trash.  Those
of you who know me know that I was published along laureates, includ-
ing a couple national book award winners.  You know that I was induct-
ed into the Phi Sigma Iota Language Honors Society and the Internation-
al High IQ Society, and that I was taught by one of JFK's economic
advisors, even to the point of imitating his accent, saying "Can you
tell me why?"  Yes, he was Professor Can-You-Tell-Me-Why.
POETRY.COM??  maybe???    
Thompson-Mangum also:

6) stated that I am a "drama queen," as if I am a limp wristed & effem-
inate priss.  Uhhhm, I am a Chicago & Pittsburgh construction worker
who worked in -30F wind chills, 97F heat, and in sleet, snow, etc.  This
work was done by me even after having been crushed between a couple
2,430 lb steel beams, so done while I was working on a Mercedes flat
bed truck.
Prove it...we can't take you at your word anymore.
I can assure you that queens do NOT find my world of construction
glamorous enough for them.  If you can find an effeminately flaming
prissy construction worker, you should call Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
You sure know a lot about queens Pontillo, did Cipolla teach you?
Furthermore, the same woman also:

7) stated that, after Cipolla died, I was feigning emotional pain.  Oh,
I wasn't faking anything that day.  That day, I wanted to be left alone.
You are a narsissist Pontillo, you have no empathy...therefore no sympathy.  If you even shed a tear
 it was because he owed you money or a favor. 
7) stated that Donald Wuerl would be the next pope.  Uhhhhhm, this
is highly unlikely after the PA Clergy Abuse Grand Jury Report, espe-
cially due to the report of Zirwas & Paone.  Those two were enough
to end Wuerl's career in complete and total disgrace.
Stranger things have happened Pontillo.Mike Aquilina & Rocco Palmo, Praisers of Donald Wuerl; the end.

In as much, all of you who praised Wuerl, such as you, MR. MIKE
AQUILINA and you, ROCCO PALMO, you will fade away.  I told
the public shortly before August 14, 2018 that it's time to choose
sides.  Aquilina and Palmo picked the wrong side.  You two should
have known to choose the side of the fellow Italian and NOT the
thoroughly corrupt German, Donald Wuerl.  Well, have a nice
change of profession.

The 1978 Accuser
And the dead horse is still dead but he keeps on whipping it.
The woman has been nothing but a brawler and a liar, even into the
year when Cipolla died from a heart attack, namely 2016.  Concern-
ing the Cipolla report, all that anyone had to do was send me one
sheet of paper, with a certification note, detailing the lubricant-in-
the-underwear report.  Why was I toyed-with so much?  Why was I
 denied that one sheet of evidence, if it is authentic?
For crying out loud, I'm an old woman trying to bring an end to Patrick A. Pontillo's lies and
bring an end to the Cover-ups My own hometown has become famous for in 2018. 
Moreover, keep in mind that I kept in contact with Cipolla, waiting for
him to finally confess wrongdoing.  Then came the documentary evi-
dence where Cipolla was only reviewed at the Vatican for the diagno-
sis of Depression and Suicidal Tendencies, and NOT molestation.
Because of  Cipolla's one learned the real truth until 2018.
Next came the Tim Bendig phone-call to me, where he lied to me four
times in a row.  I knew that Bendig was a con artist then-and-there.

Get off your highhorse Pontillo and stop pretending you didn't know about Cipolla's problem.
Are you that naive that you couldn't figure out (without help) that it wasn't Depression and Suicidal Tendencies that gave Tim and his attorney all that Hush Money from the Pittsburgh Diocese.  Do you really believe that The Pope personally and "involuntarily" Laicized Fr. Anthony J Cipolla because Wuerl thought Cipolla was depressed????  Give us a break Pontillo.
We're not stupid people.  We know what really happened and you should be ashamed to write
another word of praise or sympathy for Fr. "Aqualung" Anthony Cipolla.

Part of my Florida photo shoot, several years ago.
None the less, the things that I did affirm about the Cipolla case were
all true.  What you always need to remember is that I kept stating that
I would be more than willing to declare Cipolla a molester, if and only
if someone would produce the evidence pointing to his guilt.
Still trying to eat that crow huh? Pontillo? without swallowing?
I understand that the Melbourne woman is going to do everything to get
me criminally indicted, prosecuted, and imprisoned in Florida for what
I wrote about her and the Cipolla Case.  Everything that I wrote was true,
with that one caveat about me being willing to declare Cipolla a molester
upon the examination of evidence I have not yet been shown ... and maybe
after I speak with Tucker & Frank, while testing them for contradictions.
I did not go after you because I felt pity for you at first, to be so brainwashed by that "Dirty 
Old Man".  When Cipolla died you should have stopped the Slander...When I gave you just 
about every bit of information I had to convince you to stop the refused. I offered
to allow you to interview my sons to prove to you that Cipolla lied to refused.  The
Grand Jury Report shook you up but it didn't shut you just kept writing lies.

All in all, two parts of the three-part Randy Engel article was contrary to
that which the PA Grand Jury stated.  Engel's writings turned out to be as
false as I said they were.  The 1978 Cipolla Case transpirations were far
far more civilized than what the accusing mother, Randy Engel, and the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette made them out to be.  Remember, those theatri-
cal narrations defame then-DA Bob Colville.
Readers, if you'll notice he makes one repeat themselves...over and over to defend against his
avalanche of lies.  He stays in hiding because he's a "Phony" and can only converse with his keyboard.  He might be a female for all I know...or even a Transvestite.  It sounds about par for Cipolla's taste in companions.
Concerning the 1989 Beaver County DA, when the Bendig accusations
were investigated for three months, know that a woman, THERESA
FERRIS-DUKOVICH, was the DA and NOT Robert J. Masters.
Masters' tenure ended in 1967, and he admitted to covering up the
Father Ernest Paone whom Wuerl would eventually transfer to
the West Coast in 1991..

Concerning my assertion that there absolutely was no arrest and no
post-arrest retaliation and no Detective Mark Nehouser, I WAS 100%
correct.  Concerning this, I WILL defend myself to the death from
whatever attacks are coming to me.  Always remember the legal
phrase, CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE.  I do not appreciate
having been left out in the cold, concerning witness and evidence.
Stop pretending Pontillo the only time you've ever been close to being 100% of when the Pennsylvania Grand Jury proved that you were 100% WRONG in your stories 
about Anthony J. Cipolla.
Also remember:

1) I was 100% correct about Torquato.
No you were not Pontillo.
2) 100% correct about Wolk, Zula, Pucci, and Zirwas.
The law proved that Pontillo, you just copied it all online.  Another Pontillotale.
3) I was correct about LeDoux, in the limited amount of reporting
    of him that I did, and I was humble ENOUGH to NOT act as an
    expert in that case.
Pontillo, don't you remember, you can't put humble and Pontillo in the same sentence.
4) I was also correct about Ghastin, in the limited reporting of him
    that I did.
Here's your chance to pat Pat on the back...
5)  Hartman's case was something that I reviewed in a very limited
     fashion, too.  The Australian press is the source for this case.

6) I was CORRECT about Edward Huff.

7)  I was CORRECT about John Hoehl, too.  In fact, I personally
     knew Hoehl, and I was there, at his table when he returned
     from the Ontario Clinic and stood up, to give his progress
     report.  Remember, in some of these case, I was there.

Etc, etc, etc.
Again, keep in mind how much this Diane Mangum-Thompson
lied about me in a public forum; TEN wegblogs mocking me, de-
faming me, etc.  Ten times I had to push the button which got the
defamatory and harassing texts offline.  The fact that her material
was deleted be the powers-that-be ten times shows the existence
of a liar, if not someone mentally unstable.
More Pontillotales...which means untruths, lies, prevarications, whoppers, bullcrap, Slander and horseshite!!!
All that she had to do was write a civilized letter to me, stating that
there was a document allegedly in existence that would shed light
on her 1978 accusations.  But no.  She tore into me, at the first
unsolicited and unwelcome email that she sent to me.  That's a
sign of mental instability.  Now I see that it's guilt or embarrass-
ment for being duped by a crew of lawyers.  Well, she was out-
I swear I tried to talk to him like a normal person but he wouldn't call me back...he would not email me, he just wrote stories about me and published them online.  He was Cipolla's lover and
my sons are Cipolla's victims.  Pontillo was duped by Cipolla.  My friend the attorney who was
the one who advised me to post your criminal record in order to show the readers that you were an unsavory and not to trust your writings about me or my family or friends but specifically don't believe that Cipolla isn't or wasn't a preditor.
Of course, she knew that I knew that her arrest-and-retaliation soap
opera was a fiction, as was concurred by the PA Grandy Jury Report.
So, she created diversionary tactics, by publicly defaming me in her
ad hominid attacks.  Her writings were not a discussion of the case.
They were merely attacks against me.
All I ever said about Pontillo was that he was a lier and a Moron.  Back in 2015 he wrote that 
I was a #slut and a #low life#unmarried mother of four kids#teenage baby machine#a dog that sits under the table and begs,  among other things.  That was in the first article I ever read, written 
by Patrick A. Pontillo and I had no idea who he was or why he published it on the web...
except I knew Cipolla was somehow the co-writer.
All of this is the fault of Donald "grand-stander" Wuerl and the
overly dramatic Ann Rodgers.  As I previously stated, Rodgers
made Wuerl out to be Beowulf,  destroying the evil Grendel.
So, I had to intervene, to show you that this Wuerl was NOT
the heroic model of ZERO tolerance that Rodgers made him
out to be.  It wasn't until 12 years after I starting showing you
how evil Donald Wuerl is that the Sovereign State of Pennsyl-
vaia did so.  Thus, I was 12 years ahead of the Grand Jury.
OK, Charley Chan...if you say so.
I had to show you that Wuerl did NOT come to have a saintly
and stellar zero tolerance disposition, after this "1988 enlight-
ening dinner" with a family of molestation victims.  Proof was
that Wuerl continued to hide Wolk, Zula, and Pucci from law
enforcement authorities.
Poor Bishop Wuerl probably walked into that cesspool in 1988 and begged on his knees "Take This Cup From Me"!  Bishop Wuerl was sent there to assess, reverse, and minimize the scandle as efficiently and low key as humanly possible as FAST as Inhumanly Possible.  He did it!!!!  
People don't understand the size of that task...
Then came the Torquato Retaliations which Wuerl ratified by
turning his back on the whole thing.  Those retaliations were
a living Hell, and I get no credit or compassion for having en-
dured them.  I could have abandoned Torquato's accuser at
that time.  But, I didn't.
BooHoo Mr.Pontillo, you butted in, you stirred up an already wretched time for Bishop Wuerl and you...
tried to make a pile of money by suing the Diocese on a case that wasn't prosecutable and now you are angry because no one praised you for your efforts???The Pertinence of the Torquato Case

Keep in mind that the Torquato Case's importance is that Wuerl
personally trained and then ordained Torquato, meaning that
Torquato is the showcase model of Wuerl's style of priestly
formation.  Wuerl formed a vicious priest.

The other pertinence of the Torquato Case were the two stages
of retaliation and how Wuerl let the retaliations continue ... and
how much Wuerl let the damage that Torquato caused remain
unamended.  It were as if Wuerl himself were retaliating against
me & the evidence-based accuser's family, via his surrogate,
James Torquato.
Pontillo, what on earth are you claiming that Torquato did? Did he Murder Father Kuntz?  I
honestly thought it was you and Cipolla...isn't that funny?
Being that I was threatened on the very day of the Grand Jury
Report's release, know that I will defend myself and my work
like any lion.  I ask you, the public, to consider the intense
amount of suffering that Wuerl, Rodgers, Torquato, Mangum,
etc caused me to endure.  The suffering was tremendous, and
now it appears to be going to the next stage.
⛢⛢⛢...Mr. Pontillo.
Best wishes from Chicago to all of you of Good Will.

May 22, 2018

A letter written by the Late Anthony Cipolla

Below, toward the end of this post, is a letter Anthony Cipolla sent to me.
After I read it, I called him and asked him if I could post it for public view.
And of course, public view for my sites span from Asia to Russia to the
Ukraine to the United Arab Emirates to Western Europe to English speak-
ing America to Canada to Australia.  The bottom line here is that, when
Cipolla sent me that letter, he assumed that I would be the only one to
ever read it.
Well aren't you special Mr. Pontillo.  If those readers of yours actually believe you that means 577 people are unaware of what a Fungal Infection you are.  Just like "Jock Itch On Steroids" 
is the way my sons describe you.  I suppose that means Very Irritating.Incidentally ...

For the record, if I pledge my confidentiality you to, it's a law to me.  Proof
is simple:  Name one of my sources.  If you can do so, then you hacked into
my life.  None the less, a lot of writers keep confidentiality.  It isn't hard to
Pontillo, you've already dropped their names and testimony on your blog.  You are looking for 
a moment to shine but your technique if way off.  Downgrading and tarnishing the reputations
of everyone else will never make
you shine.  At best you'd be less dull than you are right now.
2018 Update:

NOW ... In light of the 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, it was found
that there were TWO DIFFERENT STORIES attached to the Cipolla Case.
One story was the one promoted by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, conspiracy
theory writer Randy Engel, and the 1978 accusing mother herself.
Here we go again...yes Mr. Pontillo we discussed this a few paragraphs back.  Yes,Pontillo...Two 
Stories... Your Story and the True Story. 
The other story was that which sat in the Pittsburgh diocesan files and which
was regarded as the credible story by the grand jury.
The paperwork was authentic Pontillo.  You need to layoff the detective shoes. 
It was the corroberation of our testimony and the rest of our proof.  The States Attorney was was exactly how I explained it to him in the beginning of the investigation.  I urged
the Grand Jury to read your blog to show them why I went online and started a blog in order
to reach you on your blog.
The grand story was far more tame and credible that the overly ridiculous
Post Gazette & Randy Engel story of an ARREST which NEVER happened,
followed by a harrowing post-arrest retaliation which never happened, either.
Pontillo's "writer's envy" more Sour Grapes.
The fictional version of the Cipolla Case mentioned tires getting slit and win-
dows being smashed.  Then came Randy Engel's play-by-play account of the
arrest and prosecution which never happened.  Everything that Engel claimed
happened is 100% contrary to the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure.
No, only one tire had a slit in the sidewall and the wing window was broken...but so was our apartment window...Oh, and then there were the threatening phone calls late at night and the
poison pen letters with threats from Fr. Cipolla's friends or family maybe??? Who the heck 
knows? We were afraid!
She even wrote of DA Bob Colville strong-arming the 1978 accusing mom
into signing a sheet of paper which "drops charges."  Of course, once charges
are filed in American, no civilian can dismiss them.  And and and, when you
are indicted, you are NOT sent to Police Station #1, 2,3, or 4 for any kind of
bail hearing and/or arraignment.  You are sent to COUNTY JAIL, and then to
a county magistrate's office. The Engel Article was a fiction that hid from the
true Cipolla Case.  The true Cipolla Case was only one determining question
attached to it.
We all laughed at that one Mr. Pontillo, you have no idea the manipulation that was done in 1978.  It went down like clockwork, they had it all figured out and the wheels were already greased, from use I suppose.  The poor Officers and Detectives were hampered from doing their jobs by higher-ups following orders from even higher-ups to intercede and control the arrest.  I could tell it was embarrassing for the men who handled our case.

All in all, the public account of the Cipolla Case was hyper-exaggerated and
hysterically sensationalized to the point of it being libel to DA Bob Colvile
and any friend Cipolla had in 1978.  Donald Wuerl had the moral obligation
to notify the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that the Cipolla Case was being present-
ed in a ridiculously gluttonous form of Tabloid Journalism.  But of course,
that excessively dramatic story made Wuerl look like a holy holy hero who
speared a diabolical camp of monsters.  So, Wuerl let you be deceived into
thinking that he was the most heroic man on the planet, when he was being
a hypocritical snake.
All in all, the version of the Cipolla Case, as was told from 1995 to 2016,
was a hyper-sensationalistic fiction.  In 2018 version is the more sane and
credible version, coming from the diocesan secret archives.  Concerning
the archives, there was the inclusion of a report mentioning the existence
of a lubricant on a young lad's undergarment.

Well, the 1995 to 2016 version of the Cipolla Case claimed that the 1978
accusing mother was strong-armed into signing a sheet of paper that was
going to expunge the Cipolla Case.  Well, the 2018 PA grand jury finding
was that the 1978 Cipolla Case was NOT expunged.  This is another in-
stance where the narration given by the accusing mother of 1978 was a
complete lie, as such a narration was given to the public.  This involves
only Version I of the Cipolla Case narration which ran from 195 to 2016.

In re:  The 2018 PA grand jury version of the case.

It described the predictable and stereotypical way a diocese at the time
handled sexual aggression accusations.  No slit tires.  No smashed win-
dows, etc.  Rather, it described the typical snakejob, headlined by the
prsence of lawyers.  The real Cipolla Case was a dime-a-dozen lawyer
intervention case.  Such a thing, absent of ridiculous Bruce Willis mo-
vie plots, and absent of Tom Cruz adventure movie plots, is what gives
a narration its credibility.

What you must understand about abuse victims is this:

As was confided to me but a certain clergy sexual aggression victim is
that that which tears into & torments a victim's mind is the Subtle &
Pernicious Invisibility of the sexual aggression, so deceptively handled
that the case is made to look as if the sexual aggression never happened.

It's the feeling a absence --- the Whitewashed Wall --- the removal of
all of the stage scenery --- and the complete silence which tortures the
sexual aggression victim.  It's not slit tires and smashed windows which
does it.  It's the Alfred Hitchcock movie feeling that does.  The proverbial
room get emptied-out and whitewashed, as if nothing ever happened in
that proverbial room that tortures a person.  It's the No-Accountability
aspect that tortures the victim.  THEREFORE,  the silent, smooth-talk-
ing and silently intimidating presence of the lawyers which is far far
far more of a nightmare scenario than slit tires and smashed windows.

One more quick point:  I have enumerated this 2018 version of the Ci-
polla Case in an August 2018 post.  For now, simply understand that the
entire case pivots on one piece of evidence:

         a medical report mentioning the existence of a lubricant
         found on the nine year old child's undergarment.  It was
         a report that the writer, Randy Engle, stated no longer
         existed.  The bottom line is this:

        If you can prove that the 1978 accusing mother did NOT plant
        that lubricant in her son's shorts, in order to fame Cipolla, then
        the case is closed.  Remember, it's the subtle things that make
        or break a case.  For example:

If the accusing mother of 1978 had been honest from the beginning, and if
she said that, in 1978, properly attired lawyers sat her down and convinced
her into withdrawing her 1978 private criminal complaint, then the alarms
and rotating lights would have been ringing in my mind, with me thinking
to myself, "Those (censored)!"   That was undue influence.

The subtle & plain things give credibility, NOT a ridiculously harrowing
scene from Starwars, Bruce Willis movies, or Tom Cruz movies.  Simpli-
city brings clarity and at least a significant measure of credibility, if it can
not bring a closed case.  The Cipolla Case of 2018 is entirely different than
the pathetically ridiculous Cipolla Case Narration of 1995 to 2016.

Back to the original part of the September 2015 post on the Cipolla Letter.

We start with the editor's preliminary statement,
and then move to Anthony Cipolla's statement:

Take note of the fact that I have called Tim Bendig a liar, yet he never sued me.
This is pertinent to note, being that Bendig is known to yell  "I'll sue" and "I'll
ruin you," as a reflex action.   For example, a writer for a northeastern metro
newspaper recently contacted me and conveyed the following: 

       I just had a bizarre interaction with Tim Bendig and found your
      site while digging up more information about him.  Has he ever
     threatened to sue you because of your blog?   He strikes me as
     the type.   Has he ever tried any other harassing techniques?

For those unfamiliar, Tim Bendig is the seminary dropout who accused a man
once known as Father Anthony Cipolla of having engaged in long-term sex
abuse that Bendig could never corroborate or even plausibly substantiate.

He made the accusations only after Cipolla told members of the Padre Pio Pray-
er Group to stop sending Bendig donation money, on account of his withdrawal
from the seminary.  Donald Wuerl originally declared Bendig "not credible."

Bendig was found to be a chronic liar, due to the number of people who kept
contacting me and telling me how he lied to them and threatened to 'ruin them.'
The allegations of Bendig's con artist conduct came from as far away as Holly-
wood.  Then, Bendig was given my phone number and he contacted me, only
to lie to me about something that pertained to documentation that I had in pos-
session.  Everything he said was contrary to the documentary evidence that
I possessed.  It involved the following piece of evidence which was a notice
given by the Beaver County PA district attorney's office that there were NO
GROUNDS upon which to file any kind of criminal charge against Cipolla.

One more thing:  Tim Bendig proved that he was more than willing to de-
stroy a human life, concerning someone who turned out to be completely
innocent as accused --- with Jpeg evidence and fact-checking results to
prove said innocence.  That is to say, if Cipolla did molest anyone, then
it was NOT the way described by Bendig or Diane Thompson or certain
Pittsburgh Post Gazette writers.  If you have evidence of Cipolla having
been a molester, I'll post it for you.  Thus far, there was only one source
who made me wary of Cipolla until further fact-checking was done.

Even at that, that which is needed is for the two sons of Diane Thompson
to come forth and make formal statements, stating if whether or not they
accuse Anthony Cipolla of molestation or did their mom fabricate the en-
tire story.

It is very bizarre that "the mommy" was the only one ever to speak on the
1978 accusations against Cipolla.  Usually, a chief of police or detective or
prosecutor makes a public statement in outlining the crimes alleged to have
occurred.  Decades after the fact, someone writes memories on the case.

In fact, in all this time, Bendig's replacement attorney, Douglas Yauger, never
chastised me or came forth to defend Diane Thompson.  Donald Wuerl did not
do so, either.  Neither did one of Wuerl's two principle pit-bull attack dogs.  No
one involved in the Bendig Case or 1978 accusations ever came forth to defend
Diane Thompson and corroborate her damning accusations against the deceased
Anthony Cipolla who was tortured by Diane Thompson during the final year of
his life.  How would you like it if you never got a moment of peace from a brawl-
ing hag who was fact-checked and found to be a pathological liar.

Again, if Cipolla ever molested anyone, it was not according to the accusations
of Diane Thompson who contradicted herself repeatedly and the Tim Bendig
who was declared NOT credible by Donald Wuerl.

Observe how much of a liar Bendig is:  The McGuire Home was heavily monitored, being that it was a
medical facility for the most afflicted of children.  Cipolla would have been caught, if he were having
sodomite relations with Bendig there, and the nuns would have had Cipolla out of the home pronto.
Therefore, the fact that Anthony Cipolla was in good-keeping with the sisters is evidence in itself,
favorable to Cipolla.  Bendig was foolish to have chosen the McGuire Home in his allegations.

Plus, it wasn't a very seductive and/or lust-inducing place, to say the least.  In fact, Bendig
claimed that Cipolla first molested him while Bendig had the flu.  Well, the reasonable person
can assure you that people are not that much of a lustful temptation when they have the flu.  

In 41 years, no one in this youth group ever accused Cipolla of any wrongdoing.  In fact, Cipolla's
youth program in northeastern New Jersey was much larger, and no one from that program ever accused
him of wrongdoing, either ... in the past 42 years.  If Cipolla were the molesting monster Ann Rodgers
and the Pgh Post Gazette made him out to be, the phone at the Pittsburgh diocesan building would have
been ringing off the hook, in 2002, when sex abuse casualties came forth, stating their accusations.

None of the youth on any of Cipolla's pilgrimages accused him of wrongdoing, either.  In addition,
Cipolla had 70+ witnesses, a subset of which were youth, ready to testify for him at the Bendig civil
lawsuit  trial that never came to be.  By now, some credible person somewhere would have come forth
and cried out, "J'accuse!"  But, no one ever did.  This places Bendig's credibility rating into the single
digits, if not  negative ones.   Incidentally, would Wuerl have been motivated to settle out of court, on
account of  Bendig stating that he knew for sure that Donald Wuerl was a practicing homosexual?

Above are very important words that Ann Rodgers left out of her news articles about Cipolla.
Directly below is Anthony Cipolla's own statement, written at night, shortly
after the memory of what Wuerl did to him rocketed though his mind like a
late night movie.  I asked his permission to publicly post it, incidentally, and
received the permission.  So, don't think that I'm betraying any confidentiality.

In regards to my case,  Wuerl  persecuted me to the ultimate degree.   He went
after me, to protect himself, and he couldn't stand the fact that I reported him
to the Office of the Clergy; the very office where he worked as secretary to the
late John Cardinal Wright who was the Prefect of the Office of the Clergy.

Wuerl was covering up for Wright who was a homosexual and an ephebophile.
For me to accuse Wuerl of harassment in the very office where he worked for
10 years was an embarrassment to him.  So, he was determined to use me as
an example that, if any priest would try to go to the Office of the Clergy and
accuse Wuerl of anything, the priest wouldn't get too far.

As a matter of fact, the Office of the Clergy went in favor of Wuerl.  So, I lost
the case (at the initial level of the Vatican judiciary.)  Then, through the ad-
vice of my canon lawyer, I reported Wuerl to the Signatura and won the case.
But, Wuerl publicly said that he had factual information about me (not yet
revealed) and that he would have the decision of the Signatura reversed.

I had already sent everything to the Signatura, including Diane Thompson’s
accusation of sexual impropriety with Tucker Thompson, her 9 yr old son.
Therefore, no one knew what new facts he could possibly have had.   If he
had anything, he certainly had enough time to submit it to the Signatura,
while the case was being investigated.   In fact, Count Neri Capponi who
worked for the Signatura said that Wuerl had nothing, but 'old wives tales.'
To the shock of everyone involved, Wuerl did have the decision reversed.
So, I was in Limbo.

It is strongly believed that Wuerl has his protectors in the Vatican and can 
get whatever he wants.  Wuerl had me forced-laicized.  He assigned me to
St. John Vianney, home for retired priests, and then withdrew my salary
and later my health insurance.

I had no money to live on, to pay medical bills with, and to afford various
other needs.   He then wrote me a letter, saying that I  must send him all of
my income tax returns from 1991 to 1996, so he could set up a task force to
decide on how much money I should receive.  I phoned my CPA who was
shocked at Wuerl's behavior, in the way he was treating me, because I was
never arrested, never arraigned, never tried or convicted, as the other priests.
So why was Wuerl going after me so viciously?

One lawyer phoned me from another state, telling me that he left the Church
because of the news of how Wuerl was treating me.  (He left the church) even
though I tried to convince him (the attorney) that Wuerl is not the Church and
that I strongly believed that Wuerl was highly influenced by the Devil.

I had to find another canon lawyer to at least get my money back, so that I
could live and at least sustain myself.  So, I phoned the Canon Law Society
of America.   They recommended Father Alfred Kunz, a canon lawyer and 
exorcist from Madison, Wisconsin.   Father Kunz told me that what Wuerl
was doing to me was against Canon Law and to not worry; that he would
get my money back.  This was 1996.  On March 4, 1993, Father Kunz was
murdered in cold blood, in his rectory.

I talked with Father two days before he was murdered.  A priest friend
phoned me on my answering machine that I remotely accessed, saying:

      "Father Cipolla, I have some very bad news, your canon lawyer, 
        Father Kunz was murdered last night in his rectory.  I am very
        sorry to tell you this and I feel very bad and I hope to God that
        they catch the person or persons who did this and that they will
        get life."

I just burst into tears and couldn't stop crying or attempt to drive my car.

Patrick A Pontillo and Fr. Anthony J. Cipolla were co-conspirators in the
above-distorted rantings.  The above is why I have a blog in the first place.
I have tried to stop them but they were obsessed...and then, when Cipolla died, Pontillo intensified his verbal assaults on us!!  FINITO!!    
The end of Patrick A Pontillo's Blog, answered by one of the Victims of his Slander...diane thompson aka... 
Diana Mangum

Edited on:  10-03-18  at 6:11 pm

Dear Readers, I want to thank you for taking an interest in this Blog. It's probably different than any blog you've seen. It began years ago when I tried to reach the laicized priest, Fr. Anthony J Cipolla and his
ghostwriter, Patrick A Pontillo to ask and then demand that they stop committing perjury and reporting false statements about my family, people Pontillo doesn't even know, on the word of a sexually confused ex-priest. Fr Cipolla was looking for revenge...for a court case back in 1978...and 1988 that lasted until 1993...then finished in 2003...we thought.  The case came to light again when Fr. Cipolla and Pat Pontillo began a smear campaign against my
sons and with open access worldwide.   

In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania it was Bishop Leonard’s policy to cover for these priests...( by direct orders from Rome???)... to preserve and protect the reputation and sanctity of our beloved Church. (To also prevent the victims from pressing charges and going public.) He did it with the help of a DA and a Magistrate and the Diocese Attorney. Too many times the police could not investigate or pursue their cases because The Bishop interfered and prevented any further procedure. It was shocking...I had no idea of the enormous power of the Catholic Church. (Was it power?) or was it the money??  When the Church Attorney tells the district attorney to "just sit down, I'll handle it" and there is no objection, we became aware of who was in charge at that time.

For the Church to call all the shots in the Fr Cipolla child molestation case scared me completely...  When the law of the land no longer acknowledges a crime as a courtesy to
the Bishop...that's sad...very sad and very frightening.

I was 32 with 4 children and a Disabled Army Veteran husband who came home occasionally. Sometimes for weeks at a time. Sometimes he was gone for months at a time.
We were Catholic, we were stuck.

The blows to his head and the neck injuries he suffered in the Army in an accident where the vehicle he was in flipped and went over an embankment and fell 300 feet, (it made him unpredictable.) The Tinnitus he suffered from drove him to distraction and he was deaf in his
one ear. The Veterans Administration the Disabled American Veterans and The Veterans Hospital did all they could do to help him. He heard voices and suffered terrible headaches.  He became so distraught that he eventually took his own life.  He believed the Government was observing him...and his mental state steadily got worse.

At one point in time, he was sure he was the Manchurian Candidate waiting to find out who his next target was.
But when Fr Cipolla molested my sons I had to handle it myself, (my husband was so angry I was afraid he'd do something drastic as he threatened to do.) So... with the help of the Pittsburgh Police and Detectives who took the molestation case seriously, we proceded to the next level ( The arraignment hearing)  only to see them removed from the case and the case dropped as a courtesy to the Bishop. Neither the Detectives or I could do anything.
Cipolla the Teflon Priest had a Bishop in his pocket. We knew nothing about conspiracies...but we were unknowingly experiencing one.

I want to thank the supporters of Fr. Anthony J. Cipolla for affording him all the money, backing and opportunity to continue Molesting Children and basking in the ill-gotten fame that your gullibility gave him.  Was he "that" good?

Cipolla was a masterful liar and a showman. You wanted a Saint and he gave you one... He convinced you he was divinely inspired and in tune with Padre Pio through Padre Pio's Prayer Shawl. He took advantage of the faithful and didn't give it another thought. He was all about the Show and of course, the money.  Did you know he was hooked on Opioids?
I was told that by his neighbor Brigette who had to call the police on Cipolla for slamming
her against the wall and banging on her apartment door trying to convince her to give him some pain medication.  She told me he was raving and throwing blessed salt all around the  hallway they shared outside her door where they both had separate apartments. She said he was a mess...and she was so afraid of him,  she called the police.

During the time that you were treating Fr. Cipolla like the Second Coming, showering him with love and prayers and gifts.  I had to raise these boys who were traumatized and ashamed and suffered from insomnia. That is not to mention all the school councilors and psychologists and psychiatrists for my damaged children.

We never attempted to sue anyone over what happened to my sons...nor were we offered anything. We appeared twice against Fr Cipolla to stop his perverted rampage. 1978 and 1992. We did depositions for the 3rd victims' case. No one from the Church ever checked to see how my sons were faring except Bishop Leonard right after Fr Cipolla was first arrested in 1978. No one else, not one time in forty years.

The Grand Jury was able to recover Fr. Cipolla's 1978 court case file and the cover-up from the Pittsburgh Diocese Secret Archives. The records were hidden for 40 years. The records proved that Fr. Cipolla was arrested and charged at #9 police station in the North Side of Pittsburgh by the Detective who testified to it, for the Grand Jury Of Pennsylvania in 2017.

The reasons Fr Cipolla was Laicized (defrocked) by Pope John Paul II was always
a mystery to many. Thanks to The States Attorney it's no longer a secret.

What did Fr Cipolla know???  to be so protected and covered for by the Church? The expense of his cover-up and gag order was huge. All that money the Parishioners donated and tithed to their Church paid to cover-up for the crimes of Father Anthony J. Cipolla, ...Why? What information did he have to bargain within 1978 and 1992?  Was it Bishop Leonards Cover-up in 1978?

Fr. Anthony Cipolla should have stopped pushing the envelope after 1993.  The second case against him was now buried and still, Cipolla did not back up and Thank Almighty God for a third chance at life in the priesthood and an opportunity to fulfill his Spiritual Calling.
That wasn't good enough for him.  He wanted fame and fortune too.  He wanted his own church and the praise and adoration and donations that come with it.  He had Pat Pontillo
fooled to the point where Mr. Pontillo tried to convince everyone from Pittsburgh to Timbuktu that Fr. Cipolla was a falsely accused Saintly man, wrongly blamed for sexually molesting 3 different children, in a multitude of separate instances. Cipolla was laicized (defrocked) by the Pope in 2003. 


Pontillo, why do you keep lying about Anthony J. Cipolla??
You are trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear.  Cipolla was a sexual deviant who preyed on children.  How can you defend him???  (you talk like he was a saint, and it's a lie.)
The fact that you praise Cipolla and ridicule his victims is an
affront to any decent human being.  Cipolla has tormented us since 1978...and poor Tim since 1982...through his lies and denials and now you.  
You should be banned from the internet for your blatant lies
and fake news.

Remove us from your "pack-o-lies" blogs and leave my family and friends alone.  I, in turn, will remove any mention of your 
terrorist tactics and not mention you again on my blog.  I would really appreciate this consideration.


Mr. Pontillo grow up.  With all the proof I've given you and offered you to wake you up and to convince you to leave my family out of your sleazy blog.  

You must be possessed to continue to report your "Cipolla
Concoction" as truth?  "and"⤋

Nobody cares that I got the Detectives names wrong when I
transposed the information from the original Police Report.
Two sets of partners answered our call from the Police Dept.
Two Police Officers and Two City Detectives from the Youth
Squad.  I picked the wrong names and typed them into my
email to Randy Engel. So out of Officer Ninehouser the ex-Policeman you mention on your blog and his partner, and Two City Detectives.  I picked the pair of partners names that Boldly Stood Out on the page.  

Unfortunately, it was the other set of Partners.  When I 
download the Police Report, you'll see exactly what I mean.

I'm sorry that my typo set Pontillo off...because he tried to use it to embarrass Randy Engel the Writer and Investigative Journalist who exposed Anthony J Cipolla.  That was very
sophomoric and unprofessional of Pontillo. 

Pontillo reacted like a jealous irrational female.

It's been a while but I'd like to go back home to Pittsburgh, where I lived the first 19 years
of my life.  I have family to see...and my cousin Fred just died.  I would call and talk with 
Vincent Cipolla if possible. We are interested in meeting Patrick A Pontillo to let him ask my sons some questions and show proof of what we say.  We do this out of pity for his being duped by Cipolla and led to make a fool of himself over that Closed Case. I know how convincing Cipolla was.  If proof doesn't convince him to stop...then he must certainly be slandering us out of pure hate. But WHY?????  We didn't single him out, he singled us out, like
a sneaking terrorist...wanting and hoping to cause someone pain.  As much pain as possible. 

What's scary is, we don't know Pontillo from a block of cheese.  We never saw him, met him, talked to him on the phone or otherwise, heard of him, or imagined someone such as the likes of Patrick A Pontillo.  He came out of
nowhere, posting about things he isn't even familiar with riddling it with lie after lie until it's almost unrecognizable. 

We never hung around with Pat's kind people or places, fortunately.  Some areas of Pittsburgh you just
don't go to.
I've had to stop my life and take time out to defend my family repeatedly because Mr. Pontillo publishes stories he makes up, about my family, online where anyone can google his lies.
They become convinced that Pontillo is telling the truth when he is not.  No, not by any stretch of the imagination even Pontillo's.  


After serious consideration, I want to take this opportunity
to ask Fr Anthony Cipolla's accomplice..."Pontillo, what do
you need to convince you that Fr Anthony Cipolla was just
as Mr. Bendig and I have told you, a sexual pervert who unfortunately got away with his crimes against children"??  

Be realistic Pontillo, Fr Anthony J Cipolla was defrocked (laicized) by "Saint John Paul The Great".  
That's right Pontillo, a Saint...canonized in 2014...alongside another Pope. Pope John the 23rd. 

Do you really expect your readers or anyone for that matter to accept Your Version of "The Cipolla Case"  Published online in one of your  (fictional "News" blogs)?
How's Cali?

BTW:   Please stop Pontillo!!!!

to be continued...  


To my readers, 
I am refraining from posting anything at present on the advice of Legal Counsel pending litigation. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Engel and the lawyers who vetted her series and evidence on the defrocked deceased pederast Anthony Cipolla and his crimes.


I am back only to ask you to please pray for my family and read the article below and know "Things were very different back in 1978"
and intimidation was key.  Even the Pope couldn't stop Cipolla. Oh,
and have you noticed not a soul had the nerve to insinuate that 
Cardinal Wuerl didn't tell the truth about what a scoundrel Anthony
Cipolla was?  Mrs. Randy Engel put the truth out for people to see and she too knows what the truth is.  She only prints facts, not conjecture.  


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